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Faro Logistics Solutions Inc and Rickenbacker Inland Port

Rickenbacker Inland Port

A brief history of the company

            The Rickenbacker inland port is a well-reputed mufti-mode a gigantic hub or network of logistics, transportation, and distribution network. The unparallel destinations strategy including Ohio valley, for Canadian customers and the US while serving a grand air base as a forwarder of freight, consolidation networks, and providers of logistics. The concept was begun after WWII in 1942, the place served as the facility of an air base for the air force, which eventually transformed for the civilian consumers. In 1985 Rickenbacker, inland become a hub for the cargo after that in 1993 the forward air acquired the first location of the Rickenbacker inland port, which afterward transformed into the international network of logistics (rickenbackerinlandport.com, 2016).

Primary Services

            The services provided from the Rickenbacker inland port are the ground logistics-network handling or ground services, the international airport services are also included as core services under this company, the services of the flight from one destination of the globe to the other. The aviation services for the customers using the consolidated premium services approach, the transport of the horses and the livestock are included. The services of trucking as a feeder to transport or road as a daily routine, the provider of services of rail along with international logistics park is included. For trucking services, the 10-hour drive is the distance between many transportation terminals of US and Canada while providing the efficient time management in supply chain.

The Primary Customers and Partners

            The primary customers of the Rickenbacker inland include the major logistics network companies in the industry for the US as well as Canadian commercial or domestic customers, transportation commercial users, major airlines such as the Cargolux, FedEx, Mountain air cargo, Etihad cargo, Ohio network, UPS, and the Atlas air. They carry 4 million tons of the cargo in one single year in freight or logistics network (Rickenbackerinlandport.com, 2016).

Specialized Certifications

            The Rickenbacker inland has the expertise or certifications international bodies of standardization such as ISO and international council of logistics network. The transient aircraft certifications for the services providers The company makes sure that the unparallel services in the logistics network, flights between countries, logistics services through trucking and rail are provided the multi-dimensional channels especially for the US as well as Canadian customers.

Organization’s Activities and LOGISTICS

            The Rickenbacker inland claims that safety, security and the maximum level of discipline in logistics network, the great first impression in flights services are provided, the quick and efficient response to the customer’s complaints are included to take more than 50 million customers satisfy per year. The activities of the organization are integrated perfectly as we have studied in the field of logistics management that services of Rickenbacker inland are supported from the premier inclusions of freight, transport, and third party outsourcing networks. The strategies of the customer-focused are implemented in the business model of the Rickenbacker inland.

A summary of observations

            We have found during our tour that the latest revolutionary technological machines such as cargo machines, modern crafts used in the aviation, freight machines, fully equipped trucks, airplanes, and road feeders. The workers or the service providers are the highly skilled workers or workforce that professionally operates the distribution management along with the third party and the materials such as the resources of rail, trucking, handling of flights through carriers and buildings of the Rickenbacker inland are well furnished as well.

Overall Impressions

            The overall of an impression of mine while touring two or more places from the Rickenbacker inland was unbelievable and outstanding is analyzed. They are the premium services in the logistics, flight, and transportation network since the company is dedicated to delivering the best-in-class services especially for the international airport’s flights networking for passengers, the customized or differentiated services of aviation, and the global park of logistics. 

Faro Logistics Solutions Inc

A brief History of the Company

            The Faro Logistics Solutions Inc was founded back in 1988 as rangers model of freight where the warehousing of inventory along with the services of transportation was the initial focus since there was no concept of the cargo, freights, the airline services or transportation technological machines as now. The company is now a well-reputed firm in logistics industry having the variety of functionalities in the supply chain management. The vice president of the company has almost the 100 years of experience in the solutions for the logistics from FARO Inc (Farousa.com, 2016).

Primary Services

            The core services of the Faro Logistics Solutions Inc are the transportation network of logistics in the multiple varieties includes the container services of pick-up at the yard of the rail, the management of the CY. The drops services of the trailer, the consolidation services of the freight, the services of the deconsolidation such as the domestic purpose, air or the ocean. The other primary services of the Faro Logistics Solutions Inc are comprised of the dangerous shipments of the cargo networks management, storage, as well as handling of the food products.

The Primary Customers

The primary customers of the Faro Logistics Solutions Inc include the commercial firms in the various fields such as the Rickebacker air base, retailer companies, services, or industrial sector such as corporate section banking industries for the customized supply chain. The warehouse management, fulfilling the solutions of the SCM, the best in class quality in freight or transportation services of 3PL for the individual customers is analyzed. The day and night shipping covering freights for goods in more than space of half a million for goods (Farousa.com, 2016).

Specialized Certifications

            The specialized certifications, publications and the expertise from the service providers of the Faro Logistics Solutions Inc are incorporated in a manner that would include from the global logistics council awarded the top logistics network working as third party organization. The projects are taken or completed in the versatile operations management processes along with the creative designing of the supply-chain management solutions. The fulfilling of the warehouse’s services for the premium clients including the bonded networks of the warehouses are included.

Organization’s Activities and LOGISTICS

            Te activities of the organization are well matched with the perfect analytical model for the logistics we studied in the academic background which include the transactions such as the EDI or electronic data interchange, the effective system of the supply chain management delivering the customized or high-quality solutions for the clients of the Faro Logistics Solutions Inc.

 A Summary of Observations

            The overall observations during the tour related the work environment or operations management efficiencies are analyzed such as the machines, which are highly integrated towards the inventory style of reporting, the flexibility approach in the updated pick-up machines of the goods in shipping process that would effectively deliver the required set of merchandise to the final destinations. The workers are purely professional as far as the Faro Logistics Solutions Inc is concerned since they are committed to providing the best services to the customers, maintain the repute of the company using the technological resources, as the relationship with clients to strengthen the value of the company in the eyes of the external parties. The materials used in the company guaranteed the high-class values, the best in class experience through the quality services. The buildings are developed on the state of the art framework of architectural design especially the shipping modes for the goods occupied the space.

Overall Impressions

            The overall impression about the tour from the Faro Logistics Solutions Inc was truly very amazing in a sense that warehousing, supply-chain management services are delivered from the best third party logistics network that is paramount in experience and skills. The management of the freight, while the solutions in the delivery of a shipment of goods are according to the 3PL quality strategy, is analyzed.


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