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electromagnetic pulse attack


            The power is a need of modern world in this era. In this study, we will discuss the energy security and possible threats regarding the electromagnetic pulse attack. The emphasis of the study is in history, definitions, impacts, solutions and different alternatives regarding this destructive attack. The study has been conducted in the context of the United States of America.


            This is a fact that use of energy in different countries has been increased with the passage of time. In addition, energy has also been used in different nuclear devices, which may be destructive for both, power and humanity. It relates more to the United States of America, as threats have been highlighted by the security and power agencies. The most important thing is to come up with awareness and strategic consideration.


            To engage with the energy security and possible electromagnetic attack, the government should create the awareness and try to reduce the use of power in a whole country. This is all about to secure and save power for future without any uncertainty. The society can be engaged to contain the energy security for a long run in the country.


            The hydropower and biomass are the two prominent and workable solutions to contain the save and green energy for people in the country. However, there is a need to limit the use of energy on the nuclear weapon. On the other hand, identification of resources and the inclusion of technology to renew the energy is a perfect solution.


            Through the alternative resources of the energy, the world will become safer than now. For Instance, through the limited use or abundant of nuclear consideration and other alternatives for power, the sustainability of both, earth and life can be gained from a long run. In addition, other consideration or alternatives can help people to use cheaper energy.

Where is Happen & Why?

            This has been revealed that the electronic pulse attack may end the modern life in the United States of America. This is a fact that this attack may cause the loss of electricity in the country permanently. The government and the different power agencies are trying to deal with this possible electromagnetic pulse attack, as it can also cause a catastrophic damage on the United States of America.

When is happen?

            In 1962, the high altitude test was conducted in the Pacific Ocean. This has been revealed that the effect of this test was destruction, as different concerns were raised over EMP. Therefore, the testing of different nuclear devices in different countries, including the United States, may cause this destructive effect for a long run. 

Definition of energy security

            The energy security refers to the cheaper energy for a long run in a country. This is good for a country to invest the timely to supply the energy regarding the different economy projects. This is all about to save the energy for emergency cases in a country. For Instance, in a case of the magnetic attack, this saved energy can be used as the alternative in the United States of America.

Definition of Electromagnetic pulse attack

The electromagnetic pulse refers the burst of radiation. After the conduction the nuclear test, the radiation may destroy the electronic and magnetic fields. In addition, it may damage the current and voltage systems in a country.  Due to high altitude detonation, the threat of this pulse attack is always here.

History electromagnetic pulse attack

The electromagnetic pulse attack was identified during the early weapon testing. In 1945, America conducted a nuclear test. All the signal lines were shielded. IN result, it has been revealed that all important record in the electronic devices was damaged. Similarly, the instrumentation was failed due to the British nuclear test in 1952.

Descript electromagnetic pulse attack?

Electromagnetic pulse attack contains three different categories. These are E1, E2, and E3. For Instance, E1 contain high voltages in different electronic conductors. It causes the electrical breakdowns in the different electronic machines and systems. E2 refers to Gamma rays due to neutrons. Moreover, the E3 is a low pulse comparatively, and it can destroy the magnetic field of the earth.

High altitude nuclear EMPs (HEMP)

Due to the nuclear weapon testing, the high altitude explosions can be observed. In 1958 and 1962, the Soviet Union and the Unites States conducted these tests. The high altitude nuclear EMP release the gamma rays in nanoseconds. These rays at high altitudes are more destructive and can cause the electromagnetic pulse attack on a macro level.

How are used

            The EMPs are used through the different electronic devices. This is a fact the use of these EMPs can be seen at the micro level, especially in the different health organizations. This is to mention that these produced at the time of need through different electronic devices.

For what are used?

            Different organizations consider the EMPs to use the gamma rays. For Instance, these rays are used to treat the cancer patients. To kill the mutated cells, the gamma rays are productive. Furthermore, these rays are used for transmitting the waves and signals of different radio devices.

Electromagnetic pulse attack as energy security

            This is a fact that all the electronic mechanisms are power based. Therefore, a country can use the electronic pulse attack for a different electronic mechanism in the different countries. The purpose is to save the energy for the own country. However, it is destructive and not made for the destruction of other devices in different countries.

Example or events of Electromagnetic pulse attack

            For example, in the United States of America, every person using mobile phone should be concerned over the EMPs. The rapid acceleration of different charged particular is in the limelight. Another example is regarding the solar storm due to the electrometric pulse in 1859. In North America and Europe, several electronic devices and systems were destroyed.


Regarding the benefits of an electromagnetic pulse, it can be used to contain rapid recovery and cancer therapies. Moreover, another benefit is to deal with the chronic pain in human. This has been revealed that immense muscles spasms can be reduced through these electromagnetic pulses.


            It has immense disadvantages. However, the disadvantages are the loss of power, destruction of different electronic devices, systems, and mechanism. The testing of a nuclear weapon is costly and destructive for any country. In addition, the limited use of gamma rays cannot justify the immense destruction.


In this study, we have discussed the electromagnetic pulse attack and the energy security. The most important thing  for the United states to depict the responsibility ad limit its nuclear testing process, as it can help it to reduce the chances of this destructive pulse attract.


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