Health Issues





Health Issues

            This is good easy, as it covers all information about heath issue in this world. This is necessary for any students to have a good command on his topic and navigate different resources to derive valuable information. Regarding heath issue, this is also important to find modern causes of different diseases. This is good to identify different heath issues in a society. I think this can be a flaw in this study for me, as value regarding modern disease identification has not been justified (

            This is good to mention that the basic solution of different health issues is exercise and balanced diet. However, this is a fact that there are immense diseases, which a proper need diagnose. This is effective to include a real time example in study is well to know the facts, bodies conditions and diagnose procedures. For Instance, this study tells us that cancer is called tumor at its first stage in a human body and should be treated on time to avoid possible death (Cha).  

            Now, the world is globalised and we can have immense information regarding cancer treatments. For Instance, in developed countries, there is modern machinery to diagnose cancer, and late treatment has been introduced fort patients. This is interesting to include example of patients but proper and updated information is necessary for reader to further understanding (Gupta).

            This is important to guide people to stay fir and take care of their heath. However, this is vital to state in this paper that how people can take care of their health in presence of modern diseases (Nathe). For Instance, obesity in children is due to junk foods in this modern era. The best possible treatment and care of health can be justified through avoidance of junk food than doing exercise on regular basis (REDDY).

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