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Application Plan and Evaluation

Application Plan and Evaluation

Part 1:  Planning

  1.  Write down two or three aspects of this skill that are most important to you.  Identify the specific aspects of the skill that you want to apply.

The problem-solving skill is necessary for both, social and professional like, and I am looking forward to adopting this skills. The first aspect regarding this skill refers to the identification of different problems. I can find the roots of the problems. Finding the alternatives and creativity are the other aspects of this skill. The creativity and finding the roots and depiction of alternatives are the three main aspects that I want to apply in social and professional life to making the difference. This will help me to find the best ways to solve problems and sustain the success.

  • Now identify the setting or situation in which you will apply this skill.  Establish a plan for performance by actually writing down a description of the situation. 
    • Situation details:
    • Who else will be involved?
    • When will you do it?
    • Where will it be done?

The application of this skill seems pertinent in society and workplace. For Instance, at the workplace, despite having the upper management, I would like to find the workplace problems and try to find the different ways to solve them to increase the efficiency of the work. The colleagues will be involved in this process, as it will also create the impact on people around me. I will apply this skill during the working hours

  • Identify the specific behaviors in which you will engage to apply this skill.  Operationalize your skill performance by explaining in detail what you will do.

The positive and democratic behavior will help me to collaborate with other people to find the alternatives and solve the complete problems. Obviously, the rude behavior will lead towards the lack of trust over stakeholders.

  • What are the indicators of successful performance?  How will you know you have been effective?  What will indicate that you have performed competently?

This is necessary to solve the problems with minimum chances of occurrence. This is a key success indicator. Working on different alternatives along with the creativeness is a big indication of the success.

Part 2:  Evaluation

  •  After you have completed your implementation, record the results.
    • What happened?
    • How successful were you?
    • What was the effect on others?

At a workplace, I observed the conflict between two working partners. This was a big problem, as it reduced the efficient and motivation among workers. Being a supervisor, the issue was regarding the division of work. However, hold a meeting with them and gathered the arguments to make the final decisions. In addition, as another alternative, I met separately with both individuals to understand their concerns. Thus, there were two options regarding the decisions for me. After the decision, the motivation increased, which was a huge success for me. It also created a good impact on other at the workplace, as all were intended to contribute to the organization success with effective and friendly collaboration.

  • How can you improve?  What modifications can you make next time?  What will you do differently in a similar situation in the future?

I would like to improve this skill through the participation of different stakeholders. This is a fact that I can depict good solution of the problem along with the mutual concerns of all stakeholders. This is not good to direct a solution, which contains the chances of immense dislikes. The navigation of different alternatives is a prominent modification, which can help me to perform differently.

  • Looking back on your whole skill practice and application experience, what you have you learned?  What has been surprising? In what ways might this experience help you in the long term?

I have learned that solution should be pertinent to the all key stakeholders. To reduce the criticism on the solution, we should focus the review of the problems and decisions. This is necessary to take some time to come up with a final solution. On the other hand, delayed decisions or solutions are not good regarding this skill. However, through lateral thinking, the readiness regarding the change and discovery of new ideas can let me sustain the success for a long run. 

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