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Making Coffee with CV1 Coffee Maker



Making Coffee with CV1 Coffee Maker

The CV1 Coffee Maker is an excellent convenient, and compact, 8″H x 4.5″W x W x 8”D, coffee maker, it’s reliable, single serve, with a personal cup brewer, which uses a disposable brew basket and filter. The CV1 Coffee Maker comes out of the box ready to use, it has an automatic shut off when coffee is ready (Courtesy Products (n.d.).

The instructions will guide anyone from an expert coffee drinker/maker or beginners to use this machine.

All the items listed below are necessary to complete a single cup of coffee. (See Figure 1), and the diagram illustrates the coffee maker components (See Figure 2).

Figure 1 – Coffee Maker/Brew Basket & Filter/Condiments & Coffee Cup

Figure 2 – Coffee Maker Components

Follow the step by step instructions below to using the CVI Coffee Maker.

Step 1. Remove your CV1 from the box and plug in electrical socket (See Figure 2).

Figure 2 – Coffee Maker Plugged In

Step 2. Open Brew Basket and Filter and slide it into the Brew Basket compartment. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3 – Coffee, Brew Basket Filter and Brew Basket Compartment

Step 3. To filter the coffee through the Brew Basket filter, open door located on the top of the coffee maker, fill the coffee cup with water and pour into the water compartment and close the water compartment door. (See Figure 4). Comment by Darlene: Omit. Each step should begin with a verb.

Figure 4 – Filling the Water Compartment for Brewing

Step 4. The Coffee Maker is ready for Brewing. Place the cup under the Brew Basket compartment and push the On/Off button down and wait for the coffee to fill your cup. (See Figure 5).

Figure 5 – Coffee Cup in place and Push Down On/Off Button

Step 5. Mix in the condiment and have a delicious cup of coffee. (See Figure 6).

Figure 6 – Brewed Cup of Coffee and Condiments. Enjoy!

Coffee Maker will automatically turn off once the brewing is completed.


Courtesy Products (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.courtesyproducts.com/order.php?view=item&cview=category&ItemID=484


This is a good start, and the way you organized the document generally works. The topic is perfect for the assignment.

When it comes to writing instructions, remember that you don’t have much leeway in how you’ll phrase each step: each one should begin with a verb and end with a period. Likewise, you’ll format the graphics following the APA Style guidelines. I find this resource super useful when incorporating photographs or drawings, which can also be applied to screenshots, should you decide to include some in this paper or in the future (just scroll toward the bottom): https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/apa_tables_and_figures_2.html.

For this project, you’re also required to figure out a way to break down the process into 2-3 separate phases with smaller steps “nested” within.

Check out my comments in the margins and let me know if you have any questions!



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