Home / Assignment Help / G during january, time tickets show that the factory labor of $6,000 was used as follows: job 1 $2,200, job 2 $1,600, job 3 $1,400, and general factory use $800. prepare a summary journal entry to record factory labor used. (credit account titles are automatically indented when amount is entered. do not indent manually.)

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An 8.65-g sample of an unknown group 2a metal hydroxide is dissolved in 85.0 ml of water. an acid-base indicator is added and the resulting solution is titrated with 2.50 m hcl(aq) solution. the indicator changes color signaling that the equivalence point has been reached after 56.9 ml of the hydrochloric acid solution has been added.

Answer; The molar mass of metal hydroxide = 121.66 g/ mole The formula is Sr(OH)2 …

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