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Family structure of the United States

  1. How do the 1950s represent an anomaly in family structure of the United States ? It may be helpful to describe the trends of the period s before and after the 1950s in order to illustrate the contrast.

The variations of racial ethnic and note of class associated with the portrait of American marriage. A half-century ago poor as well as non-poor children are same towards the family structure, where most of the children lived with the twp parent families. On the other hand, single parent families are increasing among the poor and non-poor families. The differences in family structure specifically associated with the demonstrations of social class pronounced more than fifty year ago.  The representation of anomaly in family structure provides the detailed illustrations of contacts in essential and adequate away.  Before 1950, the relative age of median is high and their family structure based on the typical marriages, after 1950, the anomaly adult’s marriage earlier, where the Media age of marriage goes to climb. (Sawhill, 2013)

2- Describe the life-style of working-class Americans in both the early and later stages of marriage. Discuss the forces acting behind these patterns.

The formation of differences in family not only concerned with the family values, but also concerned with the upward mobility in the society. Such upward mobility in the society indicates the equal values of opportunity for the children. Towards the breakdown of traditional family, the working class of American reveals the major consolidations of their life styles of all races. Such trends are overwhelming the threatening to US, which is more than the class, based society.   The well educated middle and upper class parents forming the two parent families with the working class of single mother.   The striking families between black American at the earliest stage in the history, on the other hand the working class Americans demonstrates cultural versus structural explanations of poverty.  (Sawhill, 2013)

3- List the ingredients of social ritual and explain how love can be analyzed as a ritual. What is the result if an element is missing?

               Bodily co-presence, shared mood and mutual focus of attention arte the main ingredients of the interaction of rituals.   The rituals are the set of activities specifically involve the objects, words and gestures that are performed in the sequestered art place. The tradition of community is link with the social rituals with the community of religious.  If an element is missing that provides to demolish the social rituals of the society that are unable to meet their traditional essentially.   The processes are outcomes are the main ingredients towards the rituals.  Certain activities are arranged for attention in the one participant at one time.  While the mutual focus of attention link with the social musical ways.  The establishment of shared mood indicates the interaction ritual with the formations of emotional transformers for the demonstrations of negative emotions into positive ones in essential and adequate manner. (Edwards, 2016)


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