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es importante que / el presidente / ofrecernos / soluciones

VerbsComplete the chart 

  • Infinitivethat Ithat youthat wethat they(1) [removed]arrange(4) [removed]we fix(7) [removed]sleep(2) [removed]sleep(6) [removed](8) [removed]do(3) [removed](5) [removed]let’s domake


 To completeFill in the blanks with the correct present subjunctive form of the appropriate verbs. 

  • It is necessary that he [removed] (play, read) the compositions.
  • It is urgent that you [removed] (cook, get) dinner now.
  • It’s better than you [removed] (take, go) to Madrid in the morning.
  • It’s good that I [removed] (lunch, translate) with you in the park.
  • It’s bad that we did not [remove] (rest, be) more workers.


 PrayersWrite sentences using the present subjunctive with the information provided.


 it is necessary that / (us) / do / the task
It is necessary that we do the homework.

  • it is important that / the president / offer / solutions
  • it’s bad that / the students / not / know / the capitals
  • it is important that / haber / paz ( peace )
  • it’s good that / you and me / understand each other
  • it is urgent that / you / be / here / ten
  • it’s better than / you / live / in the suburbs


 The studentErnesto and his friends are getting bad grades in Spanish class. Write responses to Ernesto’s statements using the expressions in parentheses. Follow the model


 Sometimes I do not write the compositions. (It is important that)
It is important that you write the compositions.

  • I like to go to bed late during the week. (it is necessary that)
  • When there is an exam, Angela and Juan leave the night before ( the night before ). (it’s bad that)
  • The teacher does not like it, but Martin often speaks in English during class. (it’s better than)
  • Sometimes I forget to bring my book to class. (it is important that)
  • When we do not understand something, my friends and I do not like to ask for help. (it is urgent that)

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