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Research C. Wright Mills—The Power Elite. According to his paradigm: Who are they? How do they live?—What characteristics and traits do they possess? How do they get into these positions of power and maintain them from one generation to the next? What is your opinion—do you feel there is a concentrated group—in American and the world that are Power Elite?

The power elite in the United States is present.  It is the single power elite. The scores version of ideas exists. They portray the government and politics as the pluralist. The elite power in viewing the pyramid way power of power structure. 

The power structure is pyramid type. The policies of the elite power are exemplifying.  The power elite theory is a single elite theory. These are the issues of the nation as a whole. Leading as the from the single power style.  The countries pride on their democracy. The leaders come and go in the democracy.

The characteristic of the power elite are the individual close-knit group, and they are not part of the conspiracy that manipulates events in their selfish interests. The elite power includes the respective civil liberties, follow establish constitutional principles and having the character of operating openly and peacefully. It is not like a dictatorship, and it does not rely on the terror and midnight interest to get it way.

 The Top command posts are the characteristics of the posts of society and are the power in the government. However, not just are governmental also financial education, social, civic and institution.  The power of the elite is grown by the collaboration of political, industrial and military organizations.  The next characteristic is shared attitudes and beliefs. According to Mills the difference over shadowed by agreement on a worldview. The worldview is the values, beliefs, and attitudes that shape the elites perception. The elite power is the power of the high-level power in the government.

In the situation of the 1970s when the politics of US a negative reputation.  The traditional distrust of the Politicians was the outsider, and they were not the part of the establishment. And to bring new ideas and new faces to Washington. The offices in the 1990s were made the complaint.  The distribution of the political power is the scenario.

The power is utilized in the political arena. The three portions of the pyramid are elite, middle level and the masses.  The elite is the power of the higher level are and will be using the situation of the political people who are at the upper level. The elite power is the power ruling the country and will be the scenario developed. The US has the government on the elite power in the organization (, 2015).  

2. Research the Stratification in the American Society—How many classes are in the American Society and what are the characteristics and traits that identify each class? How have the demographics of class membership changed over time? How do you feel the United States should handle those individuals who are in the lower socio economic classes relative to social policies that could possibly help a significant number of people up the economic ladder?    

The social scientist in the US believes that the American society is stratified into the social classes.  The classes of eth individuals are o9n the basis of the wealth, educational attainment, occupation, income or membership in the subculture. The American recognizes the three-group upper class, middle class, and lower class.

Some scholars deny the existence of the classes. There are three classes of the American society and which are upper class, lower class, and middle class. They have different incomes of the classes. The upper-upper class is 3% of the population, and its earning is 1% of hundreds of millions to billions per year.

 The lower upper class is 2% earning million per year. The middle class is 40% and which will be divided into the upper middle class is 14% earning $76,000 or more per year. The lower middle class is 26%, which is earning $46,000 to $75,000 per year. The working classes are that earns $19,000 to $ 45,000 per year.  The lower class is 27% divided among the working poor, which is 13 % who are earning the $ 9,000 to 18,000 per year. In addition, the underclass is 14%, which is earning under $9,000.

The characteristics of the upper class are they have vast accumulated wealth and significant control over the corporations and political institutions. The corporate elite consist of high salaried stockholders and have the privilege but high achieved status. The upper middle class consists of high-educated salaried professionals. The occupation they held is like lawyers, engineers, and professors.

They are at mid-level managerial positions. The working class is the low-level class services. They have jobs like sales clerk, or housekeeper and income level is poverty line. The division in the occupation and education achievements is the upper, middle and lower class.

 The facilitation provided should be to give allowance or facilities to the lower classes and let the situation to be clear and will be having the situation of the work to be in the narrative. The classes’ demarcation should be of providing them with equal facilities in the scenario and will be having the classes’ difference to be removed by the benefits given.

The classes are of different types. The classes are divided into the upper class, middle class, and the lower class. The classes should be provided with the benefits according to the tax levies taken by the each group, and the scenario should be dealt in the form of group valuing. The groups are made in the form of such demarcation (, 2015).  

Reference (2015). American society is stratified into social classes based on wealth, income, educational attainment, occupation, and social networks. Retrieved May 10, 2016, from (2015). THE POWER ELITE. Retrieved May 10, 2016, from

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