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Thesis Statement

Due to negative effects the bullying in schools has been affecting the students with numerous consequences like physical ailments and difficulty in speaking, increased drug usages, etc.

Bullying is defined as acts of intimidation, aggression, coercion against victim, social power and other factors that differentiated social power. Bullying means intention to harm someone deliberately not accidentally. The violence is increasing in schools that creates unsafely environment of school. Bully prevention in positive support has been recognized in managing bullying in school. The growing concern of bullying behavior is increasing in US schools. Bullying prevention in positive behavior support, i.e. BP-PBS recognized teachers to consolidate social rewards to manage bullying in school.

This is one of the most violated issues in US schools.  According to a national survey   about 30%of students has involved in bullying either as victim or as a perpetrator. Bullying in school is one of the heated issues in the school setting. The current research aims to identify and measure the adverse effects of bullying on school students. The research indicates the field-testing, experimental validation, development and building bullying in school prevention techniques to reduce such violence in schools.  (ROSS & HORNER, 2009)

 The bullying in school directed negative impact on the school behaviors. The current research investigates the issues on the school specifically bullying and derives solution of the problem.  The wide range of verbal, physical and social behaviors really intended to harm.

 The imbalance power of between victim and perpetrator are the major elements in the bullying at school. These elements are difficult to measure and observe at different school levels. The issue of bullying at school required operational identification for the casual variable to control such issue effectively.  The research participants include educators professional and parents to control such bullying. The peer attention is one of the most causing affect in building bullying.

 There are certain consequences for the victims and bullies like in the shape of increased drug usages,lack of self-confidences, etc. The negative future outcomes have been reveals by the bullies and victims.  The research reported that bullies go through with adolescence.  This creates a lot of risk for severe problems like drug abuse, use of alcohol, dropping out of school and delinquency happen towards bullying.  Both victims and bullies find more depressed than the student who are not involved in the harming deliberately. 

The problems as if depression is linked with bullying, on the other hand victimization leads to academic issues as well as self defeating behaviors recognized towards bullying in school.   The victims of bullying are at great risk with no emotional support. The victims of such bullying involved great consequences like issues in academic learning, absenteeism, loss of friends and loneliness. If the students are performing low in the school, they are dropping out immediately with the addressing problem of bullying in school.

Another study implicates the affects of bullying at school, which affects the mental health of students badly. The measurement of bullying in school has certain determinants like substance abuse and risk of mental health. The result of research indicates that risk to mental health is too much high with the effects of bullying impact.

Domestic violence, inter parental violence and symptoms of emotional distress are effects of bullying in schools. Poor school behavior, alcohol abuse, drug usage and posttraumatic stress are the witness that indicates high affect of bullying at school.  Peer victimization significantly linked with the high levels of risk towards mental health.  Direct victimization of bullying has significant impact on the mental health and mental distress. (Rivers, Noret, Poteat, & Ashurst, 2009)

 The bullying and victimization preventions in school recognized at multilevel examination. The study integrates the major assessment of examining relationships between peer victimization and school climate. The examination of previous study shows implement strategies for the prevention of bullying in school. Certain techniques and policies must be implemented to reduce such issues promptly.

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