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9/27/2015 Etudes : LAHC POL 001 4922 PRODR SP15 : Assignments, Tests and Surveys 1/2

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Week #1 Assignment

Started: Feb 16, 2015 10:31 PM Finished: Feb 19, 2015 4:24 PM

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 Week #1 Assignment     (worth 10 points)

Students are to go to the following website:

Enter the following into the search engine: Martin Luther King Jr. ­The Man and the Dream.

This video is approximately 59 minutes in length. Please watch this video in its’ entirety. There will be 4 questions to answer.

Question 1 of 4     (worth 2.5 points)

1. When and where was MLK Jr. born?


MKL Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia to a Baptist minister.

Question 2 of 4     (worth 2.5 points)

2. From what socio­economic class did MLK Jr. stem? How did this contrast to his parents upbringing?


MKL Jr. was born from a family of a Baptist ministers, and his father was the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Being a son of a pastor growing up in among the black middle class, King was able to afford education and experience not available to children in poorer rural and urban areas. This did not contrast much to the socio-economic class of his parents as they were also from the middle-class.

Question 3 of 4     (worth 2.5 points)

3. How productive were MLK Jr methods of nonviolent protests?


As a method of activism nonviolence guarantees no automatic and unfailing success; no method of conflict resolution does. His nonviolent, legal, and moral methods showed many white Americans that black Americans were not inferior to them based solely on their skin coloration. King showed how all of the problems concerning racism could be solved through peaceful demonstrations and not through violence, which only succeeded in making some white Americans dislike black Americans more.

Question 4 of 4     (worth 2.5 points)

4. In your opinion, does MLK Jr being a womanizer, tarnish his image? Is this a contradiction to being a Nobel Prize Winner Receipient?


Being a womanizer does not tarnish the image of MLK Jr. because it is human nature to love women. This does not affect him being a Nobel Prize Winner Recipient.

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9/27/2015 Etudes : LAHC POL 001 4922 PRODR SP15 : Assignments, Tests and Surveys 2/2

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