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For her cellular service, Vera pays $32 a month, plus $0.75 for each minute over the allowed minutes in her plan. Write an expression that shows how much Vera’s bill will be for one month.


Well, “m” represent $32 she spends a month and “t” be the $0.75 for each minute will be.

First, since the bill is for one month, we can place “m” by itself with no add-ons to it since it’s been stated only a month is going by and it stays $32. However, depending of “t” the price can change without the original monthly plan changing, so we write it like m + (t . x). “x” represent every minute spent over the time limit, so it’s “t” times “x” since whatever “t” is is determined by “x”. If “x” is 0, then “t” is 0 since nothing is added and it’d remain $32. If say “x” was 10 however, that would mean 10 minutes have gone over the limit, so 0.75 x 10 would be $7.50 + $32 making it $39.50. 
Your answer is m + (t . x)
Note: “m” and “t” can be different if you choose.