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paragraph with a thesis

Question 3

Write one essay chosen from the following topics relating to the unit on family. Be sure that you have an opening paragraph with a thesis, supporting paragraphs, and a closing paragraph. 1. Explore the ways in which family problems compare and contrast in different cultures. Feel free to give personal insight about your own culture and be sure that you use support from one or more of the readings in this unit. Or 2. Compare and contrast any two mothers in the unit on family.

Without family, there is no prosperity. This study revolves around family and different cultural impacts on it. This is a fact that different families contain different cultures in different societies. For Instance, a family in a particular society depicts its particular traditions and various culture aspects. Different cultural aspects such as living styles, food, behavior, and norms are always different due to cultural differences. This study will consider some insights regarding my culture.

My family represents a culture of my region. For Instance, we are living in a society where people love to make a relationship with each other. In addition, there are different traditional events, which are pertinent to our history in our society. These events and traditions have the great impact on our family, as we participate in these events. Interestingly, children in our family adopt this culture is well, as they are taught to adopt culture apart with modern society trends. In addition, our culture depicts majestic hospitality for guests, which has been considered as prominent norm. I belong to a family in which people help each other and try to involve in both, happiness and grief. Moreover, our family depicts a regional culture, which is also pertinent to national culture. In other words, values and believes have been justified in our family.  As a member of my family, I always intend to demonstrate my values and norms in other societies.

In the end, the most important thing for a family is to sustain good relation with people to let other know about our culture. For me, I am representative of my family and culture. This is necessary to retain the culture in a family, as it also represents our region, nation, and country. Culture and family interacts with each other, which has to be depicted in a society. We as a family give value to our culture and represent it in the world with lot of pride.

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