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Speaking Treason Fluently

Tim Wisely is a racial critic, who comes from a privilege background. The thirty-six years writer has written various books, win which he has not only documented his personal experiences, but also events and statistics, which supports his ideas, arguments and claims. Speaking Treason Fluently, is the collection, of Tim’s work, and his rattle, against various discriminatory practices, which hurt the egalitarian cause. It is imperative to understand that Tim, who comes from a rich, white and privilege background, not only discuss the impact, of these unfair racial practices, on colored people, but primarily, his focus is White Class, who is ignorant of the fact that their privilege is actually hurting society. In his book, he has mentioned and discussed, in great detail, various events. The reviewer give the example of 9/11 incident, in which many Americans have killed. Tim argues and the reviewer agrees that unity, showed by various Americans racial and ethnic groups, was phony and unreal. This was because different ethnic and racial groups live in different realities and under different conditions, which never allow them to truly amalgamate. Another example, which Tim gave and reviewer agreed with, was regarding the Hurricane Katrina. Tim asserted the because of the affects were not white, therefore, the government responded very slowly, which actually aggravated the situation. Because of fewer resources, as a result of devastation, people involved in looting and killings, this eventually provoked a military response. Another example, Tim gives, is regarding Affirmative Action, which is strongly resisted, in US. This is because Americans, White Americans, are not willing to accept such progressive idea, which address social injustice and inequality, in economic terms.  The paper provides the description of ethnic and racial group of the demonstrations of the different cultural values of the society.  The roles and responsibilities of each groups provides the credibility for their living standards in the society.   The effects of white are that initiates the execution of white people in the society and reviews of values that are prevailing in the live of peoples.

American Society is an unjust society, where racial exploitation and discrimination exists in various manifestations. However, most of the Americans, especially White Americans, are not willing to understand this stern reality. The flippant attitude, of White Americans, has roots in the preconceived notions, regarding different various matters and subjects. This is because, most of the White Americans are the beneficiary of this prevailing social and political system and as a beneficiary it is extremely difficult or hard for them to boldly take a stance, against the prevailing conditions or environment. In the book, which is actually collection of his works and discussion on various incidences, Tim has thoroughly discussed how imperative it is acknowledge the existing reality and how essential it is change that existing reality. The social and economic evolution has stunned and because institutional discrimination, America is not able to reach it potential. This is not only slowing down the natural process, but further disintegrating society. The incidents, which have been mentioned and discussed, by Tim Wise, are Duke Lacrosse scandal, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and Affirmative Action. All these incidents are associated, in one way or another, with racial and ethnic problem in US. In some of the incidences, Sate’s discriminatory policies and approach has been discussed in detail. In addition, the consequences or the ramifications, of these events and incidences have been discussed thoroughly. For instance, the United States institutions have not responded, during Katrina Hurricane in manner, in which they have responded, if the affects were white. Speaking treason fluently provides the in-depth execution of institutional discriminations and disintegrating of society for future exploration. Unjust society as well as exploitation of racial discrimination is the major challenge that are prevailing the reviews to demonstrate various manifestations that are leads some issues.  The Katrina and manner of hurricane indicates the effects of white in the prevailing society.  Effects of white helps are to distinguish values of cultures.

In American history, prejudice has stayed one of the essential and critical issues. Most claim that American Civil War was pursued to spare the union and to free African American Slaves, however generally oppose this idea. They assert that White Americans never truly needed to address, entire heatedly, the issue of prejudice and separation. Thusly, regardless of the American Civil War and Constitutional Amendments, which gave African Americans or Black Americans political and social liberties, the condition or situation, did not change financial, economic wellbeing, of African Americans. Along these lines, in the mid 60s, we saw the ascent of social-political developments, requesting more social liberties, for the minorities individuals. Tim Wise is of the perspective that these issues or difficulties, relating to race ethnicity, still exist, which really derides the lawful and protected advancements, jumped out at diminish racial and ethnic separation and isolation, on state and societal level. In the book, Speaking Treason Fluently, Tim has not just shared his own encounters, in regards to the benefits of normal White male, additionally he has examined and insinuated occasions and rates, which bolsters his contentions and perspective point. For example, he specifies that White Americans are insensible of racial truths and the practices, which quite mistreat other racial and ethnic gatherings. He additionally expresses that framework itself is intended to encourage White Americans and treat them uniquely in contrast to the rest. In any case, the political and social changes are happening and to support this contention, Tim has given the example, of Obama, who has been chosen President. The critical issues and challenges are prevailing in the society provides the indication how the country reposed towards the specific challenges in essential and adequate manner.  The social-political developments as well as demonstrations of requesting more social liberties are the main accent describes in the certain events. The mistreatment of ethnic and racial gathering gives the inside and out examination to highlight the real unions in American history.

The narrative talks about the institutional racism. The institutional racism is something that is important in routine specifically in the United States. The author pondered that how the political rise of Barack Obama was the latest talk about the institutional racism in America. Further, the way of implications of Hurricane Katrina was another stance. American Society is an unmerited society, where racial abuse and partition exists in various signs. In any case, an extensive bit of the Americans, especially White Americans, are not willing to fathom this stern reality. The brazen air, of White Americans, has roots in the suspicions, regarding different distinctive matters and subjects. This is in light of the fact that, most of the White Americans are the beneficiary of this larger social and political system and as a beneficiary; it is to an extraordinary degree troublesome or hard for them to emphatically take a position, against the general conditions or environment. In the book, which is truly amassing of his works and trade on various rates, Tim has through and through discussed how essential it is perceive the present reality and how basic it is change that present reality. The social and monetary advancement has entranced and in light of the fact that institutional isolation, America is not prepared to accomplish it potential. The way is to explore hidden perspective so that racial implications can explore further with possible outcomes. This is sponsorship off the trademark methodology, and in addition further separating society. For example, the United States associations have not responded, in the midst of Katrina Hurricane in route, in which they have responded, if the impacts were white. The trade rates and also work gathering depicted in this audit to give the key estimations of specialists. The abuse of racial and murmurs of independent demonstrate the assessment of white American in the public. The principle issues connected with the ethnic and racial separation where state decided certain techniques to determine such issues. The outcome of such separation has differing sway on the general public response of white. The events, which have been said and talked in, regards to, by Tim Wise, are Duke Lacrosse shock, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and Affirmative Action. Each one of these scenes is connected, in by one means or another, with racial and ethnic issue in US. In a segment of the rates, Sate’s biased methodologies and approach has been inspected in purpose of interest. Also, the results or the outcomes, of these events and rates have been discussed through and through.

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Q 2: Discuss how the new roles being adopted by emergency managers can be used to encourage sustainable recovery? Provide some specific example. Describe at least one example where new roles may hinder sustainable recovery?

Disaster can be said to as any occurrence that may cause damage or loss or fall health or ecological it has very bad effect on business. there are two kinds of disasters. One is created by the man like technological and industrial and others are natural disasters like environmental etc. It is important for managers to have an emergency plan for recovering from these disasters in their business. In which they must plan for recovery of disasters. Emergency managers must think proactively about these kinds of problems because disaster recovery planning’ helps to anticipate and address as well as lessen the effects (Awotona, 2012).

Now there are two main roles that managers can adopt these are emergency response plan and the business continuity plan. In the emergency response plan, the managers are responsible for internal warning system as well as contact information for employees. The provide first aid kit and emergency supplies. Whereas in the business continuity plan, there are essential functions, in which there is a support for hazard assessment. Managers are responsible for delegating authority. There are responsible for communicating the plan. They provide facilities and equipment. Managers have vital record and data. Managers have insurance and essential personal (Haddow, Bullock, & Coppola, 2013).

The emergency response plan only deals with the instant response to the accidents whereas the business continuity plan deals with the both the short and long-term immediate response for continuing the performance of business. In the emergency management cycle, there are four stages. The first stage is prevention and preparedness in which the managers help to avoid the hazards impact or to lessen their impact whereas, in the preparedness, the managers anticipate the Responses that are needed at the occurrence of that event (Mitra & Datta, 2013).

In the response stage, the managers help to identify the immediate steps so that they can respond to the event and in the recovery stage, the managers help in restarting the business process in long as well as short-term e.g. In the prevention stage managers prevent a disaster like proving safety procedures and smoke detectors or insurance facility. In the preparedness, they start communication plan as well as training provides for becoming prepared. Then in the response stage, managers set procedures to save lives and property then in the recovery stage managers assess damage and operate critical business function (OECD, 2011).

These tools are necessary to take and have a plan because a small business which experiences any disaster do not open their doors so the business continuity plan will help in recovering the business so that they can protect facilities or equipment and assets. The managers can help in recovering sustainable disasters recovery in other facilitators. These are self-reliance and self-determination. Managers can help through leveraging resources (Rubin, 2012).

Managers can help through a commitment to the disaster resilience .managers can help through assessing the state and federal capability and commitment to sustainability disasters. Managers can help through building capacity approaches .managers can help through taking help from the multi-party recovery committees. Managers can help through identifying local needs. Managers can also help through developing flexible programs. Managers can take proactive approaches by using the pre and post-disaster recovery planning (Thomas, Phillips, Lovekamp, & Fothergill, 2013).

Many factors may hinder sustainability program. One can be the program flexibility because the most difficult phase is the getting started and if the program did not take the first step of getting started, the program never begins. So the program should be the flexible enough that it can be started anytime and cover all the aspects of the recovery program (Mitra & Datta, 2013).

Q 4: What do you believe to be the primary impediment to sustainable disaster recovery and why? Explain your answer using a specific example?

There are the following hindrances to the sustainable disaster recovery program as well. The first one could be viewing the disaster recovery programs as and entitlement because it may be costly or may take more budgets for preparation. The second factor could be the over-reliance on disaster programs that could result more vulnerable communities in the sense of moral hazards (Awotona, 2012).

The next step could be narrowly defined recovery programs in which the concepts of the recovery program are not clear. people may oppose it because of not knowing how it actually helps and they start to discourage it rather than encouraging it. Low capability and commitment from the managers as well as from the local government because it is considered to as the costly method and may take little extra time and effort so government oppose it rather than putting little extra time and effort.

Lack of federal and state and local recovery planning’s .the disaster recovery plan may be needed at every step from business to the country because of different hazards and their effects at different stages so commitment from everyone is needed, starting from people so that they can provide funds as well as the planning’s from federal , state and local governments. So planning’s must be made from these all of them. Corruption may also be the reason for hindering the sustainable disaster recovery (Thomas, Phillips, Lovekamp, & Fothergill, 2013).

The government may take and collect their funds but never give them to the people or spent on recovery programs rather they use it for their personal use. Structural continuities may also be the reason for the hindrance of the sustainable disaster recovery programs. these all the factors that may be the hindrance in sustainable recovery programs and must be tried to remove this hindrance so that country can recover from disasters (Awotona, 2012).

To conclude, one should take the example of Japan that how fast and easily it recovered from the natural hazardous caused by the natural disasters and how fast it recovered through affecting plantings and with the help of all the people as well as the government. There can also be the other factors that may contribute in the hindrance of recovery planning like social, economic and psychological factors which may be challenging and become the impediment to sustainable disaster recovery.


Awotona, A. (2012). Rebuilding Sustainable Communities with Vulnerable Populations after the Cameras Have Gone: A Worldwide Study. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Haddow, G., Bullock, J., & Coppola, D. P. (2013). Introduction to Emergency Management. Butterworth-Heinemann.

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Thomas, D. S., Phillips, B. D., Lovekamp, W. E., & Fothergill, A. (2013). Social Vulnerability to Disasters, Second Edition. CRC Press.

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Correlation of the 80/20 rule

Correlation of the 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule shows that 80 percent of revenue generate through 20 percent of certain activities.   The 80/20 rule depicts the formulations of organizational and business management especially in logistical point of view. The 80 percent of output generate though 20 percent of input. The 20 percent of inventory sales provides the high generation of values by 80 percent of revenue.  The 80/20 rule used for the increase in ROI and decrease in the acquisitions cost of the customer. 

Warehouse/Storage locations

Item Storage Distribution Level

The warehouse storage location identifies the distribution storage level for the execution of best 80/20 rule to generate high-performance output in essential and adequate manner. Different level of point centers is built for the execution of lead time efficacy. Three units of distribution of warehouses are building for the flow of material movement in an efficient way. At the C plant level whereas 10 percent slowest moving from restocking and taking customer orders.   At the B level of regional plant warehouse, which is re faster than the plant C, as the faster moving of regional warehouses collaborates, transforms into A level storage for the consolidations of fasten moving 80/20 rule, where 20 percent of fast moving based on 80 percent of sales essentially. Therefore the connection of C-level storage point with the A level storage that has less lead time which means 20 percent are the causes that generate 80 percent of tasks. 

Individual Warehouse

Item warehouse storage level

Towards individual warehouses that also provides the indication of benefits of the 80/20 rule. There are to substances in individual warehouse inbound as well as outbound logistical operations. There is three zones stated for the understanding of 80/20 rule investigation.  The zone C is that covers wide areas while the zone B initiates the implications of outbound logistics. In the zone areas of A, that specifically describes the zone of 20 percent of A items provides the 80 percent of output in good manner. In this regard, the item storage warehouse level for the 80 percent of output provides by 20 percent of input essentially. Therefore, the consolidations of zone A effectively contributes to the areas of 20 percent, but its outcomes are greater than the other comparisons. This reveals that the 80/20 rule provides the accumulation of high-value results by performing 20 percent o generate 80 percent of output. (Ballou, 2004)

Shipping levels to balance Costs

The shipping level to balance cost also provides the indication of 80/20 rule. The 10 percent of slow moving of faster shipping reveals the consolidations of two levels are removed from the customer plant storages. On the other hand, the 70 percent medium moving slightly faster shipping that reveals the level of one removal from the custom region warehouse. The logistical model towards 80/20 rule provides the less utilization of resources to generate high-performance outcomes. (ALLISON, 2012)

The results accumulation towards the 80/20 rule, where the 20 % of fastens the moving of normal shipping revels accounted for the 80 percent of sales that increase overall profitability factors. In this regard, the formulations of closest to customer forwards warehouse reduce the lad time where the capability of inbound and outbound logistics to perform in a well manner to pertain high-performance results.  Thus to sum up all discussion about the execution of correlation of 80/20 rule provides the understanding of inbound and outbound logistical operations to sustain China supply operations. The understanding of shipping level of balance cost where the accomplishment of correlation of 80/20 rule indicates the best performance characteristics in the manner of forwards warehouses options. (Ballou, 2004)


ALLISON, P. (2012). Logistic Regression for Rare Events. Retrieved May 4, 2016, from

Ballou, R. H. (2004). Business Logistics/supply Chain Management: Planning, Organizing, and Controlling the Supply Chain. Pearson Prentice Hall.

Jain, P. (2013). The 80/20 Rule of Analytics Every CMO Should Know. Retrieved May 4, 2016, from

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Business and Business Environment

Business and the Business Environment 4

Introduction 4

Part 1 4

a) Organizational Functions Connected to the Organizational Objectives and Structures 4

Short Essay 6

b) Organizational Functions Connected to the Organizational Objectives and Structures 6

Core Strengths 6

Impact of Organizational Structure on Function of the Business 8

Budgeting Function 8

Purchases Function for Low Production Cost 8

Financial anticipation function 9

c) Reflection of the Study 10

Differences and complexities of two businesses in regard to business structures 10

Interconnection between different organizational functions 11

Part 2 12


a)Case Study of McDonald: Supersized me 12

Background 12

Section 1: Identify some positive and negative impacts of the macro environment on the business operations. 15

Section 2: Conduct an internal and external analysis to identify its core strengths and weaknesses. 15

Section 3: Explain how these strengths and weaknesses are linked to the external macro factors 16


Strengths 17

Product Line 17

Brand Image 17

Strong Financial position and Market Diversification 18

Weakness 18

Inappropriate response to transforming consumer behaviour 18

Low Productivity 19

Opportunities 19

Brand Image 19

Organic food 19

Threat 19

Aggressive competition 19

Healthy consciousness 20

PESTLE Analyses 20

Political 20

Economical factor 20

Social and cultural 21

Technological 21

Legal 22

Environmental 22

b) Main findings from your reports 23

Recommendations 23

Conclusion 23

References 24

Business and the Business Environment


This study discussed about the organizational structures and different types of organization. A reader will gain the in depth information about types of organizations and what are the external factors influencing over the business position. The strengths and weaknesses of the each type of business and overall its characteristics will also be discussed. There will be macro environment and its model discussed for analysing the business environment and how influences the company.

Part 1

a) Organizational Functions Connected to the Organizational Objectives and Structures

Unilever is a multinational organization which performs various basic and extra ordinary functions of business in order to achieve its business objectives and also compatible with the business structure. It is performing several functions including marketing, human resource, sales, purchase, inventory management, finance and many more (Adams, 2014). These functions allows the Unilever to be achieving its business objectives such as achieve the business growth on annual basis by certain rate of percentage. Its aggressive marketing function is enabling the Unilever’s management to be achieving the growth function because they are engaged in business promotion on social and electronic media to attract the large number of customers and buyers. As long as potential buyer is not introduced with the certain brand and not keep remembered about such brand exists in the world. Every time when Unilever starts aggressive marketing on both electronic and social media, they have the sales growth multiple times comparing to the rest of days when no advertisement is on media (Bagley, 2013).

Organizational structures are also consistent with the functions performed in the Unilever. Marketing function is allocated on the divisional level for promoting the each product of Unilever. Similarly, other functions are also performed in the same business structure and each function is used in the division which ultimately promotes the business brand in all product categories (Baldwin, 2015). Unilever is a big organization which complicated financial management and this functions needs the expert employees who having relevant experience of decades in the same field. Mismanagement of finance can lead the Unilever into business disaster and they will not be able to achieving the business objectives fully.

Therefore, each division manages its finance separately and also takes the commands from Headquarters which ultimately controls the whole business finances and also fulfills the need of each division if they are unable to generate the enough cash to fulfill its own financial needs on their own (Emerson, 2012). Therefore, its business function shows that they have been consistent with the business objectives and organizational structure is also very suitable which lets the functions to be performed at its peak.

Unilever is having a hierarchy organizational structure and there are different divisions established in which employees are working for promoting the single brand of Unilever. Each division is also having all same business functions which need to be performed in every division. They have human resource department for the each division which takes care of the employees and announce the rewards for the good performance (Whitaker, 2016). When they are showing the good performance of employees, they are reward to get motivated and ensure they remain the part of the organization in the future too. Therefore, Unilever is an organization which performs all basic functions of business necessary to continue with the operations and competing in the international market. Each business function has a dedicated role of reaching the division and its sales at the top level and each division further strengthens the Unilever as an organization (Donald, 2010).

Short Essay

b) Organizational Functions Connected to the Organizational Objectives and Structures

There has been internal and external analysis of Unilever conducted in the following to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.

Core Strengths

They have strong portfolio of brands which have established its brand identity comparing to the similar products of competitors. This strong brand development of all of its product portfolios is contributing into significant sales growth on annual basis. Its divisional management do not see any financial instability and decline in profits which further helps them re-investment of funds without raising the bank loan and bearing the interest expenses (Emerson, 2012). It’s almost all divisions and products are profitable and contributing into the combined financial statement and else Headquarter finances the weak product from the other profitable division to make it stronger once again.

Unilever also has the diversified portfolio which enables the company to be generating the higher sales volume throughout the year and four seasons. Most of its food and personal care items which are not limited to seasonal sales though but its diversified product portfolio creates the regular cash inflows and they mostly do not see any financial instability and funds challenges which make it mandatory for them raising the loans from banks. Large sized organizations are those which profits reaches billions of dollars on annual basis and employ the employees in thousands. Its objectives are to ensure the strong presence in International market and get the maximum brand recognition. Unilever organization enjoys the international presence on only the regional level and its profits reaches at millions of dollars on annual basis (Janthan, 2011).

In the contrary, small sized organizations are those which remain limited to the national level and they have limited profits, sales and annual growth.

As far as its weaknesses is concerned, there are variety of substitute products available in the world currently selling by Unilever. There is stiff competition available because Unilever is selling those products which have substitute available and the cheaper one. This is a reason only mediocre and upper class can afford the Unilever products which mean they are targeting the only limited group of people and not able to maximize the business profits.  In the functional structure, each type of employees are made of separate group in accordance with the nature of job they will be performed (Michael, 2012).

For Instance, Marketing officers all will be sitting in the marketing department together so working together and put the efforts combined. A divisional structure which divisions established is on the basis of product portfolio. For Instance, a food manufacturing Unilever engaged in producing the various food items including noodles. A separate division will be established for the Noodles product so that division will be responsible for the whole operations of Noodles from marketing to human resource management (Baldwin, 2015).

Impact of Organizational Structure on Function of the Business

Business functions definitely affect the strengths and weaknesses of the Unilever business organization. There will be different external factors discussed to determine that how they are affecting the internal strengths and weaknesses of the business discussed in the below.

Budgeting Function

Budgeting Function has the role of keeping the input cost totally under control to avoid the higher cost of production. There is a type of inflation which can directly impact on the business cost push inflation. This inflation occurs when cost of raw material increases and so the cost of goods production. Unilever has the most efficient operational efficiency but increasing the cost of production will also let them increasing the prices which reduce its aggregate demand. Unilever products are being sold in 190 countries and they are operating in around 50 countries (Lee, 2012). A political instability can lead the government to announce unexpected business policies and taxes which was Unilever was not expecting at all. This can hurt the internal strength of Unilever such as stable financial performance and cash inflows. There is possibility that government imposes more taxes on Unilever products which reduces its demand and sales, accordingly business profits.

Purchases Function for Low Production Cost

There are several cheaper substitute products available of the Unilever product portfolios and it is the direct external threat of its strength of having diversified and strong brand portfolios. In the time of inflation and unemployment rate, people prefer cheaper substitute products rather spending on the Unilever consumer products (Bagley, 2013).

Unilever is operating in several countries and each state has its own political situation either going through stability or instability. In the both types of political situations, Unilever has different decision making process (Gibbs, 2014). In the highly stable political environment, Unilever always introduce the long-term policies and make the big capital investments. In the time of high political instability, they do not re-invest the capital and save the funds for future opportunities.

Financial anticipation function

In the time of recession or depression, Unilever’s management do not introduce the new products and neither decides for expanding the product portfolios. They also do not engage themselves into the big marketing expenditures and rather decides to keep selling the existing products (Whitaker, 2016).

People are tending towards preparing the home based personal care items to ensure the prevention of chemicals on the body skin which harms it. This social trend has become a major threat for the Unilever and its management which reflects as significant decline in the sales. This social trend is influencing the management of Unilever to create the ads which promotes its skin care products claiming to be made of original natural products (Donald, 2010).

Technological advancement is leading the buyer to place the online order from the retail store. Now, people prefer the purchase of those brands which can be available on the online order at the E-commerce site. Therefore, now Unilever management has also decided to establish strong online presence and on its official website people can place online order for home delivery (Whitaker, 2016). Unilever can take the advantage of its economies of scale and reduce the prices of its products as low as possible to kick out the small producers of the market. But, Anti-monopoly authorities are taking part and imposing the strict check on its pricing policy to refrain from such monopolisitic business practices.

Unilever has been engaged in extensive amount of production and have tons of wastage in the businesses production. This wastage must be removed out through installing the heavy machines which costs big. Legal institutions make the Unilever compulsory to invest for those machines and remove the wastages (Lee, 2012). This makes the Unilever management to establish the funds separately to be investing on those non-productive machines.

c) Reflection of the Study

There will be reflection made for the studies conducted previously and it needs to be done in the following.

Differences and complexities of two businesses in regard to business structures

There is a significant and big difference between the structures of two chosen organization previously discussed. The Unilever’s business structure is more complex and complicated which leads to the several reporting framework (Bagley, 2013). There is a hierarchical structure in placed but also several divisions for the each brand portfolio product. They have many divisions and each of it manages its whole operations itself except demands the help from Headquarters when they need financial resources and unable to find the appropriate and cheaper source of funding.

In this regard, SLH group is having quite simple and one layer business structure in which only one layer of management is involved which commands the employees for working together and achieve what they have to be achieving in order to accomplish the all business objectives. This is a kind of business structure where no confused reporting frameworks are available which can lead to the confusions and fight among the managers and employees (Gibbs, 2014). Therefore, SLH group is enjoying the simple and easy reporting framework which easily manages the performance of its employees. Its small size organizational structure is the most convenient way for it.

Interconnection between different organizational functions

There is a strong interconnection among the departments in the Unilever. Each department is interconnected with the other department and joint efforts of both are collaborating their efforts to achieve the one common organizational goal. Unilever has several divisions and each division is established for performing the business functions related to each product portfolio which needs to be profitable by the end of time period. International organizations achieves the global growth an developments once they are strong at the home country (Harrison, 2016). They establish the good brand name through selling the high quality products / services and people starts recognizing them in the other countries as well due to the electronic media these days and people also frequently visit other countries for the  tourism.

This helps them expanding the business into those countries where mostly people knows their brand name and history after the home country (Whitaker, 2016).  Unilever is a kind of organization and they have stakeholders including creditors, shareholders, customers, suppliers and others. Organization has responsibility of making the business more profitable and announce higher dividend to serve the interest of shareholders (Harrison, 2016). They have responsibility to design the high quality products and services for the customers so that they can avail the full benefit out of it for what they to the business. Creditor’s interest must also be served as they should be paid by the amount of credit on time with the interest expense as well.

Part 2


a)Case Study of McDonald: Supersized me


With the advent of advance technology, human have receiving great progress in almost every sector of life. In the recent few decades, the pace of the development was amazingly increased. In the reflection of this advancement we have received progress in almost every sector of life. Our communication system has amazingly improved as now we have become able to talk and watch to the person from one corner of the world to other corner of the world in real time with the help of intent and social networks.

The most prominent progress made by the human is computer and the most considerable impact of the technology can be seen on the business sector. Computerized technology has enabled the computers to transform their business operations from manual to automatic. The advance development has reduced the burden of work and it has amazingly improved the pace, productivity and accuracy of the business operations (Kaplan & Atkinson, 2015).

After the computer, the internet technology played a real role in our development. With the advent of internet, a new world for the businesses has discovered. Internet has changed the thousands of miles wide world into a Global village and in this global village business can target new market by the use of internet. Therefore, since the advent of internet, many companies have expanded their business from domestic to national level (Kaplan & Atkinson, 2015).

On the other hand, one of the most concerning thing is that the technology has also set new challenges for the organizations such as it has intensified the competition as more options are available for the customers. Secondly, with the advent of technology human have received an easy access to the information and so the intellectual level has amazingly improved. Due to the advance development and enhanced intellectuality the consumer have received great awareness which has created more challenges for the businesses to understand the demand of the consumers (Kumar & Vikas, 2011).

McDonald is one of the organization that been facing the macro environment factor in the form of challenges raised due to the technology. For this discussion, the McDonald’s supersized case study has selected. There are more and better choices are available for the consumers as they concern more things including health before taking their purchasing choice. Among that component one of the certainties is that the general population are turning out to be more health cognizant, consequently, this expanding pattern of health awareness has made more difficulties for the McDonald. Because of this increasing health awareness has become a challenge for McDonald and McDonald has to close more than 350 franchises in America and China (McDonald, 2012).

McDonald is among the most popular universally extended fast food chains that has been working its business in more than 119 nations and serve around 70 million clients through its more than 36000 offer focuses. McDonald is an American based association which was begun in 1940 as a grill eatery. Later in 1948 Maurice and Ricahrd McDonald upgraded their business and changed it as a burger. The most extensive even occurred when Ray Kroc a well-known specialist joined the organization in 1955 as an establishment operator. Beam obtained the McDonald and venture forward to take the McDonald around the world.

The issues with the McDonald have started as people are becoming more intellectual, they are becoming more conscious about their health. Subsequently, in a movie (documentary) named super-sized me a person name Spurlock made himself a subject and made an experiment on his health. He decided to test the effect of McDonald’s product on his health (McDonald, 2012).

Spurlock eat McDonald for around 30 days. Before starting these tests, he went to the doctor for complete physical and medical examination. The doctors declared him physically and mentally fit even his reports shows that he is more fit than other of his age. Following this, Spurlock started to eat McDonald three times a day. After few days he started to feel changes in his body; however he remained determined to eat McDonald for whole month. After completing a month on McDonald, he went to the doctors who made his medical test and found that in these thirty days, his health has greatly changed(EglishFlyer, 2008). Spurlock was diagnosed with Cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure imperfection. He also put on lot of weight. At the end it took him more than a year to reduce his weight but his cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar level never came back to the normal. Through this documentary he succeeds to convince people that McDonald is hazardous for health and it destroys health. Therefore, people reacted strongly and so McDonald had to close it many franchises in America and China (Spurlock, 2005).

Section 1: Identify some positive and negative impacts of the macro environment on the business operations.

In the analyses of the case study, it is found that the macro environment has great impact on the on the business operation of McDonald. Due to advent of technology, people became more health conscious and they stared to demand more healthy food. Subsequently, when people realised that McDonald is not healthy for their. Then people started to avoid fast food of McDonald as they do not want to be over weigh and lose their health. In the result of it, McDonald has to close around 350 Franchise in America and China as well as it is completely banned in 10 countries of the world (Jurevicius, 2016).

On the other hand, this macro environmental factor has also brought a positive change in the decision making process of the World wide famous fast food chain. McDonald started to introduce health food as they realised the demand of the people. In this aspect, McDonald introduced vegetable menu in India. Moreover, McDonald started to offer health food as it made a contract with a new supplier, named Chipotle. Chipotle is famous for providing naturally raised chicken, beef, pork and all the vegetables (Jurevicius, 2016).

Section 2: Conduct an internal and external analysis to identify its core strengths and weaknesses.

In the internal analyses, it is concluding that McDonald’s strength is McDonald’s large network which is spread all over the world.  Moreover, McDonald has a strong management team as well as there are large of employees working in McDonald. In developing countries, McDonald is the place where most of the students get their first job. Moreover, it is easily available food that is prepared in no time as well as its products have really good taste.

However on the other hand, the weakness of the McDonald is that its products contain oil and other hazards ingredient that cause obesity and obesity further produce number of diseases. Due to this reason, people started to avoid McDonald.One more challenge has set by the external environment. There are many countries that have different culture; therefore, they do not accept McDonald and China is one of among these countries. Furthermore, due to the health related consequences, McDonald is on the target of law firms.

On the base of it, internally McDonald has a strong structure whereas it has to face various challenges that are mostly set in the external environment.

Section 3: Explain how these strengths and weaknesses are linked to the external macro factors

The challenge set as the health awareness, is created due to the macro factors. To understand this aspect, it is important to understand that technology has completely changed the way of practicing business. Subsequently, technology has also changed the consumer behaviour as people are becoming more intellectual and so they have become more health conscious.

Recently a report was organized FT about with respect to the difficulties of that has been confronted by the universally extend evolved way of life McDonald. As indicated by the report it is said that in the current circumstance McDonald has been confronting its most noteworthy difficulties in home market and in the worldwide and globalized advertise. It is on the grounds that in the impression of the changing shopper conduct the client has turned out to be more cognizant about their wellbeing that has made incredible difficulties for the fast food to keep up its business in the nations like China.

According to a report it is found that because of low sales due to the health concern “Some 350 McDonald’s restaurants have been closed down so far this year – mostly in the US and China.”(FT reporters, 2015)

Section 4: Apply some analysis models -i.e. PESTLE and SWOT/TOWS- in order to develop an in-depth understanding of the impact of the macro environment as well as to justify how this affects organisation’s decision-making processes



Product Line

McDonald has been offering quality of food products that enabled the company to set its leading image in the industry of fast food. McDonald has long product line based on the fast food but the most concerning thing is that the company has also been offering local food menus that helped the fast food organization to win the local market(McDonald, 2012).

Brand Image

One of the major strength of the company is the globally expand network of fast food franchise therefore, the strong brand image of the company is the most concerning strength of the McDonald

Strong Financial position and Market Diversification

Secondly, the market diversification of the company which is based on the regions strengthens the organization. Company has settled its business in more than 119 countries.

Responsive behaviour of the company is a major strength of the company as recently company has regains its business in India by starting a new marketing strategy by offering local food menu. On the other hand, company strong financial position that enabled company to expand globally.


Inappropriate response to transforming consumer behaviour

This Change in the buyer beahviour has likewise made extraordinary difficulties for the fast food chain McDonald and in the present business setting; it has been confronting awesome difficulties in nearby and globalized advertise.

FT report was established about the challenges that has been confronted by the all around grow evolved way of life McDonald. As indicated by the report it is said that in the current circumstance McDonald has been confronting its most noteworthy difficulties in home market and in addition in the worldwide and globalized showcase. It is on account of in the impression of the changing purchaser conduct the client has turned out to be more cognizant about their wellbeing that has made awesome difficulties for the fast food to keep up its business in the nations like China (FT reporters, 2015).

Low Productivity

As per the report it is specified that McDonald has been confronting extraordinary difficulties in China as a TV divert in China explored about the organization and asserted that the organization has been utilizing lapsed meat (Groundwell, 2014).


Brand Image

McDonald has a well-established diversified food chain. Recently McDonald was facing same challenges in India where most of the people do not eat meat as according to their religion meat products are prohibited. Considering this aspect, McDonald revised the marketing strategy of its product line and introduced local food menu that helped McDonald to make its position in Indian market (FT reporters, 2015).

Organic food

Similarly, to win Chinese Market, McDonald has to be responsive by revising its marketing strategy. In this aspect, recently McDonald has strengthened its relations with a company named Chipotle that has maintained a product line of organic food which is based on the naturally grown product (Chipotle, 2015).


Aggressive competition

As per the PT report it is likewise specified that the organization has been confronting incredible difficulties by the nearby eateries, for example, the snappy administration offer by the neighbourhood Chinese eateries and quick easy-going of the Chinese eateries has made extraordinary test as the Mr Lavender has said that “Consumers look at alternatives that they are increasingly view as more healthful and safer.” (FT reporters, 2015)

Healthy consciousness

Health consciousness has turned into another real danger for McDonald. In the event that the organization won’t consider it important, then it is normal that the health concious clients will move to different choices that are accessible in the market.

PESTLE Analyses


Political external environment affects the business performance and continuity because unstable political environment leaves the business into uncertainty and they are unable to decide which policy they should continue with. Moreover, political instability also shook the consumer spending which directly affects the business sales and profits (Michael, 2012).

Political situations are in the favour of McDonald in most of the countries. However in some countries McDonald is band such as in Iceland, Bolivia and North Korea.

Economical factor

Economics is another external factor which affects the business from outside. Bad economic conditions such as high cost push inflation, unemployment, less consumer spending and high rate of taxation directly leads the business to the bankruptcy. Businesses are not able to be generating enough income to meet the business cost and expenses there. When cost of business output increases due to the limited supplies from the supplier, it also gets the cost of operations expensive and per capita unit cost (Lee, 2012).

Economic factors have great impact on McDonald, however at the current stage, the economic condition are in the favour of the business. It is because; the target market has the capacity to purchase the McDonald products.

Social and cultural

Change in social trends such as lifestyle, habits, interests and other social factors influence over the business performance. It is the people personal pretences which creates the demand and accordingly business idea is developed but when these social trends starts changing and it creates new kinds of demand (Lee, 2012).

Social and cultural analyses have the greatest impact on the McDonald. In most cases, McDonald failed due to inappropriate understanding of the social and cultural sector. McDonald is required to understand the demand of the target market and the social and cultural impact.


A technological advancement is putting the businesses into under extreme pressure because technology is enhancing the business competition and completes the operating cycle in fewer days. It does not allow the delays and suspension of business operations which otherwise leads to the big business losses  (Adams, 2014).

Technological factors have greatly influenced the business of McDonald because technology has made available more options for the people. Moreover, technology has created awareness among the about the health. Subsequently, technology has been played a vital role to destroy the business.


Legal framework is getting tougher and tougher with the passage of time. Businesses were enjoying the flexible and relaxed legal conditions before time, now there is not much space left from the legal authorities and they have established the strict legal environment which offers no such relaxation and put the higher amount of fines. Legal framework makes the business compulsory to be working within the laws and its framework (Lee, 2012).

In legal aspect, McDonald is on threat, as the products of McDonald are found as a cause of obesity that further generates health challenges. Therefore the legal sector is challenging. Moreover, the new laws also have forced McDonald to change its business style.


Legal authorities are highly concerned about the environmental issues created by the business enterprise. These concerned environmental authorities are strictly examining the business practices of the all organizations whether or not favourable for the environment. Otherwise, they charge the higher amount of fines to the management (Donald, 2010). This makes the businesses incurring big expenditures to maintain the business operations as such which do not allow the environment exploitation (Groundwell, 2014).

McDonald has also been facing challenges from the environmental factor it required to burn fuel to get energy. Therefore, environmental concern is a challenge and McDonald needs to find alternate solution of it.

b) Main findings from your reports

Through this report, it is found that McDonald has strong internal position however; the impact of the external factor has forced McDonald to change its business practise. Moreover, McDonald did not give concern to the social and cultural factor in its decision making process, therefore, it had to face law suit regarding health consciousness. McDonald has not responded well to the technological advancement and did not amend its menu according to the demand of the people.


It is recommended to the McDonald to give great importance to the social factor in its decision making. McDonald should make contract with the Chipotle to ensure the healthy food for its consumers by making its food good for health. McDonald should focus more on research and development and to avoid such situations in the future, it should focus on keep the business practices up to date.


It is concluded that external factors are not controllable by the business company and its influence them directly, therefore, the survival of the business is associated with the fact that business bring up possible changes according to the external factors. There are different types of business organizations which mainly differs on the basis of capital extensively, structure model, management roles, limited and unlimited liability and many more. Businesses are having strong internal operations cannot be significantly affected with the outside business environment and limited liability means you are liable for the amount of business debt up to the value of shares you hold. However, it is important for the business survival to focus on both internal and external factors.


Adams, S., 2014. 11 Companies Considered Best For The Environment. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 03 November 2016].

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Math work

Question No:1

First mass = m1

Velocity of first mass = v1

Angle below the x axis = θ

Second mass = m2

Velocity of second mass = v2

Angle above x axis = θ

a ) Initial momentum in x direction:

pix = mV1x

p2x = m2 V2x


p I y = m1 V I y

p 2 y = m2 V 2 y


pix  + p2x  = p I y + p 2 y

m1 V1x   + m2 V 2 y = m1 V I y   + m2 V 2 y

Pix  =  P f x

m1 v1x = (m1 + m2) vf   Cos θ

Piy  =  P f y

m2 v2iy = (m1 + m2 ) vf  Sin θ


 = tan θ

Tan-1 () = θ

= 30

Vf =

Vf =

V = 2.886


f x t =  m1 V1x   + m2 V2x


f x t = m2 V2y   +   m2 V 2 y

Question No: 2

Mass of truck = m1 = 2000kg

Mass of car = 1200 kg

Angle after accident = 51.34

Coefficient of friction = µ = 0.8

Initial speeds of truck and car = ?

Kinetic energy of the system is given as = ½ mvf – ½ mvi2

F =  µN

N= ( m1 + m2 )g

N = (2000 + 1200)9.8


F =  µN

F = 0.8 x 31360


Final velocity of truck

25800 = ½ mvf2 – ½ mvi2

2 x 25800/ 2000 = Vf 2  –  V i2

25.8 = Vf 2  –  V i2

Vf2  + Vi2  = 2g d

= 2 x 9.8  x 9.18


2 Vi2   = 179.928 – 25.8

Initial velocity of truck =10.14 m/sec

Vf =

Vf =

= 8.630

m1 vix = (m1 + m2) vf   Cos θ

vi = (3200) 8.06 cos (51.34) /1200

v1 = 10.23

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Area of coverage per sprinkler

Determine the Area of Coverage (As) per Sprinkler

Use the diagram at bottom for all questions!!

  1. When the dimensions are:       A = 10’                        S = 2(5)=10ft

B = 12’

X = 5’                          L =2(6)=12 ft

Y = 6’

                                                                                                As =(10)(12)=120 ft2

2.         When the dimensions are:       A = 13’                        S =2(2)=4 ft

B = 10’

X = 2’                          L = 2(4)=8 ft

Y = 4’

                                                                                                As =(4)(8)=32 ft2

3.         When the dimensions are:       A = 13’                        S = 2(7)=14 ft

B = 10’

X = 7’                          L = 2(7.6)=15.2 ft

Y = 7’6”

                                                                                                As = 212.8 ft2

  • Using the dimensions in the diagram below, determine the follwing:

S = 2(6)=12 ft

L = 2(7.6)=15.2 ft

As =(12)(15.2)= 182.4 ft2

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Impact of international businesses Platform on the developing countries

Impact of international businesses in developed countries

In the recent era, the emerging technology has changed everything as now we can communicate with our friends and families who are a thousand miles away in real time though the advance technology. The medical sciences have discovered treatments of diseases which were deadliest in past time. Subsequently, a major impact of emerging technology can be seen in the business world. It is precisely right to say that the business word receives the most prominent impact of technological advancement as everything in the business world has transformed into a digital world.

In the analyses of the impact of technology on the business world, it can be seen that the technology has given way to the business to increase their sale by extending their boundaries of doing business and to do business with enormous pace. In this regards, it can be seen that the technology has enabled many big organizations to more increase their profit by setting their business in the developing or poor countries.

In the name free trade, many multinational companies set their business in Indian, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Libya, and Nigeria and many other developing countries. The purpose of the free trade corridor is to promote trade among the countries with an aim to improve the economic condition of both countries. In this sense, the international business seems a great idea to improve the overall economy of the world(McWilliams, 2015).

Controversially when we look at the other side of the picture of international business, it shows a very sad picture because the multinational companies that are working in their homeland with all the responsibilities and follow all the rules and regulation, they seems to violate the rules in developing countries by misusing the platform for the international business.

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the wrong use of the term international business so that the concern authorities get motivations from this research and takes actions to make this free trade a mutually beneficial act for the involved nations. Moreover, it is also proposed to communicate to the MNC’s that the rules of the game have changed, now people are becoming aware, and they will only trust on the organizations that are fulfilling their social responsibilities. Subsequently, in research, it is stated that now the corporate social responsibility is moving from optional to mandatory i.e. now only organizations could survive that are fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities.

To support the argument that the international business platform has been exploiting by some giant organizations, the following writing will include some example in which the giant organizations’ unethical and morally ill acts and exploitation of international business platform are exposed(Rob Asghar, 2015).

Wal-Mart is one of the most popular American-based retailers that fulfill all its responsibilities within the country and to work in Wal-Mart is consider a dream job because Wal-Mart gives very attractive salaries and many other bonuses and allowances to their employees. Unfortunately, when this company is reviewed through the lenses of international business, the picture of the company is totally changed.In 2013, in a building name RanaPlaza; thousands of Bangladeshi workers were working in a garment factory. The garment factory was working for the Wal-Mart and giving great profit to the company. Unfortunately, in an incident, the building was collapsed due to the fire caught the building and around 1127 workers were burned and killed, and more than 1500 were injured. In the response of it, Wal-Mart denied to take any responsibility and did not compensate the survivors. Moreover, it was found that monthly salary that was paying to the workers in Bangladesh was average $38 which is five times less than the workers working in garment factories in China and around hundred times less than the workers of Wal-Mart in America(BANJO, 2013).

It is not the only story of MNC’s exploitation of international business platform. In India Kerala, one of the most famous carbonated drink manufacturing company Coca-Cola settled its bottling plant. At the time when the plant was established, the land of Kerala was fertile, and the level of water was high as people do not have to travel to get water. However, no one knows that the conditions will changes because Coca-Cola is a multinational company and it knows its social responsibilities very well. However, unexpectedly, the company’s Bottling plant did not take care any of its social responsibility and they damaged the fertile land and turned it into a barren land as the quantity of the growing crops decreased greatly. On the other hand, the water level decreased considerably as the villagers had to travel miles away to get some fresh water(Singh, 2011).

In another case, one of the most famous spots manufacturing company Nike was found involved in the exploitation of international Business platform. According to a report, it was found that the Nike was manufacturing its goods from Pakistan as Pakistan has good name spots manufacturing. However, many big buyers discontinued their business relations with Nike, as Nike was found involved in Child labor. This is the same Nike that follows all the rules and regulation, but in greed of more profit, Nike did not concern about rules violations(Clark, 2006).

Through this study, it is proposed to communicate that through the international business platform, the capitalist should be controlled to exploit the opportunity and the profit should be divided equally among the MNC’s and the stakeholders of the developing countries. Through this writing, it is aimed to communicate that the international business is no doubt a platform that has enabled the businesses to reach the heights of success. However, on the other hand, the companies that are exploiting this platform should be exposed and penalized accordingly so that the workers will get their right and the position of the developing countries also improve. These organizations should be aware of their corporate social responsibilities within and outside the boundaries of their homeland.


BANJO, S. (2013). Wal-Mart: Many of Tested Bangladesh Plants Had Safety Woes. Retrieved August 8, 2016, from

Clark, A. (2006). Nike sacks Pakistani supplier over child labor row. Retrieved August 8, 2016, from

McWilliams, A. (2015). Corporate Social Responsibilit. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Rob Asghar, R. (2015). How Corporate Social Responsibility Is Moving From Optional To Mandatory.

Singh, J. (2011). India Coca-Cola compensation law is passed in Kerala. Retrieved August 8, 2016, from

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Chemistry Work

Question No: 1

Melting Point -182 -183 -13.4 90
Forces of attraction Vander Waal forces London dispersion force Dipole-dipole interaction Hydrogen bonding

Highest melting points:


Forces of attraction:

HCO > HCN > C2 H6 > CH4

Question no 2

Range of Viscosity:

CH3 < CH 4OH < CH3OCH3 <C2H6

Question No: 3

Reaction of ammonia with water gives NH4 and OH molecules.

                                                                     NH3 + H2O                                 NH4 + OH

Question No: 4


N2O5(g) + H2O(l)                    2HNO3(aq)


CH4 + 4Cl                            CCl4 + 4 HCl

Question No: 5

Molar mass of ethanol = 46.07g/mole

Total mass of ethanol = 225g

Moles of ethanol is =?

Molar mass =




Question No: 6

Avogadro number = 6.022×10^23

Moles of ethanol = 2.0

Atoms of hydrogen =?

1 mole of C2H5OH contain 6.02 X 10^23 molecules 
1 molecule of ethanol contains 6 hydrogen atoms 
1mol of ethanol contains 6.02 X 10^23 x 6 hydrogen atoms 
2 moles of ethanol contain 6.02 X 10^23 x 6 x 2 hydrogen atoms 
= 7.224 x 10^24

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Question 1

APR 16.70%
rate weekly 0.32%
Term for the amount to triple
Weeks 342.6318809
Years 6.59



Question 2

Agency problem in finance include CEO compensation along with the dividend declaration. Keeping the Compensations too high may benefit the CEO but as he is the agent so it would cause the organization to suffer and dividend declaration if made in a large portion of profit can result in low financing for the organization from internal means, and vice versa. hence these two problems cause agency problems in the finances of the company.

Question 3


True, as the shareholder’s equity only tells the numbers that are crunched when equity was issued, or profit was retained, but the market capitalization denotes the real market worth of the company if all of the shares are sold. This accommodates the thought of potential price factors that incorporates the valuation of the business enterprise


False, it makes sense if the market rate for bond falls and the coupon rate on the bond is more than the market rate, in that case an investor may and would buy a $1,000 bond for $1,200


False, Since the payment is made at the end of the project, the higher the interest rate goes, the higher would be the discounting and as a result the present value would decrease more, this would cause the project’s NPV and IRR to be higher than the respective amounts before the increase in interest rate.

Question 4

term 10 years
11th year  $             50,000,000
Increment 1%
Interest Rate 3%
Value in 11th year  $       2,500,000,000
Present Value  $       1,860,234,787
Set Aside  $       1,860,234,787
FV at 11th year  $       2,500,000,000

Present Value to be put aside

Question 5

EAR 0.70%
Inflation 2%
Expected Return -1.27%
expected Return in investment
Expected Return in Safe

a. Expected Return

b. Expected return in safe

It is better to invest if the amount is not invested the rate of real return is -1.96% and in the second case the rate of return is -1.27&. There is a lesser loss in investing.

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estimation or computation of the practicality of a proposed design (corporate or other)




  1. A feasibility study is the estimation or computation of the practicality of a proposed design (corporate or other). Organizations, which operate in corporate and social sectors, before the implementation of a design or proposed plan, thoroughly and comprehensively study plan and use various instruments to learn how implementable a plan or design is. Some evolved organizations have devised highly sophisticated and potent instruments, which not only provide information regarding the practicality of plan but also provide information regarding the duration for which a design is valid. This entire exercise relies on the evidence/data and the instruments being used for the feasibility study.

For organizations, especially those who are functioning in a contemporary corporate system, the feasibility study is the must, as the results of the study would directly impact strategic and tactical decisions regarding a proposed design. Instruments used, for this exercise, only discern various factors, which affect proposed design in positive and adverse manner. These factors could be financial/economic, technological, legal and scheduling. For instance, an organization, which intends to expand through the subsidiary, would methodically scrutinize proposed plan (feasibility study), before implementing it. Based on the feasibility report, the organization would take a decision.

  • As per the abstract understanding, proposals are designs, in documentary form, which are produced with the purpose to sell the idea or convince client regarding a product, service or decision regarding the expansion/contraction of operations. Proposals are various natures; however, all of them serve a single purpose, which is to convince client regarding an idea. Therefore, these proposals have to be comprehensive, methodical, logical and must be based on evidence.

The study on this subject reveals that proposals could be various natures and they could be meant for different clients, which could exist within or outside an organization. Also, the format of the proposal could be simple or complex; this depends on upon the objective of purpose.

As we know that proposals are usually in documentary/writer form; therefore, the successful proposal requires comprehensible language that needs no deciphering. The proposal must be comprehensive and must isolate all factors that affect a design. In a logical manner, these factors must be discussed, and conclusions should be drawn. Furthermore, the proposal must be evidence-based, which means that data should be gathered, scrutinized, sorted to support arguments and also draw conclusions. An evidence-based proposal is widely accepted and do not require additional elaboration.

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Three movies

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

It is a fact that every human being needs to improve his or her life. In the same way, the movie is describing us to prove ourselves as a better human being. In this particular movie, one can see the change in the behavior of the main character. Also, it is the example for us because we can die at any time and we need to become better human being before that moment. In my perspective, one can learn to become better human being by this movie. 


One of the best virtues has seen in the movie. In my perspective, it is one of the best scenes in the movie when Harold Crick the main character, refused to accept the cookies from his crush.  The reason was the bribery, and he came to know that it might be viewed and observed as the bribe from the suspect. Anyhow, he refused to respond, received the clear answer from Ana, and left the place. Therefore, it is very imperative to understand that Harold Crick performed the virtue of honesty at that time. 


In the same way, one can view that Ana Pascal has disrespected Mr.  Harold Crick. In other words, one can view that Ana asked him to leave. In my perspective, it is a quite disrespected factor. She should not be angered on that issue and asked him the reason to not having the cookies.  Anyways, it was the act of disrespect, and I would not favor it. 


It is imperative to understand that Harold Crick was convinced by a book and writer. He thought that the writer writes the lines and it happened to him. On the other hand, the writer was feeling fear on her efforts and her awarded Harold Crick by the drafting of his death.  In my perspective, it is not the way to respond.  The writer should not be afraid at all of writing the stories and books. 


It is very important to understand that friendship is necessary to become better human being in the society. One can observe in the movie that main character was assuming that he is going to die soon and for this purpose, he took a vacation from the office and tried to spend time with his self.  In this way, he went to make friendship with his mate and co-worker.  His name was Dave, and Mr. Harold then played the guitar for fulfilling his delusion.  In this process, he used to date with Ana Pascal too. Therefore, these were the beautiful times of his life before the tragic ends. 


The Wackness (2008)

The Luke Shapiro and Stephanie Squires are the main characters of the movie. Also, Dr. Jeffrey Squires is another main and vital character of the movie.  In this movie, one can see that there are various lessons to become better human being. The better human being is who never loses hope and always stick to motivation to become better human being.  The character of Luke Shapiro and Jeffrey Squires are the real motivation in this movie and an ultimate lesson for the viewers. 


The hardworking character is Luke Shapiro because he was selling marijuana to help himself in studies and college. In few scenes of the movie, one can observe that Luke Shapiro felt hopeless and moved to sell that particular marijuana again. Therefore, one can observe the true hardworking character of Mr.  Luke Shapiro.  One can learn many things from this particular character, and the biggest lesson is hard work.


In the movie, one can observe that Luke Shapiro was in love with Stephanie Squires. On the other hand, it is imperative to understand that she was not in love with clean-hearted Luke Shapiro. It is a fact that she was fulfilling his worst lust while making love to her in the particular scene of the movie.  It has observed that she did not respond with affection to him and just fulfilled her lust and negative desires.


Another feature of the character was the caring behavior.  It was the real attribute of the Luke Shapiro in the movie. He was very focus and caring to his family. In most of the scenes, one can observe that Expel of the family. He was worried at that situation, and he sold marijuana at that time to rescue his family.


One can observe the disappointment factor in later half of the movie where doctor squires were feeling dishearten and demotivated due to some family issues. He was going to harm him because of the extreme pain and tensions.  He saved by Luke and had fun together in next scenes. In my perspective, it was not a great behavior, and he should not behave like that in those particular scenes. The Luke was familiar with the real cause and meaning of the life, and he motivated him to for life.  Also, the disappointment factor cannot make you excel in life.  



            In this movie, we have witnessed many cases about the virtue and the vices. The most important thing that I have learned from this as the core message is that the gambling or taking an enormous risk in one’s life is no more the only best solution to become rich or achieves something in life. There are many other ways of utilizing the skills in a positive way where one can get the name or fame along with the financial wealth, is analyzed. That was the thing that helps to make me becoming a better human being or as a responsible citizen.

Learning from Mistake

 The Mike after losing the heavy amount of the money such as $30,000 as a bankroll in the hold’em to the Texas from a mobster of Russian as a well-renowned gambler named as KGB is examined. He realized his mistake the heavy financial loss that could even end his life; he immediately shifts the gear back into the positive direction at joined the law college. He promised to not to play the game anymore in his life, to his girlfriend while engaged in the part-time job.

Impact of Bad Society

            The Worm Murphy that was in the jail had owns an unpaid debt before going into the prison, when he released from the prison he forced the mike to indulge in the gambling or card game once again as he was before with devoting his full attention. Therefore, the role or the character of the Worm was very negative in a sense that he made the relationship influenced badly between the Mike and her girlfriend (, 1998). 

Fair play

            Although mike was involved in the rounding or the hold’em poker once again, he insisted the Worm that he would not cheat or use the fraud means in the game. This was a positive sign from the Mike since he had able to win the $15000 eventually from the rounding with the help of the Mike. The Worm forced the Mike to leave the city and settled somewhere else. However middle refused to do so and ready to face the aftermath regarding the debt which owed to the KBG, the same person to whom Mike lost the $30000.

Pledge the Life

            The decision of the Mike to win the battle from the TBG at no matter what cost he would need to gear. The immense or extreme emotional uses of the feelings sometimes lead to the wrong or the negative outcomes unintentionally. Taking the loan or debt from the professor of law school Petrovsky, Mike finally had won the battle from the KGB and decided to take part in the main event of the poker running in the Las Vegas.


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Life-Long Learning

EE 401 Introduction to ECE Design

Life-Long Learning

  1. Identify four motivations for life-long learning.

The recent survey is done on the life-long learning. The four motivations according to a survey are career growth are the current company, satisfying curiosity, career growth beyond the workplace and licensure requirements. All the four motivations for the career growth are important in the people life. However, the person can able to understand the functions of the current company and outside the workplace because proper knowledge and training are given. Through the licensure requirements when to fulfill person become able to perform the effective activities in the society, the permit is given and the satisfaction of the person become assure, moreover, satisfaction is the most important thing in any field.

  • What are some examples of life-long learning activities?

Life-long learning activities can gain from doing the national studies the one extreme could be the graduate school, and opposite extreme could be IEEE spectrum. The low-impact method includes stay in IEEE and read the magazines, attend seminar etc. The graduate school in engineering can also provide the relevant education if one want to get the life-long learning then need to be stay updated, there are other alternatives also, including engineering sales law school, MBA etc.

  • The presentation lists six career alternatives.  Pick one that interests you, assume (or at least pretend that) you want to do it, and answer the following questions:
    • Why does this path interest you?

I have picked up the MBA program because it is very popular and I am interested in doing business, I am interested in the management, there are so many opportunities for a person who did MBA; MBA graduate can easily find a job, there are so many jobs related to this title. However, I am interested in doing my own business also, so the advantages could be there in life, this is why I have chosen MBA program.

  • Whom can you talk to in order to get more information about it?

In order to get the information about the MBA program, I will definitely go to the management and the senior management, I will take pieces of advice from the friends and family. However, the people in business or the people who have already done MBA program can guide me better that should I go for it or not, one can get the skills, relevant to the field. MBA program, give knowledge about the market, one can identify that what business can be chosen and how the business can be effectively run.

  • What do you need to do over the next 2 semesters to prepare yourself for it?

In next two semesters I am going to preparing myself, s that I can get the MBA education in the future, I will read the news articles and the profiles of the company so that I should know that how the companies the successful in the market. I will learn about the different principles that are relevant to the course, example, and major principles of Human resource, Marketing, Financial Management and Supply Chain. Through reading the various courses associated with the MBA program, I can choose my career path effectively.

  • If I go down that path, what life-long learning is needed?

To go for the subject or course MBA there is the need to understand the business functions efficiently, that how the company performs, and they are satisfying the customer, there is a need to manage the inventory and employees, the financial functions should be managed properly for the effectiveness. However, life-long learning includes the basics concepts about the MBA programs, which one need to understand for the career growth.

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  1. There are many benefits to know about the personal DNA. In the long term purpose, the information of the genes can help to understand the disease which comes with the aging process. As this can also help the person to evaluate himself by environmental changes. Mostly the genes give information about the properties of human blood and various other things. Knowing your DNA can help the person to cure his disease easily as he knows then how to handle his body according to the gene information. A person can identify the risk of the disease he or she can have with the gene information this is very important as mostly people don’t know how much risk of heart or another disease they have according to their health.
  2. Data handling in the whole Gerome study is difficult as until know scientists are not aware of its full use. There is an ongoing discussion about the ethical issues regarding this process because this is the privacy of the person. As a human being a person should keep its privacy because if the genetic information goes in negative hands, then the person life can be in danger. The ethical issues in research and clinical practice of this process include the data handling, return of results, privacy, and informed consent. Even if the fingerprint or the blood drop of the person is on coffee cup can tell everything about the person characteristics which includes height, race, facial structure and any genetic disease.
  3. The inaccurate Gerome sequencing is very dangerous it is just like the half knowledge is the worse thing. If the sequencing is not done properly, then it can lead the person to the genetic disease or put the life of the person in danger. Also, the genetic information can be wrong due to which if the person wants to use his genetic information to get treatment of some disease then the results can be opposite because the Gerome sequencing is not done accurately and there are clear errors in the information. In this case, if the person identifies that his or her genetic information is not correct then they should consult the doctor because to do the accurate Gerome Sequencing.
  4. If the person knows his susceptibility to disease, then the human will become scared. As according to report almost 70% health is spoiled because of fear. The fertilization in the Vitro and Vito can be tested, and the ethical issues are the return of the original results in the hands of the person. While in today’s world people try to know the other person genetic information to take revenge. This provides the opportunity to the scientist and researcher to find the clinical results of the person without his or her permission which is also illegal and give rise to the ethical issues. The results of the Gerome sequencing should be returned to the original person as they are highly sensitives and the person life is at the stack.

These are some of the implications which come due to the inaccurate Gerome sequencing.

  • Yes, Angelina Jolie knew that she would be the victim of the Breast Cancer as she had already done the Gerome sequencing but she kept her personal information highly secret. But she shared her story with the world as according to her many of the women don’t know that they might be living the life under the dark shadows of cancer. She insists that women should get the genetic information as they can easily get rid of the breast cancer which is increasing day by day. Angelina Jolie referred to the genes even which cause the increase in the risk of Breast Cancer, and she treated it early before that gene comes into the action. This is one of the best advantages of Gerome sequencing as a person can understand his or her body. If there is a little or tiny bit of instability in their genes they can easily identify the problem their body is facing. If this information is sued legally and utilize for the welfare human being, then we can get rid of many diseases.


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Target Market of University of Coffee Shop

Target Market of Coffee Shop at University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

As through this business, the coffee shop business is aimed to be started at the location of University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon. Following are the strategies to set target market for a coffee shop.

Demographic Description

The general feature of the potential target customers would be featured as following:

            All the students of the University of Oregon

             Teachers and the staff of the University of Oregon

Students of University of Oregon

The students of the University of Oregon are the target customer for the Coffee Shop at University of the Oregon because students’ age range is in between the 18 to 30. Therefore most of the students used to like coffee. Moreover, the environment of the coffee shop is established for the students as they have to study during the university hours. Therefore, they are provided to be quite placed there so students can study and enjoy coffee in a comfortable environment.

Teachers and Staff of the University

The second target market is the teacher and other staff of the university. After the students, teachers and the other staff of the university will be targeted. The teachers have to prepare their lectures as well as they need comfortable environment after having a hectic lecture, therefore, in such situation, the coffee in a comfortable environment will be a best-suited place for them.

On the other hand, the other staff also needs some stuff to get relaxed and to be refresh. Therefore, the coffee shop will be the good place for them to meet their needs.

Geographic Description

Geographically it is decided to target the university students and Teacher. The university is set as a geographical place for the business because there will be no need to make huge marketing investment to attract the customer. While running this business at the University of Oregon, there is only need to tell students and teachers about the coffee shop and its environment and then to retain them all is required is to provide quality and maintaining standard.

Lifestyle and Psychographic Description

In the analyses of the lifestyle of the target market, It can be seen that Coffee has become a major part of our life and most of the students like coffee. Secondly, the trend of coffee in winter season is very high as it helps the students to keep them warm and to remains active for study as well as for the teachers it is a good way to get the refresh. 

Most of the University students belongs to middle class, whereas the teachers are belong to the high class, however in case If some students belong to the lower class, then still Coffee is affordable for them.

Moreover, the tiredness from the study required students to get something to be relaxed, therefore, in this situation, coffee is something the best choice to get a refresh for the next lecture.

Additionally, students required silence zone where they could study easily. Therefore, the coffee shop is build up with an idea of providing a silence place with the availability of wife and book store so that students can enjoy coffee and can easily focus on their studies.

Subsequently, the teachers also need a comfortable environment to prepare their lecture as well as to get relax; therefore coffee in a comfortable environment gives them all that they need to be fresh again.

Purchasing Patterns Description

Most of the students belong to the middle class, and the cost of the coffee is even affordable for a lower class student. Therefore, the price is not a hurdle to run this business among the target customers. However, for the regular students, some promotions are planned to be offer. These promotions will be announced on the base of the conditions and possibilities.

Moreover, students will also be provided snacks and biscuits. On the other hand, students will have to pay extra charges, in case if they want to buy any book.

On the other hand, teachers and staff have a better financial position as compare to the students; therefore, if coffee is affordable for the students, then it is must under the range of the university staff and teachers. However in case if teachers and staff also want to buy some books, then they will have to pay accordingly.

Market Size Trends

University student increase slowly per year, but the other option to increase the market size is available as there are multiple universities in the neighborhood of the University of Oregon. In this case, the customers of the coffee remain fixed throughout. However, there is no business during the summer and winter holiday, therefore during this period, the customers expected to be reduced greatly.

Moreover, if the business will run successfully, then there is a great room to expand it to other universities. Additionally, the University of Oregon still have some other campuses which are planned to be a target in the near future. University also has plans to open its new campuses, therefore, considering this business opportunity, it is planned to sign a contract with the university.

Moreover, the peak season for the coffee business is winter and spring season because in winter and spring season people like to drink more coffee as compare to summer. Therefore, the winter season could be considered as peak season. Furthermore, the peakhours of the business will be the university timings however the mid-time break timings will be very peak time for the business as the customer flow will be high.

However at the evening the customers will be low, and at night there will be hardly any customer, therefore, by considering the marketing trends, it is decided to run a business during the university timings as there is no sense to keep the shop open after university timings as there will be almost no customer expected.

Overall, after the analyses of the market size, it is found that the market size would probably be the 70 to 80% university teaches, staff, and students. Winter season will be the peak season for the business of coffee shop and mid-time breaks timing will be the peak working hours. However, due to the summer and winter break, the business would have to remain close for around four months in a calendar year which might affect the business profitability.

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Smarter Logistics

Smarter Logistics

Question 1:

The coding of this is by using is




\begin{tabular}{c c}

  $f^{(n)}(x)$ & $f^{(n)}(0)$ \\\hline

  $-2xe^{-x^{x^{x^2}}}$ & 0



this is all the coding

Question 2:

From these figures we can conclude that as we increase the harvesting parameter the trajectories change giving rise to decay for particular initial populations. This is due to the fact that as a increases the equilibrium solutions of the system get closer together. As these equilibria get closer together the source, p2, moves up the p-axis and consequently decaying trajectories with initial populations between zero and p2 are created. From this we can also conclude that as the two equilibria get closer and closer to each other the ‘amount’ of trajectories, which grow in time decreases. Thus it is possible to increase the harvesting parameter to a point where there are no initial populations, which grow in time. Moreover, it is possible harvest to a point where there are no initial populations whose trajectory is viable in the long-term. Using this model for a biological system gives insight into how much one could harvest without destroying the population in finite-time .The mathematically show in below



Question 3:

. When kN = 4a the roots join and become a double root and f1 is negative on both sides of this root. This implies that the root (aka equilibrium solution) is a node. You may want to draw a picture of this to convince yourself. It is interesting to note that this sort of change in the equilibria of an autonomous ODE with respect to a parameter is called a bifurcation, specifically a saddle-node bifurcation, and is highly important in the study of ODE’s and their connections to mathematical chaos. We do not have time for this section. It is accessible with the background we have and those interested should check it out.

Question 4:

From these figures we can conclude that as we increase the harvesting parameter the trajectories change giving rise to decay for particular initial populations. This is due to the fact that as a increases the equilibrium solutions of the system get closer together. As these equilibria get closer together the source, p2, moves up the p-axis and consequently decaying trajectories with initial populations between zero and p2 are created. From this we can also conclude that as the two equilibria get closer and closer to each other the ‘amount’ of trajectories, which grow in time decreases. Thus it is possible to increase the harvesting parameter to a point where there are no initial populations, which grow in time. Moreover, it is possible harvest to a point where there are no initial populations whose trajectory is viable in the long-term



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Compare and Contrast EMT-Paramedics and Safety Engineering

Compare and Contrast between two majors; EMT-Paramedics and Safety Engineering.

Before we discuss the similarities and differences between EMT and Safety Engineering, it is imperative to discuss these fields and their related industries. This would aid in discussing these similarities and contrasts in greater detail, and it would allow us to draw valid and relevant conclusions.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is the term, which used in many parts of the world to represent a healthcare provider, in the case of medical emergency. These health care technicians are provided with the set of skills and knowledge, which enable them to respond to the medical emergencies. These medical emergencies could directly pertain to general medical issues, injuries of traumatic nature, and road accidents. When we study the role of an ambulance technician or Emergency Medical Technician, we learn that their function or their role is limited to the ambulance. Therefore, their prime duty is to provide medical aid to victims, which are being transported to the hospital.

This must not undermine the role of Emergency medical technician, as this time of transportation, of a victim, to a hospital, is very sensitive and because of its criticality, the role of EMT becomes highly significant. The further study on this subject also reveals that EMTs not only work for a hospital (private and government-owned), but also by governments, police and fire departments. However, the nature of the job and their role may vary from one industry/department to another.

Paramedics, on the other hand, have a slightly different role, in comparison to Emergency Medical Technicians. Studies suggest that paramedics have knowledge and skills to provide advance medical care. They have a higher understanding, because of higher & superior education, of subjects such as anatomy, cardiology, medications and physiology. Therefore, it can be concluded that true difference between a paramedic and emergency medical technician regards education (Tunik & Lerner, 2014).

Safety Engineering is that field, which ensures that systems work efficiently and do not pose a threat to life and capital. The core objective of safety engineering is to reduce the number of accidents or prevent accidents. Therefore, developed systems are scrutinized and improved to reduce the possibility of an accident. Safety Engineers are provided with skills and knowledge, which they employ to prevent accidents in particular industry or organizations. In manufacturing industries, the role, of safety engineers, is highly sensitive and essential. Their role is evolving, as the time is stretching, studies suggest (Grimaldi, 2011).

The set of skills and knowledge, which are provided to a safety engineer, many bet altered to suit a particular industry. For instance, the set of skills and knowledge, provided to a safety engineer, for a particular industry, would differ from the set of skills and knowledge, provided to a safety engineer, for a different industry (Mroszczyk, 2009).

EMT and Paramedic Major


  • It is a specialized degree, in which sets of skills and knowledge are provided to manage medical cases and to provide essential care to a victim in an ambulance.
  • A national exam, about the Degrees in the applied science of emergency medical services, is conducted.
  • There is also an eligibility criterion for the aspirants
  • The information and skills, which will be provided to enrolled aspirant, directly pertains to medical science. However, this knowledge is not of the advance stage.
  • The course including relevant training, which are to be used in the field.


  • The estimated time, required to complete the course of a paramedic, is approximately two years.
  • Technical schools, community colleges, and universities offer this degree program.
  • In Paramedic course, enrolled aspirants study advance anatomy, cardiology, medications, and physiology.
  • These studies provide essential information how the human body works, and it provides relevant and essential information to deal with various medical scenarios, at the location-in ambulance, and in the hospital.
  • The paramedics can administer medicine and instruct medical services to a victim.

Safety Engineering

  • It is a specialized degree.
  • The information and skills are provided to devise and improve industrial systems to reduce accidents
  • The core objective is to improve systems to prevent accidents.
  • Safety Engineering has both degree and certification programs.
  • Information is provided to scrutinize accidents.
  • Safety Engineer studies Ergonomics.
  • Industrial Hygiene is also safety engineer’s field of study.
  • Safety engineer is trained to devise regulatory compliance, and he/she can conduct safety audits.


  • All degrees and certifications are specialized degrees and certifications.
  • Technical and relevant information are provided in all these programs.
  • Skills are developed for specific objectives.
  • All these programs are meant are primarily concerned with human life.
  • A criterion is defined for the enrollment in these programs.
  • Both EMT and Safety Engineers can work in various sub-industries.


  • Safety Engineers mostly work in Industries (manufacturing and other), whereas EMTs and Paramedics work in the medical industry (hospitals). EMTs are an exception.
  • Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians starts after an accident, and their core objective is to reduce the damage.
  • Safety Engineers, on the other hand, invest their energies to prevent any accident.
  • Safety Engineers also investigate accidents, so that they can avoid such accidents in future.
  • Paramedics do not investigate the causes, and prime obligation is to provide medical services.


Grimaldi, J. V. (2011). Safety engineering in a changing the world. Professional Safety. 20-23.

Mroszczyk, J. (2009). Safety Engineering. Professional Safety. 33-41.

Tunik, G. M., & Lerner, B. E. (2014). Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Pediatric emergency medical services research , 96-103.

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Buoyancy homework

Question 1:

In which I have to find out the bouncy force and in which i have the size of the piece of foam of board .

when object is completely submerged the density at there is 1


in pound

Question 2:

what is weight of this piece of foam board ?

Question 3:

what is net force?

Question 4:

 When an object is placed in water even a floating object displaces some of that water. The amount of water displaced is a function of the objects mass. The object sinks into the water until it displaces an amount of water equal to its own mass. A 1 g object will sink until it displaces 1 g of water. This is independent of its size or shape.  so this object has the density and the weight of water is not equal so which is not sinking  in the water .

Question 5:

as I have to find the weight of piece which is shown before it it shows that how much weight  this piece support. The weight is shown in below

so Almost 6.3 l.b weight is support this piece of foam

Question 6:

we have 6.34 lb for the 1 square inches if we have to need the find out 2  pound weight we can find by using this value as a base so we can calculate this values by using this saqure inches so which is 11 square inches.

 Question 7:

our plat form weight is almost 4.9 l.b we can find this by or calculating the average value of the weight of the foam of piece and we got to find the density of the water and the weight of the object and the volume of the object we can show it below

so this is main equation how to find this weight

Question 8:

The total weight  is

so after this we have to assume that almost which 22 square inches are need for the floating this element

Question 9:

This is the area we have to find by square inches

 So after this we have to assume that almost which 2 sheets are need for the floating this element

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Mental health services

. The recipients of mental health services in the U.S. represent only a small percentage of those in need of services. State two (2) factors that impede access to mental illness treatment.

One of the reasons is limited availability of health professionals and medication. Another important reason is the limited affordability of the services due to their high prices (, 2015). There are much other reasons but these two reasons are common of impeding access by the people who need these services.

2.Name two (2) ways WWI and WWII affected the awareness of mental health disorders among the federal government and the American public? Name one (1) result of that awareness?

WWI and WWII have affected awareness in the government as well as in public due to the involvement of bigger weapons and bombs. As a result of awareness, the government has started focusing on this issue. It released a documentary named Shades of Grey. It highlighted causes and the treatment of mental illness in WWII. Treatment5 shifted for providing rest to the people having mental illness in save areas.

3. From colonial times through the 1960s, the primary mode of mental illness treatment was institutional. In the 1960s, mental health treatment shifted to a community-based orientation. Name two (2) factors responsible for this shift? What were the effects on patients and on the community?

One of the reasons was the criticism on institutionalization due to the violation of patient’s rights. Another reason was understaffing in hospitals. Many countries have started outpatient treatment and deinstitutionalization. Community-based treatment has increased the quality of services. It improved patients satisfaction and adaptive behavior (, 2015).

4. As mental illness treatment shifted from the institutional to the community setting, public dollars were allocated on the basis of units of service delivered, not on results of care. Discuss the implications of this policy on the deinstitutionalized severely mentally ill.

Community-based treatment has shifted the purpose of mental health treatment from care to the delivery of services only. This policy can be implemented to the institutions for providing quality services to the patients facing mental illness and mental disorder.

5. The author states, “In contrast to widely held assumptions, mental disorders can now be diagnosed and treated as effectively as physical disorders.” Identify and discuss two (2) factors that have contributed to the persistence of erroneous assumptions about mental illness treatment. Identify one (1) factor that “allow mental disorders to be diagnosed and treated as effectively as physical disorders

One assumption is that mental disorder people cannot make the contribution to the society. Another wrong assumption for the mental illness treatment is their treatment through pills. Pills are considered best treatment way.  Proper diagnosis and treatment after diagnosis help in treating it like a physical disorder. Different drugs now used to treat it like physical illness (Doebbeling, 2016)


Doebbeling, C. C. (2016). Treatment of Mental Illness. Retrieved October 24, 2016, from (2015). A Brief History of Mental Illness and the U.S. Mental Health Care System. Retrieved October 24, 2016, from (2015). Barriers to Mental Health Care. Retrieved October 24, 2016, from

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Cost Leadership & Differentiation

Cost Leadership & Differentiation

Apple Inc

Contradicting the Statement: This House Believes That Apple Should Adopt an Integrated Cost Leadership & Differentiation Strategy”

            The cost leadership strategy seems pertinent to those organizations that intend to reduce the cost of products and come up with the low process. Regarding Apple Inc, the skimming or premium pricing strategies come into the life, as the company intends to sustain the luxury perception, which is related to price and differentiation. Thus, this intention of the company contradicts with this statement (Lashinsky, 2015).

            The apple Inc has already adopted a remarkable differentiation strategy in the competitive global technology market. The differentiation has been depicted through price, products design, packaging and luxury tough to different mobile phones and other electronic devices. Thus, there is not a need to adopt the differentiation strategy, as the management of the company has adopted it and changes it with the passage of time. The Apple Inc has dominated the in the competitive technology market by the share of 63% over37%. (ABHISHEKMUJUMDAR, 2016).


            Apple Inc is not included in a surge of cost leadership in the industry. This is a fact that the company has an immense range of customer base around the globe. The customers are loyal and sales have been sustained with the passage of the time. Thus, there is not a need of integrated cost leadership, as customers are satisfied.  In addition, high cost justifies the products in the customer’s hand. The apple’s average loyalty regarding the brand is 87% in the United States of America and Europe (Fisher, 2016)

            This is to mention that the Apple Inc contain advanced technology to produce its products for the customers. This is not about the cost of machines, which needs to be controlled. This is all about the hard work, creativeness, and innovation to drive the differentiated technology as compared to the competitors. Therefore, we can say that the high cost and differentiation are natural for this company (Bershidsky, 2016).

            To enable the immense range of features, benefits and technologies in the mobile phones like I Phone, this is tough for the company to contain the cost leadership strategies. The technology needs investments, and this has been well justified in the company. Interestingly, the differentiation comes automatically through innovation and creativity, which is good to gain and sustain the competitive advantage (CARLON, 2016).


            Despite having immense and prominent differentiation by the competitors, the customers of the Apple Inc are still loyal and contain the goodwill in the global market. Thus, this is necessary for the company to not adopt the cost leadership and extra differentiation, as it can increase the cost and complexities. The most important thing for the management is to contain sustainability for a long run (Spence, 2016).


ABHISHEKMUJUMDAR. (2016, April 30). Apple’s pricing strategies and product differentiation. Retrieved October 24, 2016, from MPK 732:

Bershidsky, L. (2016, July 27). Apple’s Technological Lag Is Starting to Show. Retrieved October 24, 2016, from Bloomberg:

CARLON, K. (2016, May 9). Why is Apple still able to command such high prices for its iPhones? Retrieved October 24, 2016, from Android Authority:

Fisher, E. (2016, February 5). 2016’s Most Important Customer Loyalty Statistics. Retrieved October 24, 2016, from Social Annex:

Lashinsky, A. (2015, March 26). Apple’s Tim Cook leads differently. Retrieved October 24, 2016, from Fortune:

Spence, E. (2016, April 10). Apple Once More Loses Out To The April Competition. Retrieved October 24, 2016, from Forbes:

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businesses and companies

Question 1

Answer: It is very imperative to understand that businesses and companies need to maintain and organize a strong structure and culture for competitive advantage. Therefore, it is quite necessary to maintain functions like marketing, purchasing, and production as well. In addition, it also plays an important role in ultimate revenue of the company. The SCM process approaches are all about supply and manage of products. On the other hand, the functional approaches are based on long term planning, whereas the SCM approaches could change on a short-term basis. It is the main conflict between these two concepts.  

Question 2

Answer: The customer service management has clear objectives of getting customer satisfaction through an improved system of customer service management. To expand the customer base and improve the effectiveness of the business are another core objectives. The main elements of customer service management are to provide respect to customers and employees who are providing services.  Listening, understanding and responding to the customers and employees are essential elements in customer service management.  The main challenge is to adopt right technology for dealing the issues of customers to business. Another challenge is to maintain “customer is always first” culture.  

Question 3

Answer: The cross-functional teams are the teams with different knowledge, skills, and functions and together strive for achieving the common goal.To manage the entire system of the supply chain, it is necessary for a business to make the cross-functional team because the supply chain process is a combination of different functions like purchasing, delivering and managing the products.  

Question 4

Answer: It is a typical model that explains and states the variety of different products along with size and capacity. Furthermore, it describes the process of manufacturing of products from beginning to end. It is useful because it states the link of the life cycle of the particular product and technology using in it.  

Question 5

Answer: Make to stock strategy is based on the demand of the products. Make to order strategy is based on the customers. It means that it is active after the receiving of the order from a customer. Assemble to order is the strategy of the production and manufacturing of products until the end. The differences are very clear in this context and the strengths are comprehensive. In addition, the challenges are to make products at the finished form and to provide to customers. Make to order strategy is quite Interesting in a way that it varies according to the length and size of the orders. One can understand that order size could be varying according to the different factors like seasonal or excess demand factors. Assemble to order is a typical strategy in the production life cycle and it can change with customer requests. The manufactured items could assemble upon requests in this production strategy.

Question 6

Answer: Make or buy decision is a typical concept of someone who is choosing to manufacture the product or to buy the finished product. It is very important to understand that it is very necessary to understand the significance of make or buy decision. It is very clear that it is made by the control strategy and complete analysis of the costs and efficiency of the production of the product or buying the finished products.

Question 7

Answer:  These three most important goals of purchasing functions are to decide the right price of the products. Another purchasing function is the right quality and quantity of the production and the third one is to decide who the best suppliers in the industry are. These are important because the strategic management is very necessary for each of the functions related to the business and production.  

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Chemical Process Principles

Question 1:

Block diagram of canola oil extraction


the purpose of the video is elaborate and how the unit operation is working.

Question 2:

In which treated water =4000 gal/min

wasted water contain PCB=0.25 mg/L

River flow rate =1500 f^3/s

We have to find out the concentration of the PCB,s =?

In which C1 is the concertino of the estimated pcb in water and the Y1 is the flow rate of water

Question 3:

Find the mixture volumetric flow rate =?

We can also write this

Mass also we can find this

Question 4:

mass flow rate of the extract

for the steam

For the composition

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Pre-Submission a future 510(k)


Product and the company

Discussing the Device that I am giving an idea, the name of the device will be Oxyitissue Sensor. However, the company in which the Oxyitissue Sensor will be developed will be Medic well Corp. However looking at the deep analysis of the product and the company we come to know that it will be a device, which will be attached to any body part specifically where the blood flow is good. It will be attached by the sticky material that is attached to the one side of the device. However, the device will be having a mini cell in it, which will be the source of energy for it.

Description of Product

Going towards the main feature of the device, it will be a wireless device, which will be attached to the body of humans of any age. Mostly this device will be useful for the elder aged people and the disabled persons all over the world. The main thing, which this device will be able to, do that after attaching the device to the body the glucose level, hemoglobin level, Blood pressure, body temperature and other essentials are recorded automatically by this. This is the reason the submissive type of this device will be on 510(k) as it fulfills the conditions.

This device is connected to the laptops, smart phones of the guardians or the doctors online 24/7. The best thing, which is introduced in already is that the blood is required, and the Glucose-meter. However, in this, the main thing is the blood is not required to check the blood level and others in the body. This technology will be emitting the infrared rays, the essentials of the blood will be automatically counted, and the detailed report will be provided to the doctor.


Here the every essential part will be calculated and immediately there will be an alarm system on the Guardian phone that the sugar level or the blood pressure is low. Therefore looking at the great technology we can say that the life’s of the humans can be increased, as the sudden unknown reasons of deaths will be reduced by this. This technology is pain-free as there will be no pins inserted on the body to get the blood, all the calculations will be told automatically here.

New submission

It can be seen that this kind of product is not available in the market and no one in the world has already made this kind of product. Yes, there are some of them, but they are to be launched yet. However, they will be on the wrist of the person, not anywhere else. However, that will only tell the sugar level. Therefore, we can say that our product is unique and better in all kind of classes in here. This is the reason this device is one of the best devices that we can see.

Three FDA Questions

The three questions for the FDA I have made are

  1. Kindly recommend us that how and what type of tests are needs to pass, as we want to launch the product in the market?
  2. The whole mechanism has been explained so can you please tell that what kind of dangers do you think the person can get?
  3. Many tests can be implemented as we have done that, however, you can produce any suggestions as well so that improvements could be made.


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Problems solution

Problem 1

  • One of the significant accident types is rear end. It can be analyzed from the road map that 11 out of total 33 accidents are rear end. No fatal injuries from these total rear accidents are 7. Another significant road accident is angel. It has analyzed from the map that 7 out of total 23 accidents are angel collisions. Total property damage from these angel collisions is 11.
Total number of crashes in 2005 6
Total number of crashes in 2006 8
Total number of crashes in 2007 4
Total number of crashes in 2008 5
Total number of crashes in 2009 0
Formula Total crashes/number of years
Average crashes for signalized intersection 4.6
  • It is recommended that to solve the rear end collisions, government should sign a contract for forming a bridge for going on one side. Under pass can be used by the opposite side traffic. It will help to reduce this type of accidents. It would help in controlling the traffic. Bridge would be used by half of the traffic as provided in the diagram that 336 cars are moving from north towards the south. Almost 367 cars are moving from south towards the north.

Problem 2

            High way safety manual can be used to reduce the collision and accidents in multi lane road. For reducing the road accidents in this case, it is recommended to apply High Way safety manuals. According to this manual, length of the roads shoulders should be 12 feet ((U.S.) & Program, 2010). It is recommended according to these safety manuals that it should be paved to reduce the chances of accidents. It should apply standards as provided in the high way safety manual for divided and undivided roads. It is assumed in this case that width of right shoulder is less than 8 feet. It should be increased to 8 feet in this situation.


(U.S.), N. R., & Program, N. C. (2010). Highway Safety Manual, Volume 1. AASHTO.

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Challenges to the U.S. and Global Economy

Fall 2016 Case 3: Challenges to the U.S. and Global Economy

  1. a)  What are the pros, cons, and risks of the U.S. having such a large current account deficit? Is the U.S. current account deficit a problem or not? 

Account deficit shows the amount difference that is exceeded in import and less in exports. Large deficit means that a country’s import of goods, investment and service income are more than the value of its exports. The direct impact of the large current account deficit effects on the economy of the country because it raises unemployment.

Subsequent, the exports of a country makes the value of its currency; therefore, when export is low, and import is high, then the value of currency decreases. Consequently, the interest rates also receive the direct effect of large current account deficiency because due to the increasing account deficiency its value decrease, and it could be resulted as inflation. To control this situation, the interest rates are increase and the supply of money decrease(Talley, 2015).

However, on the other hand, there are some experts that believe that regarding foreign investment, the account deficiency is not harmed in the long run because, the currency that is given against imports will have to come back once to the country and it mostly comes back in the form of foreign investment.

Therefore, the current account deficit of US seems not a problem in the long run, but on the other hand, this account deficit has a direct impact on the economy, therefore, overall it is more harmful to the country. Therefore, the large size of US current account deficit is a problem for the future of the country (Talley, 2015).

B) Is the size of the current account deficit the U.S.’ fault or is it the fault of China and other countries? Explain.

Yes, in the economy sense, it is precisely right to say that it is US fault that the US is not succeeding to fulfill the need of their residents. Subsequently, it is the US that it is given room to China and other countries to win their economy by offering comparatively very low price products. Therefore, it is wrong to say that large size of current account deficit is the fault of China or other countries, but it is the fault of America (Barro, 2016).

First of all, to reduce the current account deficit, US have to strengthen its industries. The US should set industries so that more people could get jobs, as well as the necessary good need, will be filled by the country made products, instead of getting help from the other countries in the form of imports. To reduce the deficit in the country, there is a need for more investments in the industrial sector, which will increase the income level of people in the country. The government has to pay the cost of it, as it has to cut its spending at both macro and micro level. On the other hand, the government of the United States of America can increase or impose more taxes on people to reduce the deficit.

            Moreover, the government can reduce the value of the current against other to reduce the current account deficit. In addition, the monetary policy must be tightened to increase the rate of interest. Interestingly, if the government goes for minimum wages for the employees, the current account deficit can be reduced. However, the protest from the employee in the country should be considered and cannot be ignored.

In the article, Global growth “the writers have found that with the increase in the productivity, the country’s economy could be improved and the current account deficit could be reduced which will happen by producing more jobs and by increasing the export and reducing the imports (Taylor, 2015).

3.         The global economy is facing many risks and challenges in both the short term and the long term. Many economists believe global growth may slow in the future as countries face aging populations.  This may be exacerbated if countries respond to growth challenges by turning toward protectionism and more debt.

A)        How big of a risk are the current debt levels employed by many countries?  How big of a risk is the trend toward protectionism? Explain.

According to an article “In the Long Run, We’re All Crowded Out,” it is stated by the writers Debnam and Mitchel that “in the long, run we are all crowded out.There is a great risk of the trend towards protectionism because, in the case of just imposing taxes on the goods, the inflation rate will increase, but it is not the solution to the problem.

Therefore, in case, if there is a need to solve, the problems, then instead of going towards, the protectionism, the best approach is to move towards the improvement of the production by strengthening manufacturing companies.

It is important because, when more people will have a job, then the production will be increased, and when production will be increased, they the imports will automatically reduce, and so the export will increase. In the return of it, the country will receive positive impact on its economy(Barro, 2016).

B)        Many economists believe that improving productivity may be the best or only way to continue to generate acceptable levels of growth.  What can policymakers do to facilitate productivity growth? Think broadly in micro and macro terms.

In this regards, the Keynesian that is presented in the article “In the Long Run, We’re All Crowded Out” is one of the best solutions. According to the Keynesian solution, it is said that the resources which are spent by the government, must be received from the taxation or borrowing. He says that stimulate spending should not be financed with taxes. Moreover, he stated that the government’s emergency programs should become permanent (Matthew D. Mitchell & Debnam, 2010).


Barro, R. J. (2016). The Reasons Behind the Obama Non-Recovery (Opinion/Commentary). Retrieved October 17, 2016, from

Matthew D. Mitchell, & Debnam, J. R. (2010). In the Long Run, We’re All Crowded Out. Retrieved October 10, 2016, from

Talley, I. (2015). 3 Risks to the Global Financial System as Debt Hits Record Levels. Retrieved October 17, 2016, from

Taylor, T. (2015). Global Growth: Can Productivity Save the Day In An Aging World? Retrieved October 18, 2016, from

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Gantt chart

Gantt chart

Title 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week
Planning and development        
Initiation of project        
Project scope        
Potential in market        
Resource management        
Highlighted list of risks        
Structural installation        
Project communication        
Project establishment