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Assignment on Case Study: Redevelopment of Manassas City

Kinds of Dense Development

The City of Manassas Park requires to attract new businesses and to encourage the existing businesses in order to expand its operations. Therefore, it has issue the Request for Information (RFT) for ideas from companies and to solicit input, consultants and individuals with expertise in development for small to medium societies and economic planning. The redevelopment has the opportunity to become a model city which provides new opportunities for the business and economic corridor. The current roads and the infrastructure are not so much feasible that caters to pass through traffic. The plan is the complete and comprehensive strategy for growth and redevelopment of the corridor. This also needs for the operational efficiency and safety. This also includes all modes of the transportation in order to create the economic development in Manassas Park City.

The kind of dense development for the City Park is the Urban density. This is very definite measurement for the development of the cities and the population of an urbanized area that also includes the non-urban land uses. This land also uses comprise of regional open space, water-bodies and agriculture. There are number of the methods of measuring the density or urban areas like floor area ratio, population density gross density, Net density, Residential density and employment density.

Street Connectivity and Promoting

The new streets are proposed that will create in such a manner that these will provide the pedestrian-scale blocks. These will create where appropriate and feasible as a parallel street network. New tree-lined streets will provide for the pedestrian equally for automobile and bicycle. The civic buildings are to be situated at prominent locations. In addition, the trail system also includes the new trails to complete this system. Parking for the vehicles is hidden at centers of blocks and rear of lots. This also includes the in structured parking where appropriate.

The purpose of the street connectivity and promoting is to enhance the infrastructure of the roads and streets for the flow of the transportation in the city. Moreover, the purpose is to eliminate any kind of the bottle neck that will make any potential hurdle in flow of the transportation. The purpose of the redevelopment of the city is to make it a perfect city and to overcome the issues and problems in previous designs and development.

Means of Transportation other than car

The transportation is very necessary for the development of economic areas. The development plan for this area is mixed-use development in order to serve the as the City’s downtown. Therefore, the town planner has to focus on the infrastructure of the transportation other than car. There is need to add new rails in the rail system to make it more effective and efficient.

New plan is requires for the railway to link with those areas that were not included in the transportation system. There is need to give way to the primary commuter routes of Prince William Parkway, Route 28 and Liberia Avenue. This route will help to pass about 15,000 vehicles per day within the City Center District.

Improve Walkability

For the improvement of the Walkability the parallel pedestrian network along with street is need to develop. For this purpose the City Center district encompasses the City’s VRE stations, from the commuter rail parking lot bypasses and vehicular traffic so that each type of the transportation can easily move to their path or the line or lane including the pedestrian and bicycle. The clear route and walk ways is necessary to keep the traffic in flow.

With increase in the improvement of the streets and railways there will sudden increase in the transportation. Moreover, this is the economic potential area therefore, the ratio of business also increases that leads to increase in number of vehicles in city and increase in the traffic. Improve street system and the highway system will help to control the traffic and flow of the traffic. By doing so, people do not have to face any kind of difficulty.

Stromwater Management

This is the most important thing to manage the water from the storm. For this purpose the sanitation system and sewerage system needs to reconstruct. Through the analysis, this can be determined that sanitation system needs reconstruction or it can be feasible with repointing services. In addition, the streets also build and make the flow of the water to the sewerage pipes. Therefore, this will help for the management of city to handle the storm water. If there will the proper water management then this will save the city and street from the destruction especially the metal structure will save from these changing.

Implement Recommendations

For this purpose, there is needed to make a proper plan for the redevelopment because some of the areas are more crowded. For the future, the ground utility lines should buried allowing the street trees to fully nature and avoiding the unnecessary tree trimming for utility lines. The reason is that it will provide the fresh and neat atmosphere for the population of the area. Some of the people do not want to travel on car or rail between near places. They prefer to use bicycle. This means that bicycle ways also requires making or constructing for them. The improvement to City of Manassas requires the multi-model development so that the construction will free from defects and errors.

Role of the Private Property Owners This is the ethical obligation of the private property owners that they should corporate with state or the local management in order to redevelop the city. This is also beneficial for them because they can get more business opportunities. Moreover, this redevelopment is in favor and for welfare development of the people so that they should corporate and give their property against money to state so that the n

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