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Lego car with wireless remote control

Lego car with wireless remote control

Key design features

There are certain key features of the wireless remote control of Lego car that enhances its performance and attract the relative market. The power key functions recognized as IR receiver, the box of the battery as well as the motor in Lego creations. This is handy remote controls that start up Lego car to start, change and stop in directions and more features as well.  There are four different channels in the remote control that enable the four models of Lego car could be used at the same time without any complexities. The functions of the Lego power connect with different power functions at one time.

 The infra red RC system has at least 30’ 10m reaching distances to obtain required results. It requires IR receiver and 3 AAA batteries to perform its functions.  Lego system from integration, signal channel selection, rotation reverse switches and two rocker switches are the key demonstrated features in the Lego car wireless remote control. It has control power functions as a motor speed, featuring of 4 RC channels, 2 buttons to stop it and get the direction in accordance with the control switches.   These are the key design features that help in the development of Lego car with wireless remote control in efficient and adequate manner.

Engineering design process

Engineering design process is the most important aspects of the development of wireless remote control to obtain desired results.  The RC vehicles recognized as medium size chassis that build around the Lego car with four-wheel drive as well as four-wheel steering. The part of RC associated with the set of four standard hobby servos that have the power of drive train. An ARDUINO built inside in the Lego car to attach with the wireless remote to control adequately. XBEE radio is also used for the communication purpose with the specification of the remote control.  This reveals servo power of RC Lego car that attaches with the wireless remote control.

One of the most important concerns towards the wireless remote control for Lego car reveals to handle it. The second part of the project remote controlling device that has the approximate size of game boy advance with the 2.2 LCD color display build around the microcontroller of ARDUINO. It has two potentiometers and single joystick to move on the given track.  The device has four buttons of input to start or either stops the Lego car. The engineering design in the wireless remote car carefully designs. The engineering design of wireless remote control recognized as XBEE radio module that RC vehicles have. The development of laser-cut acrylic indicated inside the device to gives credibility in performing running of Lego Car in give track development.

Device design and construction

The remote control has certain specifications like supporting features of USB operations of cable in a port of serial inside the ARDUINO towards engineering design. The operation of a 9V battery that indicates mounted onboard allowing the remote to operate processes adequately. After testing of the prototype of the device design and construction remains, certain consolidations needs to improve adequately. There are certain changes required after testing prototype that increases in size of LED on top of the remote with increase features of speed and time as well. 

The sensor instructions also indicated on the screen of wireless remote to enhance its performance characteristics. Therefore these are the changes required after the testing prototype of Lego car with wireless remote control on the racetrack project. Therefore, device design and construction o the device need to enhance its performance in the required manner. 

Description of where acquired

 There are certain components needed for the accumulation of the wireless remote control device attach with the Lego car. The list of components associated with the circuit link with resistors, four hobby servos, ARDUINO Leonard, XBEE radio, Bread board, XBEE breakout board, knob switch, four buttons, two potentiometers, joystick and female header pins wire and many of the components of the LEGO.

Pricing of such components in the project plays important role in the cost budget to prepare the wireless remote control device. The acquiring of such components values specifically determines the Lego Company to obtain required values of such components and development of the wireless remote device. ARDUINO Leonard, XBEE radio, Bread board and XBEE breakout board are the most important components used in the final design that helps in building the wireless remote control for the Lego cars. The overall budget of the values associated with the $ 40 budget in essential and adequate manner. The overall project cost values in the given project reveal the under the $ 40 to obtain required performance attributes.

To obtain overall cost information the supplier would be selected that provides the indication of overall cost proposal within $ 40 to select the suppliers of Lego car with wireless remote control in the efficient and adequate way. Negotiations would also consider for the attaining competitive pricing for all products attributes.

Future plans

The future plans help in improvement in the product characteristics to retain the potential market characteristics in the wireless remote control for the Lego cars. The development of multitasking motor and sensors is to move the product according to the system network design. There are needed components for the development of wireless remote control functioning. Such components are based on the 1/8” acrylic or could be other plastic, small bread board for the testing prototype, breakout board, and 10V battery connector is to enhance its timing for the longer period of time. Such components would be added in the wireless remote control to specific the additional characteristics of the device components.

The future plans for the improvement in material components of the device remote control to indicate its competitive edge against in the marketplace existing wireless remote control car. Therefore re-engineering design concept would be formulated in future to obtain the characteristics of the best development of wireless remote control device.

Design schematics

The design schematics provides the indication of engineering design in the development of Lego car with wireless remote control that sure the credibility in performing higher attributes. The design schematics carefully design with its indication parts and functions that consolidated efficient results. Thus the over wireless remote control schematic design gives potential values of racetrack project with the remote device.

Wireless remote control schematic design (Inside car)

IR intensity control  

Design schematics

Wireless remote control schematic design

Character LCD display  
Host micro controller  


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