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Human Development & Health

            This study revolves around the human development and sustainability in an economy. Interestingly, this study relates to the community health and sustainability.  The human development in a country is necessary, as success of an economy is based on the success of the humans. This is a fact that humans can contribute to the country’s success along with the different dimensions. In this study, we will discuss all necessary dimensions, critical factors, key success measures, issues and different alternatives along with some good suggestions.  Without the human development, the success of any country is not possible.

            Relative to human development, in City Heights, it is all about to enable a person in the society to do different things freely. Prominently, different aspects such as quality of life, employment, education, freedom, security and self-respect are related to the human development. When we talk about the sustainability, it refers to the human’s success for a long run in an economy. In addition we can say the there is no different between human and economic development, as it refers to providing the necessary capabilities to people to fulfill the needs, wants and other necessities of the life (Blase, 2016).

            As mentioned, the human development is linked to the sustainability. Thus, we have come up with the different pillars regarding the human development. These pillars are equity, sustainability, productivity, empowerment, cooperation and the security.

Now, the study will emphasize on these issues or pillar in the economy and relate the with the sustainability process.  In an economy, the government considers these initiatives to develop the people. This is all about to spend money on people, as they can contribute to the success of the country. The elaboration of these pillars is necessary to understand the inner insight of the community health is well.

            Relative to the equity, the government should provide the equal rights to all people in the society. This is all about to depict the fairness and justice for all people, as they contain the rights. When we talk about the human rights in a society, the equity comes into the life. When an individual in a society has rights, he can do different things freely.

On the other hand, strong institutions in a country can provide justice to people, which can make more loyal, pertinent, efficient and workable in a society. The government considers this aspect to retain and sustain the people in the country and show their solidarity. In addition, the equity or human rights are also pertinent to the international standards, which is necessary to enhance in the country.

            Furthermore, the quality education for humans and equal distribution of the goods and services in a City Heights are also related to the human development. For Instance, the quality education in a country can retrain people to go aboard for study. This is good for a country to educate its people with courage and let them contribute to the economy success. In addition, the contradiction regarding the distribution of wealth and goods should be eliminated for a long run to sustain the people (Calendow.org, 2016).

            Moreover, this is necessary for the government and other governmental institutions to depict the intense training process for people. For Instance, the government can create a surge or awareness regarding the skills, which are necessary in the different production hours and organizations. This is all about to make the employee of people more efficient and productive for a long run in a country.

Good pay, flexibility, and training and development process can retain the humans in a country for a long run, which is also in the best interest of both, the people and the country. In addition, there is a need to use modern economic approaches to develop the humans in a county (Harvie, 2015).

            Now, this is necessary to illustrate the different dimensions regarding the human development in an economy. As mentioned, the human development is all about to enhance the value of lives of people in a country. Therefore, the health is the most prominent pillar of it. Without providing the long and healthy life to people, the economy cannot be sustained. This is all about to use the physical and mental power of humans in the different organizations.

For Instance, different educational and community-based programs are pertinent, as they can provide the vision regarding the quality of life. According to the different health community programs, the physical, environmental, social and economic factors are necessary to consider by the government to contain the healthy community, as it will contribute to the success of the country in more effective manner (M Scully, 2016).

            However, the most important thing is to involve the community regarding the health and human development. This is to mention that a human development also refers to the community health, as without health community is nothing. The role of people can be justified through the active participation in the decision-making process.

For Instance, we can see the electronic health control systems, which enable the doctors and the patients to interact with each other and form the treatments plans. To be more healthy and wise in the community, an individual want the necessary information regarding the health. In this automated era of life, this thing has been well justified in the different medical institutions (WEAVER, 2015).

            This is a fact that the empowerment and engagements of different individual can create the awareness regarding the health. Again, the role of education is in the limelight, as the government can also create the awareness through the education. The quality of life, measures, and precaution regarding the health can be enhanced to increase overall quality of the life (M Scully, 2016).

            Another aspect of the community health is regarding the collaboration of the government and immense range of the organizations. For Instance, this has been observed that the government in different countries interacts with the different business to conduct the green business along with the user-friendly food items in order to have the healthy people in the economic.

In addition, this is also to mention that providing the facilities in the different health organizations a country by the government also contains the healthy society for a long run. To increase the lifespan of people in the country, this is necessary for government to depict the modern tools and equipment to serve people in the different hospitals (Carroll & Kelly, 2015).

Human development and health plays leading role in the sustainability in managing the societal values to recognize the committed values for the society. The development of human development and health reveals the major consolidations for the sustainability. The community sustainability and health are the leading recognition to gives the credibility in performing the human development. There are certain factors that contribute to grow sustainable economies which need to be considered as environmental sound and viable as well. The social responsibility is the major concern towards the Human development and health (WEAVER, 2015).

            There is strongly critique over the Human development and health that restricts the formation of international growth structure in the current business environment. Many of the studies critique on the Human development and health that provides the limitat6ions in the growth for the international business that focuses in the local and domestic’s business environment. The executions of growing as sustainability economy are the core aspects in the economic stability (M Scully, 2016).

            This reveals that economic environment for the Human development and health are the importance elements for the sustainable operations for the City Heights community serving aspects. Locally grown vegetables and agriculture development contributes the credibility6 in forming the committed values for the economic growth structure.

There is string need of agriculture and food system for the Human development and health to preserve the land and encourages the best sustainable practices in essential and adequate manner (M Scully, 2016).

The Human development and health enhances the development in the sustainability of the economic concern in a good manner. On the other hand, the manufacturing industries pose big challenges over the environment protection that leads to severe diseases to the human health. In this way, there is string need of confronting the sustainable environment for the Human development and health. In this regard technology plays dominant role to reveals the green environment to unleash the potential of the Human development and health to get required outputs in a good manner (Carroll & Kelly, 2015).

It is most important concern for the Human development and health to reduce the poverty and zero hunger in the society that supports the community sustainability. Therefore elimination of negative should be taken in the manufacturing industries that ensure the development of the sustainable operations in the manufacturing industries. Ensuring green environment for the manufacturing industries provides the development of growing sustainable economy as well as Human development and health concern (Calendow.org, 2016).

            There are certain goals of sustainable development need to be ensured for the Human development and health that gives the needed step action to control in the City Heights community sustainability. Reduction in poverty as well as good health well being are the major concerns for the second development goals towards the development of the Human development and health.

The industry innovation and development of the community infrastructure gives the credibility in performing Human development and health. The current study has immense importance in the economic sustainability to execute the operations of the heath concern. In this regard there is strong need of quality education for the health concern (Blase, 2016).

Thus to sum up all discussion about the Human development and health that gives the understanding the sustainable and health development of the community. This dominates the execution of the human health concern in the sustainable development. As above stated mentioned provide the major significance over the sustainability growth.

The topic integrates the valuation of Human development and health and critique over the topic demonstrations. The execution of the sustainable economic concern executes the need of the sustainable development goals in essential and adequate manner. The development of major consolidations over the execution of the Human development and health has sure the credibility in performing sustainability growth in a good manner.

The overall study concludes the Human development and health in the City Heights community developments that ensures the overall sustainability development.  The economic sustainability and community health are the leading concern for the execution of Human development and health that ensure the economic and resource utilization concern.

The study integrates the values of the health development through quality education and awareness as well. This will establish the regulations for the policy development for the health for the community sustainability. In last the topic integrates the all values for the community in utilized way.


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