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Overall, how did you find the debate?

Overall, how did you find the debate? Was it useful?

One cannot ignore the advantages of consumer marketing through some physical product over there. The factor is about the physical aspect means the visibility of the product that may attract the consumer. Nevertheless, in this age of post-modern one should not ignore the blessings of direct consumer marketing. The big positive argument about the direct consumer marketing is cost effective technique. The cost effective way is just one that I have found after the debate. The cost effective technique is useful because each company is searching for the cost-effective method in a best way. The next thing got by the project is about personalization of product.

2. What did you learn from the project?  

I have learned that history of marketing and consumer selling does not have such direct method as now a day Internet is providing. For example, the use of project at social media forums is about to control the mechanism to allow the consumer to be a king. The conventional marketing aspect is a little bit complex to understand because there is no direct link between consumer and project. The next way relevant to my learning is about the meeting the demands of society by collaborating with organizations. The next thing got from the project is the usage of technology in health care and its effective way in lowering health issues. 

3. Did you face any limitation or problem during preparation for the debate? Please explain.

No, I have never found in limitation while doing the project. The best thing and first one is a history of consumer marketing. The history is same in all relevant literature here in books as well the other research material one found at the virtual platform. When I was searching material and formatting it on slides, I have an idea to get Direct to consumer (DTC) sub-aspect in a major debate. The next level is approach about the use of DTC in Pharmaceutical. It is major debate and argument while presenting to the class. The best things then I come to know news over there about medicine’ risk and benefit analysis.

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