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A student used a yardstick to model the displacement of rock at a fault during an earthquake. The student bent the yardstick without breaking it and then let it go. What process did the student show? A. A moment magnitude vibration B. Elastic rebound C. Isostasy D. The formation of a new fault


Answered by answersmine AT 22/10/2019 – 03:54 AM

I think the correct answer would be B. The process of elastic rebound is being shown by the student. It is a theory that is used to explain earthquakes. It focuses on how energy is being spread in times of earthquakes. As the rocks on the fault experiences shift and force, these rocks would be accumulating energy causing it to deform reaching the internal strength and eventually exceeding it. At that moment, a rapid motion would happen along the fault, which releases the energy, then the rocks would go back to its original shape or the undeformed state. This theory is the first theory that sufficiently was able to explain earthquakes.

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