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n2h2 lewis structure

Draw the Lewis structure for N2H2, a neutral molecule.\
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Draw the Lewis structure for N2H2, a neutral molecule.

asked by Casey on September 7, 2009
1) Draw the Lewis structure for CH3NCO, a neutral molecule. 2) Draw the best Lewis structure for NCCH2COCH2CHO, a neutral molecule.

asked by Glow on September 7, 2009
Lewis Dot Structure?
I need to draw a Lewis Dot Structure for each ion or molecule: PO4-3 CN- SO3-2 ClO2- N2H2 N2H4 C2H2 C2H4

asked by Amy on December 3, 2012
Draw the best Lewis structure for NCCH2C(O)CH2CHO, a neutral molecule. Show all atoms, bonds, lone pairs, and formal charges.

asked by Cathy on September 11, 2009
Draw the Lewis structure of NO2- Assign formal charges to each atom in the O3 molecule shown below. Be sure to click the +/- button below (it will turn yellow when activated) before clicking on the molecule. .. .. .. :O–O==O .. .. Based on formal charges,

asked by mandy on November 14, 2008

Identify the true statement about Lewis structures. Select all the correct answers. 1. Hydrogen is usually surrounded by 4 electrons in a valid Lewis structure. 2. A single bond in a Lewis structure represents 2 electrons. 3. A double bond in a Lewis

asked by will.i.am on February 26, 2013
ap chem
There are several oxides of nitrogen; among the most common are N2O, NO, and NO2. 1.Write the Lewis structures for each of these molecules. In each case the oxygens are terminal atoms. 2. Which of these molecules “violate” the octet rule? 3. Draw resonance

asked by Justyna on January 9, 2007
Use the MO model to predict the structure of ketene (H2CCO). Draw a Lewis structure of the molecule that shows the positions of the orbitals and the atoms in three-dimensional perspective.

asked by Amy on September 12, 2012
Use the MO model to predict the structure of ketene (H2CCO). Draw a Lewis structure of the molecule that shows the positions of the orbitals and the atoms in three-dimensional perspective.

asked by Amy on September 12, 2012
hpw would i draw a lewis structure for a molecule with 3.5 bonds for example NO2???

asked by lyne on April 20, 2009
draw a diagram of the water molecule. then draw where the electrons are to show it’s covalent. so does that mean its lewis structure, which would be: .. H- O -H .. but where would the electrons go? Many pictures of H2O here:

asked by maurice on June 10, 2007
For a lab experiment we have to draw the lewis structures of hydrides. 1) Carbon It asks for the formula of hydride. Total # of valence electrons and the lewis structure. Total electrons would be four. I am not sure what the formula would be or how to find

asked by Hannah on November 16, 2011
Draw a complete Lewis Structure (showing all bonds and lone pairs) for a molecule with the general formula AX4, if A was from group 4A and X was from group 7A

asked by DEAR GOD SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE on April 22, 2017
Using electron bookkeeping draw a Lewis dot diagram for NF2H and N2H2 determine how many electrons each atom should be assigned. Thanks Guys I really appreciate it, my assignment is due tonight and the test is tomorrow, could you explain it,thanks

asked by Will J on December 1, 2011
HELP!! Chemistry
Draw a Lewis structure for SO(subscript 2) in which all atoms obey the octet rule. Show formal charges. Draw a Lewis structure for SO(subscript 2) in which all the atoms have a formal charge of zero. Explicitly showing zero charges is optional.

asked by anonymous on April 8, 2013

For the lewis structure of BCl3, does it have a total of 24 valence electrons? Also does it have a total of 4 bonds? If possible can you draw the lewis structure?

asked by Anonymous on November 23, 2012
ap chem
The allene molecule has the following Lewis structure: H2C=C=CH2. Are all four hydrogen atoms in the same plane? The allene molecule has the following Lewis structure: H2C=C=CH2. Are all four hydrogen atoms in the same plane? If not, what is the spatial

asked by mary on December 28, 2012
Most organic acids can be represented as RCOOH, where COOH is the carboxyl group and R is the rest of the molecule. (For example, R is CH3 in acetic acid, CH3COOH). (a) Draw a Lewis structure for the carboxyl group. (b) Upon ionization, the carboxyl group

asked by Amber on September 26, 2011
Given assumed valencies: H=1, N=3, & C=4 i am now required to draw the structural formulae of HYDROGEN CYANIDE and CYANOGEN. H:C:::N is the Lewis electron dot structure. If you want to use “sticks” as a bond instead of two electrons, one stick stands for

asked by MARK on February 7, 2007
Chemisty Please Help
The instructions are, Write Lewis structures that obey the octet rule for the following species. (Assign atomic charges where appropriate.) 1) XeO4 2) CIO^-4 3) PO4^-3 Would I just draw them in a different way or just the regular Lewis Structure?

asked by Mary on July 3, 2013
Chemistry pretty urgent!!!!!!!
Chemical bonding question! The partial Lewis structure that follows (Figure 1) is for a hydrocarbon molecule. In the full Lewis structure, each carbon atom satisfies the octet rule, and there are no unshared electron pairs in the molecule. The

asked by G-Dogg on November 4, 2014
To draw the lewis dot structure of H3COH3, Do I need to rearrange the formula as CH3OCH3? If not, On paper I have O H H C O C H H H I am not sure if this is the right structure.

asked by My name is Earl on April 24, 2016
What is the formal charge on each of the atoms in the Lewis structure of the PO4 (-3) charge? Draw another possible Lewis structure of the phosphate ion below. Formal charge on P is ? -how do I do this problem.

asked by Sarah on November 13, 2010
Draw the Lewis structure of [NH2]– Draw the Lewis structure of [(CH3)3O]+ Label(or unlabel) the sp-hybridized atoms, sp2-hybridized atoms and sp3-hybridized atoms. Basically I need help determining which of those atoms are the sp, sp2, sp3 hybridized

asked by Anabelle on September 7, 2009
At 850 K, the value of the equilibrium constant Kp for the ammonia synthesis reaction N2(g) + H2(g) N2H2(g) is 0.1690. If a vessel contains an initial reaction mixture in which [N2]=0.0150 M, [H2]=0.0200 M, and [N2H2]=0.000250 M, what will the [N2H2] be

asked by Victoria on November 5, 2012

ap chem
consider the molecules PF3 and PF5. b]is the PF3 molecule polar or is it nonpolar. explain C] on the basis of bonding principles, predict whether each of the following compounds exists. In each case explain your prediction. (i) NF5 (ii) AsF5 2. explain why

asked by Emily on January 23, 2007
What is the Lewis dot structure for Carbon tetrabromide and what is the geometric shape of the molecule?

asked by Jill on October 9, 2011
How do I draw Lewis Structure for BN and CN-

asked by San on August 18, 2011
Draw the most important Lewis structure for the H 3 CNCO molecule. (Note: The atoms are bonded in the order CNCO, with the three H atoms bonded to the first carbon atom.) After you have identified the most important Lewis structure, answer the following

asked by Anonymous on April 5, 2016
11th grade Chemistry
How to draw a Lewis dot structure….

asked by Shay on October 27, 2010
11th grade Chemistry
How to draw a Lewis dot structure….

asked by Shay on October 27, 2010
Draw the Lewis structure for SiCl2Br2.

asked by Gina Mitcell on November 16, 2009
how do you draw the lewis structure for PBr3?

asked by madison on September 27, 2007
chemistry lewis structure
please help me i don’t know how to do this! Draw the lewis structure for: SiO3 -2

asked by sari on November 4, 2011
how do you draw a Lewis structure for lithium chlorine

asked by Anonymous on July 22, 2013

How can I draw a lewis dot structure of XeF2O?

asked by Joseoh on October 30, 2016
How do you draw a lewis dot structure of s3o

asked by Chem on February 22, 2012
Draw the lewis dot structure showing what happens during the reaction Lithium and Chlorine produce Lithium Chloride. how do you draw this, please help .

asked by Tina on February 13, 2011
How do I draw the lewis structure for [PF5Cl]- i’m getting confused on this one!! Please explain answer Thanks =))

asked by Stacy on December 1, 2010
Draw the lewis structure for: SiO3 -2 CNO- TeO4 -2 F2PPCl2 thanks!

asked by patricio on November 4, 2011
11th grade
How do you draw the Lewis Structure for SO4,SF6,NH3 and H2S

asked by Shannon on December 15, 2009
I need some help to draw a Lewis structure for hydrogen cyanide + what is the noble gas?

asked by Dave B on December 18, 2009

asked by JEFF on January 25, 2012
draw the lewis structure of CP. include ions pairs and charges.

asked by RQ on September 17, 2014
Can someone help draw/explain the Lewis Dot Structure for OPBr3. I’ve tried different things, but none of them seem to work.

asked by M on November 19, 2012

How do we find the molar mass of a gas produced? Example if 1.00 kg of N2H2 reacts with 1.00kg of H202. How many moles of N2 could be formed? THe equation is N2H2+2H202 > N2 + 4H20

asked by Hero on April 9, 2012
Draw the Lewis structure for each of these molecules. 1. PH3 2. H2S 3. HCl 4. CCl4 5. SiH4

asked by Zach on January 28, 2015
Given that S is the central atom, draw a Lewis structure of OSF4 in which the formal charges of all atoms are zero

asked by defferan on November 15, 2008
Given that \rm S is the central atom, draw a Lewis structure of \rm OSF_4 in which the formal charges of all atoms are zero.

asked by Papayu Domu on May 14, 2013
Chem 1
Why is this phrase, “Lewis Structure” a misnomer? I’ve googled it… and I can’t seem to find an answer. Any suggestions as to where I can read some info on that? Lewis implies ionic bond, structure implies fixed covalent bonds. Screw you, that’s

asked by Rossi on October 25, 2006
Chemistry – oxidation numbers
How do you use a Lewis Structure to find the oxidation state of an element. I have this question using the oxidation rule i got +2, however how do i use it with Lewis structure. QUESTION Use the Lewis structure of a thiosulfate ion to find the oxidation

asked by Farah on May 1, 2011
the number of nonbonding electrons exceeds the number of bonding electrons in the lewis structure of which of the following molecules? I am having a problem with the Lewis structures. HCN NH3 H2O please explain the structure thank you so much

asked by layla on February 25, 2014
Organic chem
Classify each as a lewis acid or lewis base… A)H20 B)O2- C)Cu2+ D)SO3 E)AlCl3 Lewis acids are electron pair acceptors. Lewis bases are electron pair donors. Look at H2O, for example. .. H:O: .. H This molecule has no “holes” to accept an electron. Would

asked by Adam on October 15, 2010
Draw the dominant Lewis structure for NO2+. Note, that this ion is isoelectronic with CO2. How many double bonds does this resonance structures have?

asked by john on November 4, 2014
draw a lewis structure for a resonance form of ClO2- showing the lowest possible formal charges and give the oxidation numbers of the atoms

asked by Missy on September 20, 2010

Chemistry terms
Match the terms with the correct definitions. 1. ligand 2. coordination compound 3. Lewis base 4. complex ion 5. bidentate ligand 6. octahedral complex a) a ligand that can form two bonds (donate two electron pairs) to a metal ion. b) a neutral compound

asked by Adam on April 17, 2008
chemistry, polar or nonpolar
Why is NO3 nonpolar but CIF3 is polar? I looked at the lewis structures, they look similar, but why is one opposite. also, when something is polar or non polar, my teacher said I should see which atom is more electronegativity is higher and draw arrows

asked by Anonymous on January 25, 2009
Organic Chemistry
An expanded structural formula shows all the atoms of the molecule and all the bonds between the atoms in the molecule. Draw the expanded structural formula for 1,3-dichlorocyclopentane. Draw the structure by placing atoms on the grid and connecting them

asked by Brittany on October 30, 2012
When it says, ” Draw a Lewis diagram for each of the following. ” a)One atom of each of the elements in the second period. Is it asking me to draw a Lewis diagram for Lithium and Beryllium?

asked by Derrick on July 8, 2010
I have a homework question that says: “Three resonance structures of the following anion are possible. One is given below, but it is incomplete. Complete the given structure by adding non-bonding electrons and formal charges. Draw the two remaining

asked by Anne on September 8, 2016
Comment on the solubility of the following liquids. State whether at room temperature you expect the components to be highly soluble or almost insoluble, and choose the appropriate reasons why. HINT: It may behoove you to draw the Lewis structure for each

asked by Samboni on December 22, 2014
draw the Lewis structure for the following compounds,and predict the molecular shapes. a) water,H2O b)Oxygen gas,O2 c)Ammonia, NH3 d)Ammonium ion,NH4

asked by irfan on June 3, 2013
Draw Lewis Structure for BrO3^- The textbook answer involves a central Br atom with one lone electron pair and five shared pairs (two double bonds and one single bonds). This gives Br twelve electrons rather than the typical eight. I understand that some

asked by Parker on August 6, 2012
Draw a Structural Formulae for Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) and Cyanogen (C2N2 or CN2) Hydrogen = 1 Valency Nitrogen = 3 Valencies Carbon = 4 Valencies H-C(triple bond)N N(triple bond)C-C(triple bond)N Thank you And for a Lewis Structure they would be H:C:::N:

asked by Anthony on March 12, 2007
Hope you don’t mind I have 3 more that I don’t understand 1)Draw the structure of the reaction product of 2-methyl-1pentene with H2 in the presence od platinum catalyst 2)Draw the structure of 4-methylcyclohexanol 3)Draw the structure of 2,3-dibromotoluene

asked by Kellie on March 30, 2007

Draw the Lewis Structure of CH3NCS including all resonance forms. Assign formal charges. Do not include resonance arrows.

asked by Raeann on December 11, 2016
Give the molecular orbital description [e.g. sigma(sp3-sp3)] for each unique bond in the following structure. CH3NCHCCH I know how to draw the lewis structure and what a sigma and pi bond is, but I don’t understand what the (sp3-sp3) part after the bond

asked by ramire2 on September 8, 2013
Draw a lewis structure for BrO4- in which all atoms have the lowest formal changes. Indicate the values of nonzero formal charges and include lonepair electrons.

asked by Jack on January 19, 2009
A compound contains 25.19% S and 74.81% F. Its density is 10.05 g/L at 35 degrees C and 1.00 atm. Draw the Lewis structure for this compound. Determine its shape, polarity, hybridization and any nonzero formal charges.

asked by Ceamus Angelina on April 25, 2018
Draw one of the Lewis structure of the N2O5. In each case one oxygen bridges the nitrogens (N-O-N single bond) and 2 other oxygens are bonded to each N. How many equivalent resonance structures are there that satisfy the octet rule and where O makes at

asked by K on November 6, 2014
Draw one of the Lewis structure of the N2O5. In each case one oxygen bridges the nitrogens (N-O-N single bond) and 2 other oxygens are bonded to each N. How many equivalent resonance structures are there that satisfy the octet rule and where O makes at

asked by john on November 4, 2014
What is the Lewis dot structure for the HYDRIDE ion? A)H:- B)H+ C)H’ D)H3O+ E)none It’s hard for me to read the dots but I THINK answer a) looks like this? H:- If so that is the Lewis dot structure for the hydride ion

asked by CHEMgurl on April 21, 2007
lewis structure for molecules

asked by ME on June 20, 2009
Gen chem 2
D-Glucose, C6H12O6, is an aldohexose sugar which occurs commonly in nature. In a text or reference book look up “-D-(+)-Glucose and write its correct, complete Lewis structure. Then “parcel” e’s to determine the correct (O) no. for each C atom in

asked by Elisa on July 7, 2008
chemistry(check my answer)
how do resonance structure related to its real structure? resonance structure is just another way to write the lewis dot with different formal charges and bond order

asked by phys on April 8, 2010

integrated chemistry and physics
In a water molecule, two hydrogen atoms bind to one oxygen atom. How many lone pairs of electrons will be shown around each hydrogen atom in the Lewis structure of water?

asked by tms on February 6, 2015
Organic Chemistry
Hi, I’m trying to fix an incorrect IUPAC name of a molecule. It is given as trisecbutylmethane, and I have to draw it out to correct it. Here’s the thing: how do I draw incorrect IUPAC name? I can’t wrap my mind around it. What I have drawn out is a

asked by Justin on September 29, 2016
Give the formal charge on the sulfur atom in a Lewis structure for the sulfate ion in which every atom satisfies the octet rule. Based off my lewis structure, I think the formal charge of the the sulfur atom would be +2. Is that correct?

asked by Anonymous on May 2, 2017
what is the lewis dot structure for SO4 -2 and the ideal bonds, mollecular structure and hybrid orbitals?

asked by Raj on January 15, 2009
how do u draw the lewis structure for something like CO -2 over 3. do u add 2 electrons on to the oxygen when yur finding the number of valence electrons cuz that’s wat i thought u did but then i got all those questions wrong so wat do u do

asked by michelle on October 4, 2007
A molecular compound is composed of 58.8% Xe, 7.2% O, and 34.0% F, by mass. If the molecular weight is 223 g/mol, what is the molecular formula? Draw the correct Lewis structure. Predict the molecular geometry using the VSEPR model.

asked by chemistry on December 13, 2010
I am given the structual formula for lactose howere i have to write out the equation for the hydrolosis of lactose is the following what is required C12H22O11 +H2O>>> C6H12O6 +C6H12O6 all the numbers are subscript, would appreciate if someone would guide

asked by Bex on April 4, 2007
Can you please answer this question: Both water and carbon dioxide are triatomic molecules. Explain why one of these molecules is polar and the other is nonpolar? Carbon dioxide is linear :C::O::C: and therefore has no net electrical dipole. Water is a

asked by Beautiful on December 16, 2006
,I NEED TO DRAW A LEWIS STRUCTURE for C2n2,cyanogen,and to state the noble gas,i know the answer is neon,but i have far to many electrons and am getting the gas argon,please help :N:::C:C:::N: please where do u think i am going wrong I don’t know. You

asked by jane on March 3, 2007
One other question that I am really not 100% sure on: how do I draw the electron-dot structure for: CHClO. I “think” that CHClO is a trigonal planar molecule, with the central atom being carbon. Is this correct?

asked by K on November 26, 2007

How do you find the number of valence electrons in a molecule? Do I need to use the Lewis structure diagram to find out? Please help! I need to the total number of valence electrons for SiH4, H2SO4, CCl4, BF3 and I don’t know how!

asked by Anonymous on February 10, 2010
i do not understand how to do these and i have a question on my test tomorrow on this stuff can someone explain to me how to do this? for each of the following molecules draw the lewis structure, determine the shape, determine the polarity, and determine

asked by brittney on May 18, 2011
I have one more question DrBob, I have draw a structure of this polymer CH2=CH-CH-OH ‘ CH3 and identify the monomer units. Would the mononer unit be this: CH2-CH-CH-O ‘ CH3 AND WOULD THIS POLYMERIZATION BE A CONDENSATION TYPE? Paula–I am not an organic

asked by Paula on February 20, 2007
(CH3)N2H2(l) + 2N204(g) = 3N2(g) + 4H2O(l) + 2CO2(g). consider the reaction b2n 150g of liquid (CH3)N2H2 & 80L of N2O4 at 27 degree celcius & a pressure of 2 atm. The gases produced are collected at 27 degree celsius in an evacuated 250L. Calculate: a)

asked by alia on September 8, 2011
SO2 can be drawn as a molecule which satisfies the octet rule (using one double bond and a single bond) or as an expanded octet (using two double bonds). A measurement of the S-O bond distance demonstrates that the two bond lengths are identical. Does this

asked by Adam on October 25, 2009
I am really confused about polar and non polar molecules. I really don’t understand how to know if something is polar or not. Or about bond polarity vs. molecular polarity (net dipole moment). Also, if it has a lone pair when you draw a lewis structure

asked by Gabriela on April 27, 2007
I was asked this question for homework but I don’t even know where to begin. It has 3 parts to answer. 1) add all lone pairs and make multiple bonds with the framework shown to satisfy the octets and make the best Lewis structure. 2) For the C-N bond(s) in

asked by George on September 14, 2013
Consider the Lewis structure for the major resonance form of PCS–. (Note that carbon is the central atom.) The structure shows: a. A phosphorus-carbon triple bond and a carbon-sulfur single bond. b. A phosphorus-carbon double bond and a carbon-sulfur

asked by Mary on April 26, 2010
what is the molecular geometry of trans-difluroethylene: trans-C2H2F2? I know how to draw the lewis structure but I’m not sure how to find the molecular geometry. I think it’s a tetrahedral

asked by Cabel on May 24, 2008
Biology Help
how does the structure of a cellulose molecule relates to the molecule’s function?

asked by Sara on October 16, 2014

Chemistry – Lewis Dots
Draw the molecule by placing atoms on the grid and connecting them with bonds. Do not identify the charge on each of these species. Include all lone pairs of electrons. H3COCH3 Draw the ion by placing atoms on the grid and connecting them with bonds. Do

asked by Amy on December 4, 2012
Draw Lewis dot structures, including appropriate resonance forms, and assign formal charges to each of those structures, for the molecule urea, with chemical formula NH2CONH2. You should find at least 3 such structures, some of which will have formal

asked by Emma on October 25, 2009
Draw a picture of the structure of a water molecule that includes all of the following: hydrogen, oxygen, partial positive charge(s), partial negative charge(s)

asked by anonymous on November 20, 2013
repost chemistry
A student adds 1.00×10^-8 moles HCl to a liter of soln. The resulting soln will be acid, basic, neutral, or impossible to determine? I believe that it is impossible to determine, because it does specify that the temperature was at 25*C. I know that a

asked by Anonymous on February 12, 2009
Hi. Is PO4(3-) polar or non-polar? Why or why not? Thanks! Look up the electronegativity of P and O. I think I remember that O is about 3.5 and P is about 2.1; therefore, each P-O bond is somewhat polar. Thus, the ion will be polar unless the Lewis

asked by Sally on November 23, 2006

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