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el profesor miranda enseña la clase de humanidades.

1. Biology, chemistry and physics are.

1. He says ( says ) what time are the classes.

1. At eleven there is a biology.

1. Martín is an artist and takes ( takes ) a class of.

1. There are twenty calculators in the class of.

1. The experiments are done ( are made ) in the.

1. There are many books in the.

1. Maps are important in the course of.

ModelThe student sings (sing) in the choir of the university.

1. Tourists (travel) in a bus.

1. Elena and I (speak) Spanish in class.

1. Students (arriving) to the student residence.

1. I (draw) a clock on the board.

1. Mrs. Garcia (buy) books in the university bookstore.

1. Francisco and you (return) from the library.

1. The semester (finish) in May ( May ).

1. You (search) your ( your ) classmates in the cafeteria.

ModelThe teacher / wait / teach / your class today. The teacher hopes to teach her class today. Pedro / study / for your Spanish exam.Pedro studies for his Spanish exam.

1. a student / want / talk / with her biology teacher

1. Mateo / having breakfast / in the cafeteria of the university

1. (me) / like / sing and dance

1. the teachers / answer / the questions ( questions ) of the students

1. (you) / like / the kind of music?

1. (we) / wait / travel / to Madrid

1. (I) / need / practice / verbs in Spanish

1. (me) / not / like / exams

ModelDo you dance tango? Yes, I dance tango. OR No, I do not dance tango.

1. Do you study science at the university?

1. Do you talk a lot with classmates?

1. Do you expect to study business administration?

1. Do you need to rest after ( after ) the exams?

1. Do you buy books at the bookstore?

1. Do you like to travel?

ModelPedro buys a book for his class. Does Peter buy a book for his class? OR Do you buy a book for your Pedro class?

1. You are from Puerto Rico.

1. The student draws a map.

1. Tourists arrive by bus.

1. The class ends at two in the afternoon.

1. Samuel works in the library.

1. The kids watch a program.

1. Professor Miranda teaches humanities class.

1. Isabel buys five history books.

1. Mariana and Javier prepare the task.

1. They talk in the cafeteria of the university.

ModelHow many dictionaries does Elena have? Elena has five dictionaries.
wherewhichwhenhow manywherefrom wherewhywhatwhoWho
1. They walk to the library.1. The Spanish teacher is from Mexico.1. There are fifteen students in the class.1. Jaime’s roommate is Manuel.1. The physics class is in the laboratory.1. Julia is carrying a laptop.1. The television program ends in two hours.1. Study biology because there is a test tomorrow.
ModelWhere do Claudia and Silvia go? They go to the laboratory to study.

1. Is the business administration class? It’s in the library.

1. Do you prepare the math homework? I prepare the math homework on Monday.

1. Is the English teacher? It is from United States.

1. Are there books in the biology class? There are ten books.

1. do you walk with ( with ) Olga? I walk to the biology class with Olga.

1. Does Professor Hernández teach at the university? Teach literature.

1. Do you carry five books in your backpack? Because I’m coming back from the library.

1. is the physics teacher? It’s Mrs. Caballero.

Modelhome / far / park The house is far from the park.

1. books / fence / desk

1. you / next door

1. calculator / between / computers

1. pencils / envelope / notebook

1. stadium / away / residences

1. backpacks / under / table

1. you / in / psychology class

1. clock / clockwise / window

1. Rita / left / July

ModelRosa is from Chicago. Pedro and Juan are very well.

1. Sonia ____ very well today.

0. is

0. is

1. The chairs ____ in front of the desk.

1. are

1. are

1. They ____ sociology students.

2. are

2. are

1. Alma ____ from the capital of Spain.

3. is

3. is

1. ____ ten thirty in the morning.

4. They are

4. They are

1. We ____ in the library.

5. we are

5. we are

GUSTAVO Hello, Pablo. (1) in the student residence? PABLO Yes, (2) in the residence. GUSTAVO I need the physics book. PABLO Where (3) the book? GUSTAVO The book (4) in my room ( room ), next to the computer. PABLO Where (5) the computer? GUSTAVO The computer (6) on top of the desk. PABLO Here ( Here ) (7) the computer and … the physics book!

PILAR Hello, Irene. How (1)? IRENE Very good, and you? How are you? PILAR Well, thank you. I present Pablo. IRENE Encantanda, Pablo.PILAR Pablo (2) from Mexico. IRENE From what part of ( where in ) Mexico (3)? PABLO (4) from Monterrey. And you, where (5)? IRENE (6) of San Juan, Puerto Rico. PILAR Where (7) Claudia, your ( your ) roommate? IRENE (8) in the student residence. PABLO We are going to ( are going to ) the bookstore now. PILLARWe need to buy the physics laboratory manual. IRENE At what time (9) is the physics class? PABLO(10) at twelve o’clock in the day. What time (11) now? PILAR (12) eleven thirty. IRENE Luckily ( Fortunately ) the bookstore (13) near the laboratory! PILAR Yes, no (14) far from the classroom. See you. IRENE See you later. PABLO Chau.

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