The President Barack Obama took the initiative to advance the healthcare issues and healthcare insurance in the United States of America and passed legislation called “Obamacare.” On March 23, 2010, the legislation was enacted by the 111th United States Congress. The original name of this “Obamacare” act is Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The act is favorable for increase the efficiency of the health insurance elements. Furthermore, the act is focusing on equal opportunities for applicants to be insured by the different companies in the United States of America (Mathis, Jackson, Meglich, & Valentine, 2016).  

The legislation could have multiple impacts on different sized businesses and companies. It is imperative to understand that small sized companies could get more advantage as compared to big size companies. By own health exchanges, the companies can attract workers for better insurance plan brought by the government in 2010. In 2014, the sources were claiming the less attraction to the Obamacare policies and plans. On the other hand, the big sized companies or large firms are not taking it as a profit to companies because of the costs adding to the employer’s section. It is a fact that most of the employers are not happy with the policies in Obamacare. According to them, it is more costly to companies as compared to relief factor (Williams, 2015). 

The small sized companies could have the multiple opinions about the health care act Obamacare. This act is going to provide the great benefit to all the states of United States of America soon, and small sized business could get more advantage. The act would facilitate the companies, which have less than 50 workers and could ensure their health. The act is focusing on implementing such rules, which can make companies take care employees until the treatment ends in hospitals. The government of Obama has been working seriously for providing actual benefits to the people of America. Furthermore, the companies are looking forward to gaining real advantage from the Obamacare act. According to sources, the government of United States is focusing on most of the regions and around 90% of the area has covered by this specific bill. Also, the government will cover all of the states and businesses as soon as possible (ARMOUR & RADNOFSKY, 2016).

On the other hand, there are different pros and cons of this specific bill. One can assume that this bill could have the multiple impacts on the public. The human capital in the United States of America is quite emerging, and people are expecting the great facilities from the government of America. The Obamacare can affect different groups of people; the seniors are not happy with the basics of the bill.  Ann Lorenz is a senior from the United States of America; she pointed that she has been suffering from serious health issues. According to her, the Obamacare bill is making hard for her to approach to doctors. The private health care options are making it easy for senior in the United States of America. In my opinion, the solution is to cut the costs and burden of taxes on medical device makers and drug companies as well. 

In the same way, the Larry Patterson is the person, explaining the difficult situations of families. According to him, the families are suffering because of the expanding control of the United States government on their future generations. According to my perspective, the best way to change the arguments is to allow families for making a choice in health care section (Procon.org, 2016). On the other hand, there is a serious concern amongst the people that would this law ensure people to get insurance. Somehow, this law is a great boost for individuals and hospitals. A lower uninsured rate is quite beneficial for hospitals. The facilities providing in this law could help hospitals to buy or purchase new machinery for hospitals. In this way, individuals could get benefits from this particular law. 

It is very imperative to understand that Obamacare is facilitating people from the United States of America. The government made if affordable for most of the people in the country.  According to reports, around 30 states of US have been positively affected by the specific Obamacare act. The lower income families and employees could get benefit from the specific sections of the act like substantial discounts.  One is talking about the positivity in the bill for the individuals.  Also, it is very clear that government of United States of America is focusing on the control on basic principles of insurers. This bill has made insurers choose the applicants on easy and flexible criteria as well. The insurers cannot reject any applicant on some special criteria; the government is enabling people to get medical care on easy and flexible terms. It means whoever is ready to pay for the specific insurance, would get high-level medical care ultimately.  

On the other hand, it is imperative to understand that this act would have impacts on health care costs. In my perspective, the health care costs would increase, and people may have to suffer from it.  It is concluded as costs to the people and government as well because the people would pay a high amount of premiums for this kind purpose. The amount of taxes would increase as well, and subsidies would increase. It increases the amount and costs for the bill and act of Obamacare. For the major coverage, the amount or costs would increase as well, and insurers or public will suffer these huge costs. According to sources, there is a 49 percent rate increased in 2014 as compared to 2013. It is a serious change in the section of costs.  Anyhow, the act has presented to facilitate the people and to provide long-term health care plans to the public and people of America (Thebalance.com, 2016).

It is imperative to understand that every act could have favorable points and unfavorable points as well. The favorable point is the major coverage and opportunities for people to become part of insurance policies. On the other hand, it is a fact that there are some cons of the act as well.  The choice amongst the applicants could become complicated as well. The costs would increase too as it is mentioned in the last paragraph. On the other hand, who should pay for the health insurance is another major topic of debate. In my perspective, the three stakeholders are employees, employers, and government. The government is all above the others and maintained policies as well. The employers are having the major role in all this debate.  Therefore, I think the employee should not have the role for pay into insurance sector. It is like the medical care of the people and it is the major responsibility of the government of the United States of America. On the other hand, the employers should come forward to put their part in these specific insurance plans. They must fix the rate for every employee because they are putting their part and major hours of life for the productivity of the business. It is obvious that it is the responsibility of the government and businesses to protect the right of employee or public in the medical health section (Roland, 2015). 

In the end, one must say that Obamacare is the nice act for the people of America. One could expect that it will facilitate the people and people could get medical insurance on flexible and easy terms. In the same way, the government should view the cons in this act and try to eliminate and eradicate the negative factors of the Obamacare. 


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