nosotros / seguir / hablando de cocina


Select the answer that best completes each sentence.

1.Paulino asks for the   (dish)  (menu)  to the waiter.

2. The dish of the day is   (salmon) (tuna).

3.Pillar orders   (milk) (water) mineral to drink.

4. Paul wants a soda   (orange) (lemon).

5.Paulino today prefers (chop) (salmon).

6. They say that the meat in that restaurant is very   (bad) (tasty).

7.Pilar eat salmon with   (mushrooms) (carrots).

Sort out

Assign the appropriate category to each word.

1.   (dinner) (lunch) (breakfast) rice with chicken

2.   (dinner) (lunch) (breakfast)  coffee with milk

3.    (dinner)  (lunch)   (breakfast) cereals

4.   (dinner) (lunch) (breakfast) asparagus

5.    (dinner) (lunch) (breakfast) eggs

6.    (dinner)   (lunch) (breakfast) refreshment

7.    (dinner) (lunch) (breakfast) ham  sandwich 

8.    (dinner) (lunch) (breakfast)  grapes

Select the item that does not belong






















 pork chop









Logical or illogical?

Indicate whether each statement is logical or illogical

1. I am thirsty; I’m going to drink a pepper juice.



2.Normally, sausages are meat, chicken or pork.



3. We eat the salad with butter.



4.Generally, the owner of a restaurant does not serve the dishes.



5. Lemon is a vegetable.



6. If you want to snack, you can eat a fruit.



To complete

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words from the list. Four words will not be used.

 Lobster beans chicken  menu 

try recommending  know  tasty / a

1.-And your friend Cristina, do you eat____________?

-No, she does not like seafood at all.

2.-I do not know this restaurant. Can you recommend a main course?

-Yes. You must _____________   the steak with onion. Is very________________ .

3.-Do you like soup?

-MMM yes. ____________________ a lot of garlic

Try it!

Complete the table with the correct form of the preterite.

Model me (serve)

I served 

Infinitive   I   you   Ud./él/ella   us / as   Uds./ellas 

get   – tu__________      nosotros_____________       ellas________________       

say goodbye   – she_____________   us_______________ them_________________      

sleep-I ________________   you___________________   she_____________________         

to fall asleep-      nostories _________________ them_________________________   

die-your ___________________ she__________________________         

ask – I_____________  your_____________ she____________   the las______________      


repeat-I ____________ you_______________ she_____________   them_________________  

follow-me _____________ she____________other_____________they_____________       

feel-she ___________________ them________________________      

server-your _____________________ nostors__________ them_____________________         

get dressed-she ________________ us_______________ellas__________________        

To complete

Complete these sentences to describe what happened last night at El Famoso restaurant.

1. Paula and Humberto Suárez arrived at El Famoso restaurant at eight o’clock and   (follow) the waiter to a table in the non-smoking section.

2. Mr. Suarez ______________   (ask) a pork chop.

3. Mrs. Suárez ______________   (prefer) try the shrimp.

4.To drink, both_____________   (ask for) red wine.

5.The waiter__________________   (repeat) the order (the order) to confirm it.

6.The meal took a long time (it took a long time) to arrive and Mr. Suárez _____________   (to fall asleep) waiting for the food.

7. At half past nine the waiter will _________________   (serve) the food.

8. After eating the chop, Mr. Suárez _________________   (feeling) very bad.

9. Poor Mr. Suarez … why not _______________ (order) the shrimp?


Complete the sentences with the preterite of a verb that ends (ends) in -ir.

Model Daniel and Carolina / serving / food

Daniel and Carolina served the food

6. we / follow / talking kitchen

7.Francisco / prefer / fish to meat

8. Children / fall asleep / in the restaurant

9. my parents / get / the best fruit on the market

10. you / do not ask / the specialty of the house


Complete the sentences with the preterite of a verb that ends (ends) in -ir.

Get  decide to  dress

1. Last night Pilar and Guillermo______________   dine in an elegant restaurant.

2.Guillermo _______________   with a very elegant gray suit and Pilar with a fashionable dress.

3.Guillermo ___________________   a taxi without any problem.

4. Unfortunately, the taxi driver ___________________ take the longest road to the restaurant.

asleep  asking  prefer to  follow

5.Tardaron so long (They took so long) to get that Pilar almost (almost) _______________   , and Guillermo thought: – Oh, I’m starving!

6. At the restaurant, Pilar and Guillermo____________________   the waiter at a table near the window.

7.Guillermo __________________   a steak and rice.

8.Pillar ________________   try the grilled salmon with french fries.

9. Also they____________________   some cocktails.

decide to  ask to  feel  server

10.The waiter told them_________________   cocktails and some hors d’oeuvres.

11.The food was late to arrive, and Guillermo_______________   order another cocktail.

12. After the second cocktail, Guillermo_________________   quite well.

13.Finally, two waiters arrived and told them   the food to Guillermo and Pilar.

14. Guillermo and Pilar ate everything and then ________________   a flan for dessert.

to decide to  say goodbye to  fall asleep to  die  ask

15. After the dessert, they____________ two glasses of Sherry wine.

16.Finally, they______________   go home.

17. The waiter________________   courteously of his clients.

18.Then Pilar_______________   really in the taxi.

19.When he got home, Guillermo woke her up by saying: Look at that___________   really this time!

20. And you do not________________   of hunger! Answered Pilar

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