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Optimization problem:A manufacturer determines that x employees on a certain production line will produce y units per month where . To obtain the maximum monthly production, how many employees should be assigned to the production line?**It is NOT sufficient to find an answer that you think is a max or a min without testing for relative extrema. You MUST test relative extrema at all times by using either the first or second derivative test even if you only have one critical value/point.

Cal problem! given production P(x)=75x^2-0.2x^4 To find relative extrema, we need to find P'(x) and solve for P'(x)=0. P'(x)=150x-0.8x^3    [by the power rule] Setting P'(x)=0 and solve for extrema.150x-0.8x^3=0  =>x(150-0.8x^2)=0 =>0.8x(187.5-x^2)=00.8x(5sqrt(15/2)-x)(5sqrt(15/2)+x)=0=>x={0,+5sqrt(15/2), -5sqrt(15/2)}   by the zero product rule.[note: eqation P'(x)=0 can also be solved by the quadratic formula] Reject negative …

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Marta lives only to revenge her uncle’s death. She intends to prove that Andre is responsible both for the pollution ruining the swamp and for her uncle’s fatal illness. However, before she can worry about breaking into Andre’s penthouse and cracking his secret code, she must escape her current situation. Andre’s gang has dumped her in the Louisiana swamps. Handcuffed to a tree, Marta is not sure how she will escape the hungry alligators that approach. What kind of story is being described? A. fantasy B. adventure C. fable D. science fiction

Answer: Henri Rousseau’s Portrait of a Woman Explanation: Magical Realism finds precedent in eighteenth-century Gothic novels, but also connects with sixteenth-century Baroque or Surrealism, almost contemporary in the early twentieth century. Among the most striking features of this movement, we find the blend of realism with pure unreality that is …

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Which statement best describes how a catalyst can speed up a chemical reaction? The catalyst makes lower energy pathways available. The catalyst increases the concentration of products. The catalyst binds to enzymes to release substrates. The catalyst increases the concentration of reactants.

There are two systems in the human body that are responsible for the coordination between the functions of different systems to achieve the unity of the living organism’s body. These two systems are the nervous system and the endocrine system. The action of the nervous system is fast and takes …

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What is a stanza? A. a pattern of rhyme at the ends of poetic lines B. a repeated grouping of two or more lines in a poem that often share a pattern of rhythm and rhyme C. descriptive language that creates vivid impressions D. a regularly repeated line or group of lines, like a chorus in a song

Since a tiny tender child of four,There’s nothing that I dreamt of more,Than to jump aboard a great big ship,A telescope, a map, a sword, by my hip,To feel the sea breeze in my hair,To stroke my parrot on the wood chair,To be bold and brave and happy as can be,To …

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