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EWUHTML Assignment #31

CPLA 120

HTML Assignment #3

Part 1:

Use XHTML to create a second page titled resume.html. It must be written from scratch you CAN NOT use Word or any other generator of html code. If you are caught using one you will receive a zero for your grade.

An example of the code you can use will be on canvas in the “Web Assignment Templates” folder for you to use. It is named “resume.html” and there will be a “resume.txt” file for you to take a look at it.

Place your resume.html file in the same folder as your index.html page (website/cpla).


· Check out the following sample resumes.

· Chronological:


· Combination:


Create a resume with your information. Include the Eastern Logo. You can take it seriously if you want to use it to apply for jobs or your can have fun with it and make up a bunch of stuff as long as it follows the resume format.

Your resume.html page will have a link to your index page.

Correct any errors on the page.

Part 2:

Log into netstorage and modify your index.html page.

Add a link to the resume.html page.

Change the color scheme of both pages using styles with hexadecimal codes.

Turn in:

Submit a link to your index page through canvas.

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