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Inn-Campus Tech VIC Tour 1.1: Introducing Virtual Learning Environments And Gamification

Summary of the Article

VIC Tour 1.1: Introducing Virtual Learning Environments And Gamification

The advancements in the realm of technology have given birth to new realities and utilities, which are facilitating individuals and corporations. The corporate sector has employed new technological instruments, tools and utilities to benefit from. One of such applications, of technology, is virtual tours of location and places. These tours are close to reality, giving real-time experience to those, who are interested in location. Real Estate industry, which is a very lucrative and strong industry, has also employed this technology to facilitate clients, as they can provide virtual tour of locations and buildings, through virtual modes.

Game Engines have created sophisticated technological instrument, which provide a virtual tour to its clients, of campus. This allows clients to inspect campus/location and they have direct access to evidence; does not have to rely on marketers’ provided evidence, which may be tempered. The article also asserts that video galleries serve the corporate cause better than image galleries. The article also discusses in detail the components, which are used for the development of VICTour, which include, Renderer, Game Physics, Lightning, Graphical User Interfaces and Head Up Displays (HUD) etc. The objective, of creating this system, remains to be convincing/persuading clients.

Relating Facts

The findings of this research could be applied favorably to InnCampus Tech’s service ex, in the manner by executing technological application like ‘360º touring virtually’ in an interactive revolutionary approach, the university campus from every angle or aspect of every site including apartments of campus as well they might benefit from applying virtual tour for dormitories. The technological tool like ‘VICTour 1.0’ as a solution that would solve all the issue or problems through virtual tour through interactive approach like information of the location, content of the liner, locations which are fixed, the spots which are blind and most importantly the interactivity would be managed through effective ways including apartments into their website.

In both situations, technology has been employed to give additional or provide close-to-reality experience to clients that are interested in certain real-estate, campus or building. In both situations, the objective is to benefit (through corporate activity), by providing additional information or virtual tour. However, the difference is that in Inn-Campus Tech scenario, the corporate plan has been developed or matured full and this may be the reasons that Inn-Campus Tech is facing challenges after implement their corporate design. The issue would be regarding the corporate design, which may have flaws, as it seems that it has only focused on summer, when dormitories are vacant and provide opportunity for companies like Inn-Campus Tech.

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