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English 150 Final Exam

What pivotal events have defined or changed your life (i.e. starting college, returning to college, a career change, an illness, a move, or a change in family structure)?  How do you think your life would be different if these events had not occurred?  How might your life still be the same?  

There are so many event in my which aided me to improve my life but I believe that getting education in outside my country is one of the most prominent event in my life that has completely changed my life. I always enjoy my studies and I always love to learn new things therefore, because of enthusiasm to learn knowledge I have a good student. However my thirst to explore new things, meet with new people and learn knowledge never ends and it always keep me warm to move forward.

After finishing my schooling in my country I decided to go abroad for foreign studies and then the journey that changed my life was started. I came to aboard for higher education but It is not the education that has changed my life but my experience to meet with the people from different cultures, different regions of the world and with different religion has given great exposure to my life.

The life that I had been living in my country since my birth is much different than the life I have been living since I have left my country for higher education. After leaving my country I have experienced some good things and some bad things but overall I think that I have learnt a lot because obviously the good things have enhanced my knowledge and the bad things given me lesson and experience.

In my country I was living somehow an aimless life because I was not having responsibilities and I was very careless as my father and mother mutually take care of all the matter and we have servants to do other things for us. However, since I have left my country proposed to get higher education in foreign countries, I feel a great change in my personality. I have become responsible as well as I do everything with great care because here I am alone and I have realized that I have to face challenges by myself. In the starting days I badly miss my parents but with time I came to learn that I have to face challenges to learn something. With this enthusiasm to learn more to become a respectful person in my family, to support my family as well as to help my country, I decided to remains determined to face all the challenges in aboard land. This thing has helped me to achieve some maturity in my personality and I started to feel strong in myself.

Secondly, I would love to share one thing that more than any other thing we should give respect to humanity. I feel that before meeting with the people from different countries and different religions we have a different set of mind about them but when I interact with them, I realized that we all human are same but we are just divided into different regions and religions and at this fact I remind the last Sermon of Holly Prophet in which he said that only those are better who are good in their behavior. Therefore I can proudly say that I have learnt to respect humanity and this fact has changed my views and my thoughts about the people who belong to other religion and regions of the world.

I also feel that this thing has brought great change into my personality because as I arrived here I found some very helping people who have helped me to improve my skills in realistic ways. I feel that this is the real difference in the education because I found that what I have learnt in my country was just limited to the knowledge of book but here I have learnt knowledge through theory as well as through the practical which helped me to learn better than ever before.

There is another thing which I want to share as after coming abroad I have learnt about the cultural differences and at once I believed that it would be so hard to live in a place with different cultural and social aspects among different people. Most interestingly I came to realize that God has gifted great ability to the human to be adjusted according to the circumstances. I believe that this a very important thing because if I look into my future, I can see that I would have to meet with the different people therefore, it would be very helpful for me to interact effectively and confidently when I will have some awareness about their cultural aspects because everyone has some deep relations with his cultural and social aspects. Therefore, I have realized that to work in a global setting, my experience of getting education with people from different regions and religions has given me platform to get ready for my future.

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