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Literature Review: HR: From Criticism To Destruction

HR: From Criticism To Destruction

From the past few decades, department of the human resources management is being criticized for dysfunctional and bureaucratic touch with reality of the business and the requirement of the business. The Harvard Business Review is makes the new step and calls for “Blowing Up HR!” the importance and role of the HR do not push behind. Organization needs these kinds of the dedicated groups in the organization that helps to run the various function of the organization. The purpose of the HR is to run all the activities with great concerns and develops the structure and the culture of the organization. It is important for the success of the firm and the business.

 According to various people, the HR is not working properly. It is the authority that cannot be challenged and also involves promoting the discrimination in the organizations. The people mostly use their personal interest in the organization in hiring and the selection process. With involvement of the technology, there is great change in the culture and environment of the organizing. Cloud bases solutions are feasible for the organizations and also run the administrative system with efficiency and the effectiveness. In addition, the existence of the HR is mandatory for the survival of the organization. There is need to explore the positive sides and functions of the HR. The most important role is played by the HR in change management. The change is the crucial system that is very complex to implement in the organization.

The global trends in the HR are changing. Still there is no difference in popularity and need of the HR for the development and growth of the organization. In open market competition, the HR department knows the ways and the techniques to utilize the scare resources with maximum output of the organization. In addition, the sustainable competitive advantage can also achieve with help of the HR department in organization. The use of policy in right way is important for survival.


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