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George Lois feels advertising should be like poison gas. What does he mean by that?

  1. George Lois feels advertising should be like poison gas.  What does he mean by that?

According to the George Lois, advertising should be done as it has an impact of the poison gas because the advertisement could implant as an explosive idea or thought which would make alert to everyone in its surroundings. Therefore, the people would understand the effect of this advertisement or poison gas and then grasps the message of the advertisement and stay excited about the advertisement effect for a long period. That is why the advertisement was referring the term of poison gas as a symbolic gesture since they both have sought of effect to target party.

  1.  What was special about the Crocker Bank ads?  What was the result?

The thing or element that makes the Crocker Bank ads very special is that the slogan of the organization was expressed from the very famous Paul Williams in which he said that a kind of thing that we have just only started. The result was a phenomenal accomplishment in the shape of the wells Fargo and this would use lately as a benchmark or references in the occasions of the wedding events or ceremonies.

  1.  Why was the MTV campaign so successful?

The MTV campaign was found to be very successful since the execution technique of marketing regarofding promotion or advertisement targeting the audiences of the young age. The most important or the key factor that made the campaign of the MTV very successful was the slogan used by the management especially the marketing department of the MTV was the use of slogan regarding its designing which had a strong influence over the target young generation audiences.

  1.  What was Tommy Hilfiger able to do and how did he accomplish it?

Tommy Hilfiger was not successful when it stepped into the industry of fashion while knowing in the very early stages about the difficulties the company would have as integration into the industry. Therefore, the Tommy Hilfiger wisely adopted the advertisement strategy using the dynamic channel of the MTV in which they target the younger generation that proved to be very useful for their business growth. 

  1.  Where did the idea from Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign come from?

The idea of Nike’s campaign of the ‘Just Do It’ which became very famous among the target audiences comes from the person names as Gary Gilmore which was eventually killed by the security or law enforcement agency as a squad of firing because of the under case ion him. The last words that he spoke are like the same as Nike used in its campaign ‘Just Do It’ for capturing the target audiences.

  1. According the many of those interviewed, what is the purpose of advertising?

The core purpose or the objective behind the advertisement as according to the majority of people interviewed is the promotion of products which are new into the marketplace, the core services that would develop using the innovative ways as well as the creativity in products or services is driven through the advertisement. This makes the target customers interested in the advertisement from the promotional campaigns the companies implement.

  1.  Which television ad discussed in this documentary was very successful but did not even show the product?

            What was special about this advertisement?

The ad displayed on the television was the diamonds as their core relationship with the ceremonies of the wedding and was shown in the video of documentary as well, but the audience did not get the exact idea of the advertisement. The way the connection of the diamonds shows with the wedding occasions in a dynamic manner that were sued as a source for attracting the customers is analyzed.

  1. Why did the proposal of the “Got Milk” campaign meet resistance?

There was a resistance to the campaign for the ‘Got Milk’ because the farmers were not satisfied through the promotional campaign and they did not use the milk in that specific manners displayed in the images, contents of the advertisement. The farmers used their method of using the milk, not that which was illustrated in the advertisement.

  1.  What did most of the successful advertisement developers have in common?

            Why is this so important in advertising?

The common thing that was found in those advertisement developers was that the happiness could easily link or demonstrating products or services using the attitude of simplicity from companies with the effective exhibition and display of the advertisement using the various channels. Therefore it is very important in the advertisement that the product is integrated with an advertisement in a way that spreads happiness while suing simple techniques or processes.

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