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How does the sun’s energy affect the climate of an area?

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D) required industries to reduce or eliminate point source pollution in surface waters.


Clean Water Act “became the Act’s general name with amendments in 1972. It has been implemented pollution handling programs so as setting wastewater standards for the industry. Pollution is generated because of the rainfall or while snow-melt passing or flowing over we can say and within the ground.

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The element Uranium is used in nuclear fission to produce energy.


A large nucleus just like that of uranium usually splits into two nuclei that are in the smaller size, simultaneously with a few numbers of neutrons, this basically results in the release or discharge of the heat energy that is in the form of kinetic energy as well as the gamma rays. Fission is another word that we usually use for splitting. The process of splitting a nucleus in this way is called nuclear fission

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Forest habitat and soil are conserved through Selective cutting, in which only some trees in an area of forest are cut.


Selective cutting is the one in which selected trees are cut down in a forest so that the growth of other trees is not concerned or changed or being affected. This is done on the basis of the criteria about or concerning least tree size for specifications of the number, harvesting, spacing and size types of remaining trees per area, and allowable cut. This encourages or supports more species of wildlife than clear-cutting.

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Point source pollution refers to the kind of pollution that basically develops from a single, identifiable cause, origin or point. If we talk about the examples of point source pollution then this basically include sewerage pipes discharging sewage into a ditch, smokestack style factory chimneys and oil spills. As the give both the examples display, point source pollution can be intentional or accidental. Non-point source pollution is a term that is mainly referred as to define the pollution occurring from many distributed sources, as compared to point source pollution which happens from a single source. Non-point source air pollution influences the quality of air from sources such as smokestacks or car tailpipes.

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