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Globalization impact on daily life

Globalization impact on daily life

Globalization influences the life of people as well as the business in a positive and in a negative way. Now globalization is everywhere for example; globalization is helping the nations to improve and to increase the standards of education, globalization is helping the nations to improve the and increase the effectiveness of the workplace by bringing in innovation and technological advancement. Moreover, globalization is helping people to bring in new civilization etc. the negative impact of the globalization that the people are facing at present is the uniqueness of culture of the country (Habitat, 2012). Now people are doing jobs in different countries, some people transform themselves according to the culture of the country while other develops the culture of the society according to their norms believes etc.

            The impact of globalization in my life includes; with the help of globalization, I can now order anything online from anywhere around the world , for example, I can order book for the studies by using Amazon or another online shopping site . I can order a dress or any other household thing from anywhere around the world. Globalization helped me to find the way to get things at low prices for example; if I am living in America, Europe, and the United Kingdom etc. I can order clothes, or household item from the China where things are cheap as compared to other countries and I will face low transportation cost (Murphree & Breznitz, 2011). Main advantage of doing this is that china Currency value is weaker than other countries like in Europe etc.  With the help of globalization, I can get an education online for example; I can watch videos, and lectures online to understand and to have new concepts. Moreover, now people can have access to different libraries of the well know universities on buying some amount of money (Ursul, et al., 2014 ).

            The main role that the globalization plays is the communication, with the help of globalization I can communicate with the people around the world. I can share my ideas, views and give them review online with the help of internet. I can communicate with the people of different countries using social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.  I can consult with a teacher regarding my studies, I can consult doctors regarding any kind of medical treatment etc. With the help of globalization, I can travel around the world by using Aircraft, by using watercraft or by using roads. Another positive impact of the globalization in my life is I can get an education from any country, can get a job in any country etc.


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