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Observational Essay

Observational Essay

            In this paper, it is critically analyzed using the regulatory framework of the observational notes about phenomenon happening in the school as per academic curriculum or the environment. I have selected the person as an English teacher in my school as a subject of this implicit or indirect observational analysis. I have observed for more than ten hours an English teacher of fourth grade as a new work is explored to me about the world or profession of teaching. The subject of psychology has played a great role in my learning process about the teaching. I have come to analysis that the teaching is not an easy task that the world perceives about; however, it involves the sincere passion or dedication.

            For an instance, I have noted that the four aspects of the base for the knowledge. The first one is the knowledge integrated to the content, the knowledge that has the content oriented to the pedagogical framework, the knowledge that has the base form the pedagogical of general theories and the last one is the learning or learners’ ability saturated to the knowledge. These four aspects are very necessary observational phenomena that lift my attention in monitoring closely how the teacher pay attention to every individual student in the environment of class while delivering lecture having the knowledge about the core principles of the subject in which she had command.

            I thoroughly examined how the lessons were portrayed for her to the students while the response of the students in listening to her following the rules, routine activities and the performance in their home tasks. The discussion in the class with the students as characteristics of her personality maintains the situation of peace and authority. The teacher always maintained the healthy environment along with the maintenance of the classroom environment as the ideal place for the students to learn efficiently. The tasks of the students were in front of the desk where the teacher for the clear view or evaluation of the whole classroom. This strategy was as very effective in view of my observations; the posters were the necessary part of the learning material for transferring the ethical lessons into the minds in how they become an active or responsible citizen. For an instance in one poster, the processes or steps of English writing were presented in a so logical framework that the students would look at whenever they need in the writing session.

             The encouragement was also used as a core strategy of teachings from her as the exceptional work tasks from one student is represented or expressed in front of the whole class so the other could follow the example of that work of that particular student. The rapport that the teacher developed in the classroom environment was phenomenal as the friendly relationship was built while taking care of each individual student of her, so that the students could sense the feelings of the utmost care, learning environment and security. Before starting, any novel subject, which could provide the mental stress to the students, would start while asking the question in a manner that the students do not feel the toughness in the learning process. This allows both the teacher and her students to engage with each other for the efficient work or performance of academic curriculum.

            The knowledge about the subject as per the regulatory framework of education pedagogical specific learning process was the first thing that hit into my mind when I started observing the teacher of the fourth grade teaching English. The projects that were given to the students prove that the teacher provides the full liberty to the students in which they would give the access of choose those topics specifically in which they have the grip.

            These topics of their interests or that topic so that they would put the wholehearted attention to the project so that practical implications go hand in hand with the theoretical learning is analyzed. The bond must need to create in my view while looking or observe the lecture delivery or cohesion of that fourth-grade teacher with the students was exclamatory in terms of the answering the relevant question of the students in that process is the most critical part. The initiative must be taken from the side of the teacher so that the students would encourage about the key prospects of the learning academic principles of the curriculum and especially in context the English language in where the teacher has mastery skills or core abilities to take in a professional the whole atmosphere of the classroom.

            The general pedagogical aspect of the content based knowledge is applied to the teaching framework from this fourth grade English teacher for a view of my observational analysis is integrated into the framework that would contain the environment or feeling of the relaxed environment imagining that nothing illogical would perceive. The strategy in the teaching style for that teacher was related in a way that, the students’ bedside feeling the sense of security in learning the new things that would help in the future time of the academic tenure.

             However the sense of the students made into the ownership of acquiring moral training development but also the training I term of moral basic principles was the core objective that this teacher exhibited in her way of interaction within the class. For example a poster was portrayed in the class showcasing that the horse was involved in using the cigarettes, the caption of that picture was stating that if that feels stupid, then what about the case of the stupidity when the human beings day or night involved in damaging their health through the affluent use of the cigarettes.

            The pedagogical content of the knowledge-based learning module was used from that teacher that the work of the student was considered as a little weak in the cadmic performance or results was not express in front of the whole as she o for the outstanding or bright students. The student considers a bit weak was given as special counseling part of the clinical application of the counseling or psychological treatments in order to bring in that student with the race of the other students are having no trouble on the contemporary term.

            The bookshelf in the classroom was maintained in ay that would make utility the leisure or the extra time of them in the most productive manner as the students could able to read the  books in their free time in which they found the primary or the core interests is analyzed explicitly. While doing any sought of the projects or the assignments which are the elementary or the integral part especially for the students in the fourth grade eager to learn the English language.

            The issues were also placed in that bookshelf so that they could have the utility or making tidiness as the core integral part of their personality in the grooming stage in the school. The colors were also placed in the bookshelf in the classroom so that the environment of the classroom is maintained the rich of creativity along with the academic material supporting the students’ ability to learn as fast as possible. In my view during the entire observational analysis that the learning the creativity enriched environment was the core essential part of the learning environment of that specific environment of the classroom.

             In the end, it is concluded that the pedagogical content of knowledge as a core learning module used by the person or the teacher to whom I have been observing as an observational analysis. The attention that the teachers pay to the students, the style of teaching, exploratory way of transferring the lecture or the knowledge in not only academic curriculum or framework but also the moral or practical learning development for the students from the little objects as the classroom environment was a great learning experience proves for me in the end eventually. The teaching is a great profession and demands a lot of respect from all the stakeholders of the community especially from students in which academic engagement would occur at the best of the class.

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