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Company Background:

The Landsea Tours was founded in 1985 by Scott Mason. Scott is an entrepreneur who saw a chance to capitalize on the growing sightseeing market in Vancouver. He started by giving fun tours on a mini-coach. Since then, the company has been growing and had a big break through the enthusiasm of a young co-op student called Kevin Pearce. Pearce helped rebrand the company, and is now the current President and co-owner. Landsea Tours is one of the market leaders in the booing sightseeing market which is vital to Vancouver’s economy.

Our Mission and Vision statements;

· Vision: Landsea Tours elite team provides a year-round premium boutique sightseeing experiences. We strive to be the innovators and the company of choice in Vancouver/s tourism industry

· Mission: exceed expectations by providing world-class service excellence. Sightseeing the way, it should be

Landsea Tours competes in a very diverse market, as they provide services for a range of people. From luxury buses to ordinary coaches, they provide full day, multi-day and half day tours to ten destinations for both locals and tourists. Vancouver is a very big city with about 647,000 people who are all potential customers. In 2015, the city of Vancouver had 2.1 million visitors from the U.S, 940 000 from the Asia-Pacific region and 424,000 from Europe. Landsea Tours is also the only company that provides sea to sky tours, and this gives them an edge over the competition.

Westcoast Sightseeing offers similar tours of Vancouver as well as guided tours to the same destinations as Landsea, and are regarded as their most fierce competition. They also have similar social media ratings, and are licensed by Gray Line, a Denver-based tour company that offers sightseeing tours all over the world. The Vancouver Trolley Company and Star Limousine are both indirect competitors of Landsea Tours, as they offer similar services. The industry has very low barriers to entry, and there are frequent new entrants.

Landsea Tours brand is to pride themselves on being cleaner and more fuel-efficient than their competition. The company has been awarded Silver Certification from Green Tourism Canada and is Climate Smart certified. They also pride themselves on carefully selecting their guides through an extensive hiring process. Landsea hires based on personality and teach employees the skills they need. Above all, they look for people who genuinely care about their visitors’ vacation experience. This is evident in the fact that new employees spend five weeks in training, including two-and-a-half weeks of driver training to complete commercial driver licensing requirements. On social media, Landsea has a relatively small but engaged network and they are also rated highly by TripAdvisor.

Landsea’s target market can be segmented as follows;

1. Authentic experiences: These are people looking for authentic, tangible engagement with the destinations, with a particular interest in understanding the history of the places they visit. They are 55+ older. A significantly higher proportion of these visitors (17%) are from short-haul markets within BC, Alberta, and Washington State (most using their own vehicle) and 20% of these visitors are from long-haul North American markets like Ontario and California. Their top sources for trip planning are: airline websites, hotels and attractions. They seek good value and like tours that show the highlights but focus on nature

2. Cultural Explorers: They are “defined by their love of constant travel and continuous search for opportunities to embrace and discover cultures. They are younger than the ‘authentic experiences’ and are usually mostly aged 35-45. They don’t want to feel like tourists; they enjoy shared authentic experiences and don’t require pampering or luxury. Their primary trip planning sources are: websites of airlines, hotels, attractions or other services at destination; travel guides and books; and websites of regional or city tourism offices.

Competitive Analysis:

Target Audience:

· Landsea Tours & Adventures: Landsea is serving pleasant service to their customers since last 30 years and continuously doing so. They have a kind of niche market but to be the first position they have to take care of their customers. Landsea is targeting on the people from small age group to old age group people who is seeking to do adventures on their vacations. The activities that Landsea is doing are a proper package for children, young age group to old age group.

· Westcoast sightseeing is a competitor of Landsea. They are also offering same facilities except sea to sky trip. They are also targeting same age group as Landsea. Westcoast is a Denver based company that offers sightseeing tours all over the world.

· The Vancouver Trolly company is indirect competitor of Landsea. They are not offering lots of activities but they have low price range of offers. Landsea and this company sell each other’s products. This company target audience is limited but they are charging less compare to Landsea.

· Star Limousine is an indirect competitor of Landsea charters. This company offers VIP facilities and people who want first class facilities they can get it from Star Limousine Company. They have high range of charters which attract lots of customers.

Promotion Vehicle Used:

· Landsea Tours and Adventures: Promotion is the main part of the any business and Landsea needs to do more promotion because they have limited marketing budget. Landsea has partnership with the hotel concierges from last so many years. Concierges is number one driver for business, they are recommending Landsea to their customers for charters and trips which helps them a lot to grow their business.

· Company is doing promotion by social media, news papers, partnership, trade promotions bus adverts, sharing customers experience to the customers.

· Landsea has their website called “Landsea Tours and Adventures”. Landsea has top ranking position on “” where most of the people visit this website.

· Viator is the biggest wholesaler for Landsea. Viator is owned by TripAdvisor and it has largest amount of customer reachability. Around 11 million travelers visit this site and have more than 3000 partners. So the Landsea tours booked by largest ravel website. (LANDSEA TOURS & ADVENTURES, 2017)

Westcoast sightseeing: Westcoast sightseeing is the competitor of the Landsea and this company is also a partner with the hotel Concierge.

· Westcoast sightseeing is doing marketing by broachers, social media, news papers, blogs, and many more.

· They have partnership with Tourism Industry BC, North Shore Tourism, Tourism Richmond, and Tourism Vancouver.

· They are very active on social media like twitter, Facebook, instagram, Google+. Compare to Landsea they are more active. (Sightseeing., 2017)

Vancouver Trolly Company: Vancouver Trolly Company is partner with hotel Concierge. This company is indirect competitor of Landsea.

· Vancouver Trolly Company has less appearance on social media. They are available on Facebook, Twitter only.

· They have top ratings on Viator and the rating was stated on 2011.

· Vancouver Trolly does the marketing by broachers, partnership, and social media. They charge less to the customers compare to others. (Trolley, 2017)

Star Limousine: Star Limousine is providing first class amenities service to their customers. They have wide range of luxurious vehicles. Recently they have introduced TESLA cars for their customers who want to enjoy the ride without burning fossil fuels.

· Star Limousine is located in so many places. They have wide range of network in Canada. They are doing marketing by showing their brand image to their customer by social media, customer’s feedback, and many more.

· They have partnership with so many hotel and motels. they are partnered with Tourism Vancouver, Whistler British Columbia, NLA, and The Vancouver Board of Trade. (Limousine, 2012)

Slogan and positioning:

1. Landsea Tours and Adventures: “Guided By Passion”. (Adventures, 2017)

2. Westcoast sightseeing: “Let’s explore together”. (Sightseeing., 2017)

3. Vancouver Trolly Company: “The Fun Begins The Minute You Board!”.


4. Star Limousine: “Exceeding Expectation”. (Limousine, 2012)

Brand Strength and Weakness:

Landsea Tours and Adventures:


1. Landsea has a wide range of activities for the tourist.

2. They have great facilities like hotel pickup and drop off.

3. They train their employees very well and they spend at least $5000 for training one employee which shows their affection.

4. Landsea is partnered with hotels and Viator which can enhance their network around the world.

5. They have wide range of charters. They have buses, cars, as well electric cars and each one cost them around $150,000. This shows that they are using premium product for their customer. (LANDSEA TOURS & ADVENTURES, 2017)


1. They don’t have Hop on-Hop off tours.

2. They have little bit high cost of trips compare to their competitors.

3. They are less active on social media.

4. Compare to their competitors Landsea has less attractive website. (LANDSEA TOURS & ADVENTURES, 2017)

Westcoast sightseeing:


1. They are also offering same adventure as Landsea and even more.

2. They have good appearance on social media

3. They are offering hop on-hop off facilities.

4. They have good website compare to Landsea. (Sightseeing., 2017)


1. They don’t have good vehicle as Landsea has.

2. Hey have less rating on their website compare to Landsea. (Sightseeing., 2017)

Vancouver Trolly Company:


1. Offers hop on-hop off facilities to the customers.

2. They have affordable offers compare to their competitors. (Trolley, 2017)


1. They are not active on social media.

2. Their website is not so attractive

3. Their marketing strategy weak compare to their competitors. (Trolley, 2017)

Star Limousine:


1. They have awesome cars and offer luxury to their customers.

2. They have wide range of market and they are located in different parts of the Canada.

3. Offering service to their customers from last so many years. (Limousine, 2012)


1. They charging more compare to their competitors.

2. They don’t offer other adventures offer like their competitors do.

3. They are the only transportation mode. (Limousine, 2012)

USP (Unique Selling Point):

Landsea Tours & Adventures: Landsea is one of the best companies for the tourists. Landsea USP is their wide range of offers for anyone. They have best employees to take care of you, best vehicles, and their affection towards their company. (Adventures, 2017)

Westcoast sightseeing: Westcoast is the direct competitor of Landsea and they offer same as compare to Landsea. But their unique selling point is their appearance on social media and on website. (Sightseeing., 2017)

Vancouver Trolly Company: Vancouver Trolly has less appearance on social media but they are offering good activities to their customer and their unique selling point is their low price range. (Trolley, 2017)

Star Limousine: Star Limousine is offering first class charters to their customer but they charge higher compare to their competitors. Their unique selling point is their appearance in the market as a luxury car brand company who offers extreme comfort travel ride. (Limousine, 2012)


For the clients most viable areas of opportunity from a positioning perspective there are five forces of competitive position analysis. They are:

· Supplier power

· Buyer power

· Rivalry competitors

· Threat of entrants

· Threat of substitute products or services

1. Supplier power

It is an evaluation of how the providers increase the costs. The costs are driven depending on the quantity of provider basic information, different feature in their item size and quality of the provider and cost of changing from one provider then onto the next.

2. Buyer power

It is an evaluation of how simple the purchaser makes the costs down. The costs are reduced down by the quantity of purchaser in the market, significance of every individual purchaser to the association and cost to the purchaser of changing starting with one provider then onto the next.

3. Rivalry among existing competitors

This depends on the capacity of adversaries in the market. Various sponsors, offering various things and also organizations, reduce the feature appeal.

4. Threat of new entrants

Beneficial markets pull in new hopefuls, which crumble benefit. Until tenants have very strong limits to entry, then the advantages will have reduction for the forceful price. Alternatively the control and impose appraisal procedures makes the government a sixth power for few organizations.

5. Threat of substitute products or services

Whenever similar substitute items exist in the market, it improves the chances of clients changing to options in light of cost increments. This declares both the energy of providers and the market.

Points of parity:

Points of parity are the difference in points between the competitors over your brand that you need to prevent. This is the place where you need to show you as a good competitor, so that you can ignore the advantage and focus on your points of difference.

In some cases points of parity are called as table stakes, these are the points you simply need to enter in to a market. Other times, points of parity are the advantages that competitors have that are valued by the customers.

Segmentation & target Audience:

In Canada, there is an extensive research made into visitor profiles in nation. There are some experiences of travel which are developed and those are marketed and sold by the government.

There are some travellers who are eventually look for destinations and also shows more interest of knowing the history of the places. Also, there are very much interested in travel to learn and experience.

The primary target audience are:

· Authentic Experiences: These travellers are mainly concentrating on understanding the history of the places which they tend to visit. They can gain some knowledge and experience while travelling to the new places. This type of travellers can mainly have seen in the age of above 55, in those 9% from the global countries travellers and 12% from the Canadian travelers.17% of visitors are from the short-haul markets and 20 % of visitors are from long haul markets. Mainly these types of travellers are open minded and independent. They prefer the integrating of local culture. They can learn everything about the place they visit. They can also have the improvement of understanding the others.

· Cultural Explorers: These types of travellers can be defined by their love of constant travel. They can have the habit of discover and can immerse themselves in the culture, people and the places they can visit. Young age grouper mainly follows this type of travelling. The age may be 35-45. They cannot be like tourists; they can enjoy the experience which is authenticated. They didn’t expect any luxury things in the travelling. The sources they used for travelling are air lines, hotels and other services. The cultural explorers are open minded and easy going. Also, they are more energetic, risk taker. They have constant exploration i.e. they always plan for the next outing.

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation: It is a process of dividing a broad business market; it consists of both extension and potential consumers into subgroup of segments based on their characteristics.

Strategic approach to Segmentation

Number of SegmentsSegmentation StrategyComments
ZERONo strategyThere is no segmentation
OneThis segmentation is focus strategyIt focuses on a Small, tightly defined target market
Two or moreIt is a differentiated strategyThey focus on two or more targeted targets which they define


Segmentation baseExplanations
DemographicThose are individuals and aged above 18+.And couples, age from 25-34
GeographicThis type of travelers from different countries and remaining from the Canada.
PsychographicsThis type of experience travelers is having desire to find the new places to travel and they travel for free time to get away their stress.
BehaviouralThis type of travelers seen the adventures and cultural experiences.

Communication Objectives:

1 Marketing objectives:   To develop our Marketing plan

. Proposals of where the business should be, helping customers to set their business objectives and         illumination of the chances to seek after.

. Division, Focusing on and Situating

. Laying out proposals with respect to marking to help separate and recognize your organization.

. Observing and Control

. Budget plans 

. Assets

Marketing strategy: A marketing strategy is about formulating your company’s marketing direction. A marketing strategy will ask a number of business questions seeking to provide answers covering:

.   build up the brand awareness.

.   increase in market sales.

.   start new products and sales. 

.  new markets international or locally  

. increase profit 

Developing smart objectives:

. specific

.  time

.  realistic 

 .  Achievable

1. Create Brand Awareness: Making brand care is to light up your planned intrigue assemble about your picture of your thing or organization. Making brand care does not so much apply to another brand, yet rather often applies to a present brand which may endeavor to invade new markets. The brand message can be passed on through a couple of sorts of correspondence stations, for instance, standard mail, radio, TV publicizing, natural advancing.

2. Define a Fulfilling Need for Your Product/Service: In the broad exchanges framework part of your moving strategy, you will design the innovative structure for planning your connection, thing, or relationship in the proposed intrigue groups psyche to induce them to use your thing/ideal position.

Some of the methods that fulfilling need for their products. Few of them are 

• Low interest rates 

• A buy one get one free

• Reasonable price

• Provide a money-back guarantee

         3. Encourage Action from Your Target Audience: While engaging your planned intrigue gathering may have all the earmarks of resembling initiating them to make a get, it goes further. It’s totally veritable that using a get one, get one FREE offer is bolster, in any case, if you simply broadcast using one correspondence channel and only for a brief period, for example a one week time span, you will see a drop in purchaser interest and purchases.

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