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Draw the structure for cis-2,3-dibromo-2-hexene.

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asked by ima
Apr 28, 2010
We can’t draw structures on the board; however, this may help.
Start counting from the left. On carbon 2 place a Br atom. On carbon 3 place another Br atom ON THE SAME SIDE (place the Br atoms both on top or both on bottom). That is the cis form. Fill for a valence of 4 on the other carbons with H atoms.

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posted by DrBob222
Apr 28, 2010

| br
h2 | |
/\ /\ | /h3
h3 / \/ \|/

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posted by elizabeth Reyes
Mar 21, 2012
it does get messed up

oh well.

DO your skeleton 6 legs on the second from right to left your right facing computer put double bond

first and last carbon has h3
left carbons 4,5 have h2 and carbon 2, 3 have br facing each other. IF you put them one up and one down you will create trans.

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posted by elizabeth Reyes
Mar 21, 2012

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