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Life Stories from the Depression

Life Stories from the Depression

Miss Henrietta C. Dozier

            The Henrietta Dozier was a prominent architect in Florida, born and died on 1872 and 1947 respectively. She was first female architect in Georgia and received the first formal training from the architecture school. She was in the limelight due to effective designs of building, churches, schools, and different houses. Now, this is necessary to derive some insights from the history and come up some valuable points. The general tone or attitude of Miss Henrietta C. Dozier was positive, as she used to come up with creative ideas and innovative techniques in the designing process (Sharp, 2013).

            During the interview, the tone was also positive and very responsive to answers all the questions. During the interview, she depicted the grief regarding her father, as he died before her birth. Thus, the time was also emotional, which has let the interviewer derive the inner personality traits. The circumstances of her life were tough, as she had to move with her mother Atlanta. She studied and practiced in Atlanta and started working with famous architect Downing. After this, she started practicing in Florida and designed image range of buildings (Sharp, 2013).

            During the interview, it was revealed that she intended to work due to the death of her father, and she had to take the responsibility of the family along with her mother. The creativeness in mind had let her exist in these circumstances, and she proved at the end. Furthermore, in the interview, Miss Henrietta C. Dozier depicted her emotions, as she wanted to have her father to see the creative and exceptional designs o building. She wanted to make her father proud due to her work. This is the main thing, which made her emotional in the interview. She was fond of fishing, which was the surprising thing in the interview. This was interesting to know that she managed the time for fishing despite having the complex and busy schedule. Professionally, she faced problems due to the modernity of the architecture, as she used to oppose it violently. In addition, she was also the genealogist and faced the immense range of problems regarding the parental actives in the society. She wanted to create awareness. The adaptation of carry on the awareness and work process was the best thing for Miss Henrietta C. Dozier, as work stability was her main aim for a long run. She tried to inspire other through her working behavior. Interestingly, Miss Henrietta C. Dozier never married, as it helped her to carry on her struggle to depict the creative society and eliminate the issues. She was known as harry or uncle harry and wanted to dedicate her life to the society for a long run. This was her program, as she through that knotting tie with something can create some hurdles in her success (Findagrave.com, 2011).


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