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If ABC~DEF, then what corresponding parts are congruent


function in vertex form is: g(n)=(n-8)^2+5

vertex is: (8,5) and is a minimum on the graph.

axis of symmetry is x=8.

Step-by-step explanation:



Hence g(n)=(n-8)^2+5 is the vertex form of the given function g(n).

B:  Hence the vertex of any equation of the type y=a(x-h)^2+k is given by (h,k)

so, the vertex here is :(8,5)

this is a upward open parabola so the vertex has a minimum hence (8,5) are the minimum point of the graph.

C: The axis of symmetry of a parabola is a straight line that divides the parabola into two congruent halves. The axis of symmetry always passes through the vertex of the parabola.

here the axis of symmetry is a vertical line that passes through the vertex.hence the value of x is fixed.

so equation of axis of symmetry is: x=8

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