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Essay on Admission

Essay for Admission






Respected Team,

My name is XXX and I am looking for the admission in Towon University from last year. It needs to be kept in front that I have already done my Masters in the management of information technology in last year from XXX University. It was my aim to work hard and I want to pursue my career as a good professional in my life. Here up until now I have been going good and looking at my recent results, we come to know that I am interested in studying programs. The recent result of my Bachelors and masters degree is XXX and XXX in a masters program. Therefore, it is also acceptable so that I could get admission in a good university. My bachelors were in XXX and my master’s degree was in XXX. Therefore, in Towon University I am interested in the field of management of information technology.

The level of study I want to apply is Ph.D. As I know there needs to be a proper aim behind that if a person wants to pursue his Ph.D. As far I am concerned, I want to peruse my career as the academic lecturer in my life. That is the reason I want to go on and finish my studies as soon as possible so that I could carry on with my career and could be helpful to my country and contribute in the field of information technology as well. The reason behind my aim of Ph.D. is said to be as this is my lifetime goal. There are couples of a reason behind this, as I want to pursue my Ph.D. One of the top most reason what I believe is that I am a good presenter and I want to be a successful mentor in my life so that with my knowledge all kind of people could get the benefit so that they can earn something.

Further, my aim is to serve in my homeland country so that there could be the better place and the country could prosper in this aspect. I can see the teachers that have thought mine in masters or so, some of the good teachers from them told us that they are visiting faculty and they are teaching or they are into activities like teaching students in more than 5 countries. I mean they are not so loyal to the homeland and they are serving humanity in a global context. This is not one of the good prospects, as I want to serve my country. Further, I need to be a keen researcher in the field of information technology and want to contribute in this area so that people and the next generation could get some beneficial results from it.   

Here are the reasons I want to go on, pursue my Ph.D. from a top class university, and serve the country. Therefore, it will be very kind of you if you will give me a chance to have admission in your university so that I could pursue my career as Looking for the positive response.

Your Sincerely,


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