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How to manage Wasteful energy culture

What are some methods that affect and improve culture of wasteful energy that is prevalent in the United States? Amory Lovins suggests that we should develop cultural/social motivations to enact change, but how? Perform a literature search and present some ideas on this topic from two or more of these fields: sociology, behavioral psychology, social economics, and history, other (anything you can find that is relevant). Compare and contrast the suggested solutions and discuss whether you think any of them would actually work.

The wasteful energy is one of the major concern and this concern has becoming more significant as they use of energy has been rapidly increasing. This rapid increase in the use of energy is directly linked to the waste of energy. It is the issue in many ways as the increase in use of energy due to the rapid industrialization is directly linked to the environment. In recent few decades, it has been found that the world temperature is changing that is affecting the entire world due to the global warming. More the energy waste will resulted as more global warming therefore, there is need to give serious concern to find the ways to reduce the energy use as well as to control the energy waste (IBP, 2015).

In this regards, the best ways is to research and development because through the research the real consequences could be revealed about the waste of energy. However there is another other thing because now we are in water and if we will keep on relying on the research and development and do not do anything to tackle the problem, then within time the situation will become more and more critical and we all would have to face the consequences. Therefore, it is the right time to take actions because almost all of us are now well aware about the causes of global warming and its effect on our planet. Therefore, instead of wasting time in just doing research on it would be like wasting of time. However it does not mean to completely cut off from the research and development (Kalogirou, 2016).

In this regards not only the government but every person should be realized that he has the  responsibility to carefully use the resources of energy that are actually a blessing for us but we are manipulating these blessings. In this regards, the awareness programs and interactive seminars would be the most effective ways out to solve the problems.

It is justifiable that the role of innovative technology would be very crucial in this way. There is need to develop the alternate energy resources that should be based on the renewable energy resources. The most important thing is to control the industrial waste of energy. For this aspect, the development of governmental policies would not be the only solution because there is need to provide alternate to the business so that they could not have to face loss and they will happily contribute to reduce the impact of waste energy on our planet. Moreover, there is need to educate people about the effect and consequences of the energy waste as very few of us are well aware of this fact and most of us do not take it seriously as we think that we alone can do nothing. In this situation there is need to motivate people by realizing them that we all are the part of this planet and everyone’s effort means a lot. There is also need to motivate people by not just telling them but encouraging them through interactive education such as the campaign of planting trees and encouraging them to reduce the use of carbon emission cars (̈Urge-Vorsatz & Herrero, 2012).

There is need to promote the organizations that will work on to find other ways of energy in which the energy productivity will be more and the waste will be less. In this regards there is need to understand that vehicles and the transportation sector is one of the major cause of energy waste, therefore after the industries, this sector should be given serious attention. Great efforts have been doing to find the alternate of energy resource that is used in vehicles and many companies have received great success by developing electric vehicles in which the energy waste is greatly controlled. However it is not the solution because electric motors are at its initial stage and there are billions of cars on the road that are using the same carbon emitting engine. In this aspect, the idea of introducing new policies would force the motor owner to modify their engine to alternate fuel engine. However, this would only be possible when there will be an alternate available for them. In the capital of China, Beijing, millions of cars have taken off from the rode by addressing the impact on the environment but they also have given alternate as promoting the local transport. Other governments should also adopt such policies.


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