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Politics Classical Ideologies


There are numerous classic ideologies that can be analyzed in light of contemporary politics, and for this purpose, liberalism is defined as a political ideology that has been founded by equality and liberty. In a liberal economy, the decisions are based on the individualism and voluntarism. This means that a majority of the decisions making is done by the individuals. Organizations and other government institutions are not involved in this process.

Recently, there has been a shift in the politics of Clinton, and she has shown that she supports liberalism. It is clearly evident from here recent speeches that she supports gay marriages and also supports the citizenships for the immigrants within the country as well. She also has a clear perspective on illegal and criminal reforms as well. However, Clinton has always been in support of these issues, and she has always shifted the positions as per the concerts of her party (Ball, Dagger, & O’Neill, 2016). 

The analysis of her speeches is conducted by here public statements, congressional voting records as well as the fundraising campaigns. As per the analysis, of her final run in the Senate, the record was more liberal that over 70% of all other leaders from the Democratic Party. Even Barack Obama was not more liberal than her. To add to this, she has been in the news for her many liberal statements as well. Her husband Bill Clinton was more moderate.

The issue of Gay Marriage was something that spat the members of Democratic Party. During the year of 2008, only 39% of the members of the party supported this marriage at the time. Clinton repositioned herself at that time when over 50% of the country’s population was supporting the same-sex marriage which clearly suggests that she shifted her position with the country’s population as well (Ball, Dagger, & O’Neill, 2016).

The situation is pretty much similar in the case with citizenships for immigrants within the US. In the year 2015, the polls suggested that nearly 60% of the country’s population was in support for citizenships for the immigrants in the US. This number was an overall high in the history and at that time there were over 70% of the party members were in support of citizenships for the immigrants. When it comes to criminal justice reforms, she called for rolling back the reforms and over 75% of the American population was supporting the reforms and over 80% of the party was in support of the reforms as well (Enten, 2015).

The counter libertarian critique is ageist the idea of gay marriage as well as criminal justice reforms and citizenships for the immigrants in the US. According to the counter libertarian critique, the country should be flooded with the immigrants as America is the land of opportunities. The critique is that too many immigrants will allow the other nationalities to work in the country and this will hold back the rights of the citizens of America. This critique is totally opposite to what globalization is. America is currently a melting pot of cultures from all over the globe.

Many people have traveled to the US on a settlement basis and this is flooding the country with immigrants, and similar is the case with the gay marriage. Same sex marriage is a huge issue when it comes to population growth, and the country will alter the growth of generations. In the case of, criminal justice reforms, the counter liberal critique is that the current criminal justice system has no issue and there is no need of reducing the criminal sentences for the current prisoners. The critique is also against the idea that the number of the prisoners should be reduced and for the low-level drug offenders there should be mandatory minimum sentences. The counter liberal critique is against the idea that the current system needs any improvements and it should continue to work as it has been doing the job for the country for over two centuries. 


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