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Biomedical Research Programs


Summary. 3

Introduction. 4

Current best practice Not-for-Profit (NFP) Medical Research Program Evaluation. 4

Cross-border strategies optimizing Programmatic Investments. 5

NFP take a collective-impact approach and acting as a backbone organization. 5

Case studies and examples from different countries. 6

NFPs Programmatic impact 7

Highly successful new drugs/tests/interventions role of charity’s Programmatic investments. 8

Recommendation. 8

Conclusion. 9

References. 10




It is the fact that not for profit organizations have the great importance in medical research.  It is the paper, which includes the different aspects related to the particular section of the studies as well. On the other hand, the best thing is the discussion about the not for profit medical research program. It is also discussed that what type of current practices is in the field for this particular purpose. It is the fact that not for profit organizations wants to make things reliable and trust for the companies and organizations as well. 

            On the other hand, the cross-border impact and strategies are discussed in the next phase of the paper along with collective impact approach for analyzing the performance of the organizations and institutes as well. It is also the reason of an increase in programmatic investments and one can understand that programmatic investment has the great importance in the field for not for profit organizations as well. In addition, there are few examples are expressed of the organizations that went through under the investigation and they have admired the policies and programs as well.  One can see that these examples are from the world well-known institutions which are included in the not for profit organizations.

            Furthermore, NFPs Programmatic impact is discussed to make sure that these types of organizations leave the strong impact on the other organizations and entities. It is the fact that every organization wants to build good fame on the people from worldwide.  It can increase the loyalty and trust level too. In the end, there is a discussion on the highly investigative approaches, which are used to increase the output of the companies and institutions as well. Therefore, the entire paper is quite comprehensive included the recommendations and conclusion at the end.


 The strategies for the cross-border include the optimizing the investments for the programmatic programs or campaigns are accountable in the investment as per optimizing the emergency are critically analyzed. The collective approach for the impact of the backbone for the organization is highlighted; the high relevant NFPs for the biomedical research programs are then discussed. The operational processes or procedures for the NFP categories are then explicitly examined regarding the evidence-based theories (Oliverio, Pasewark, & White, 2013). The tests for the drugs are considered most critically in the investments regarding the pragmatic practice in the clinical examinations in this regard are analyzed. 

Current best practice Not-for-Profit (NFP) Medical Research Program Evaluation

The best way evaluates the research program to measure the success of the program through different parameters only then the NFP medical can be evaluated. They should focus on the international investment to achieve the goal of securing the accounts. The best practice is to make it clear that the NFP investment cash flow is clear through all the accounts both globally and locally. Therefore, to keep the cash flow in the system the medical research program has to show some significant research in the field so that the organization and the government don’t stop funding. The progress report should be presented to keep track of the work so that the research should not be affected. The collaboration in the whole process of the biomedical regarding the rigorous research has been the issue of traction especially in the recent decades in which the number or organizations have managed multi-level forms of the consortia for the dynamic category of information or knowledge sharing in the most drastic way. The resources are lasso sued in this manner for addressing the core issues or challenges regarding the translational research process into the most promising one using the dynamic sought of extreme intelligent efficiencies (Kania, 2011).

Cross-border strategies optimizing Programmatic Investments

The cross-border strategies developed by these organization is the proper international account to keep track of the record. The security of the account and the campaign to get the investment. To handle and optimize the investment of the program, the accounts are linked with each other so that in the case of emergency all the office of the organization has access to the account (Treves, Seatzu, & Trevisanut, 2013). The strategy was implemented by using the different approaches and with the help of the experts the organization can secure their funding and investment in the program.

The outcomes which are recognized as the accelerating for the patients along with the profit generation of more than $680 million for the dangerous diseases such as prostate cancer, the health conditions of the mental instability, men’ diseases program initiates in terms of the dynamic biomedical programs as well as features using the strategy which is globally recognized or identified. The issues of the diseases of the men’s health are treated as the mutual impact in generating the level of funds that would analyze the doubts of the stakeholders while accomplishing the goals or objectives. The foundation such as the ‘movement’ is considered as the core organization regarding the agenda in which the issues or diseases of the men’s health are addressed in the most efficient manner (Camarena, 2016).

NFP take a collective-impact approach and acting as a backbone organization

Yes, they do take the collective impact approach to establishing the strong medical impact on the other organizations and patients. As the organization is nonprofit so people should take things seriously, this impact acts as a backbone for the company, and they can survive through this act, which was taken by the managers of the company suddenly.  It is the fact that nonprofit organizations make a great impact on the public. On the other hand, the nonprofit organization has the aim to serve the public in many communities. Most of the time, people create organizations for specific purposes but they change their attitudes after the changing in time.  It is the very dangerous thing for businesses whether it is profitable or non-profit (Hopkins, 2009).

 It is very imperative to understand that every organization needs to be consistent in all of the segments during the business.  The inconsistency will damage the things ultimately.  The trust element would vanish in such cases. Therefore, it is the fact that trust and loyalty are required at its high level for the betterment of nonprofit organizations as well.  In the end, yes, it is quite important and works as a backbone for any organization.  One can understand that all the financial and non-financial sectors take too much care about the wealth and nonprofit organization has a wealth of trust and loyalty to serve people in the community (Risser, 2014).

Case studies and examples from different countries

Some of the highly relevant case studies are listed below, and their transparency is guaranteed which means they have clear the transparency test of the several companies.

  • Ford Foundation

(Assets $12,513,600,000)

  • J. Paul Getty Trust

 (Assets $11,982,900,000)

  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

(Assets $10,501,400,000)

  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

(Assets $9,020,100,000)

  • W. K. Kellogg Foundation

(Assets $8,621,180,000)

These above-mentioned industries are the biggest in the particular sector. It is described that ford Foundation is highly tested and investigated in the process designed by the great authorities.  It is the fact that ford foundation works for the betterment of the human welfare and it is very necessary for them to understand the challenges.  It is a universal truth that all of the nonprofit organizations have only the one way of earning and that is fundraising.  One can understand that fundraising and tasks of fundraising could be achieved if the people have believed on you. On the other hand, if there is no trust of the people, the foundation cannot grow in the field of serving the humanity (Buzza, 2016). 

NFPs Programmatic impact

The other NFP’s also try to reach the same impact, but it is difficult for the new organization to reach that level so try other ways, which are also evidence-based and very true. It is the fact that they have realized the importance of testing and investigation in every department today. Therefore, the other companies have been applying different methods of programmatic impact. It is the fact that each medical research company understands that things would not move forward until people do not feel the programmatic impact.  A programmatic impact used to describe for entire impacts in the general life (Eccleston, 2011).  It can be social, economic, or any other impact.

The other companies of this arena have observed the universal fact that a programmatic message should be conveyed to the public.  It will increase the trust level of the people, and such fundraising entities will be successful ultimately.  On the other hand, the things would not move forward if the people would not trust the companies.  It is the fact that people realize that these industries or companies are working for their betterment. All the medical researchers need to organize the factors of the investigation.

Highly successful new drugs/tests/interventions role of charity’s Programmatic investments

One of the highly successful drugs is for the disease Cystic Fibrosis that is the effort of endless research and hour of dedication as finally the cure of dangerous lung disease is available. Now Cystic Fibrosis Foundation plans to reinvest the money into new research efforts. As these new funds give us a tremendous opportunity to supercharge our efforts to develop lifesaving new therapies and pursue opportunities to find a permanent cure, he said in a statement announcing the deal (Camarena, 2016).

It is the fact that some of the not-for-profit organizations (NFPs) make available remuneration to their communities in the outward appearance of programmatic savings and investments as well.  The examples are guarantees loans and impartiality interests. On the other hand, the investors of NFP have the mission to increase the value and productivity of the firm ultimately. These programs are real assets for investors and these companies. 

 Also, the Royal Pharmacy had bought this drug from the CFF to manufacture it on the large scale this is done to serve the humanity.  It is to keep it straight the Royal Pharma has hired the team of experts and necessary machinery to start the operation of this drug and bring it to the market to deliver it to the deserving people.


It is the fact that biomedical research is quite necessary and imperative for the community and as well for the organizations, which are not for profit organizations. In my perspective, I would like to recommend the flexible approaches for the not for profit organizations to run the system. These types of organizations should facilitate the parameters of biomedical research in order to attain the global and local appreciation. One can understand that not for profit organization require a certain level of appreciation from a stakeholder in order to get success in upcoming tenure. Therefore, the not for profit organizations should provide facilitation for all investigation and biomedical research programs for mutual benefits.


In the end, it is concluded that for the best practice about the not-for-profit programs in the biomedical research, the parameters as per the accomplishments of the programs should be integrated with the investments as per the clear form of cash flow using both globally or locally recognized dimension. The cross-border strategies include the optimizing organizations for put maximum level for investments such as the relevant case examples of the Ford having more than $12 billion. The NFPs are reaching the same sought of an impact as the issues in the new organizations for evidenced-based especially for the highly successful programmatic sought of investments.


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