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Problem-Solution Essay on Electric VS Fuel cars


By looking at the modern age there are lot to be changed. The environment is been destroyed by the CO2 emissions and we need to take control of it. The fuel is been diminished and the costs are too high for the fuel. So in order to control this all we need to quit the fuel engines and move towards the electric engines. The reports lighten on the cost, green environment and the dependability for both fuel and the electric cars. We have seen that the electric cars are the best in every case and we need to move from the fuel cars to the electric cars.

Problem-Solution Essay on Electric VS Fuel cars


The greenery of earth is being destroyed day by day and air is being polluted. We are the persons who are doing this ad we are the same people who are being affected by it. The fuel in this earth is diminishing day by day and there will be a point when we need to shift from the fuel engines to some other alternatives, Why not today?


In this today’s global world everything is been changing according to the environment. We also need to change the products, the appliances as well. The fuel is an expensive source, which is being used, and being diminished from the world. This is the case with the cars, which we use for the transportation. Cars, bikes, planes, trucks almost everything is using fuel engines and we are polluting the earth together (Westbrook, 2011).

 The electric cars can be used instead of the fuel cars. This is the requirement of this era and everyone should join hands in initiating it. Most of the fuel from our earth is been diminished as it is consumed by the transportation mode all over the world. We can save it so that in future something useful could be done with the remaining fuel. Further the environment we are making for our children’s is also very unhealthy as the pollution is all around and same that is been made by the transportation we use. So instead of using fuel engines we should move towards the electric engines indeed (Larminie, 2012).



The main problem, which can be seen, is that the fuel cars are destroying the environment at its peak, as it is the major source, which is polluting the economy. Further we can see that the Fuel is very costly and on top of that it is been diminishing from, the earth. Before the fuel ends, we need to shift all our machines to some now technology so that there would be no problems when it happens. However, the oil crisis has been seen in the past and very soon, it can incur again. We can see the graph, which states about the percentage, which is damaging the earth (Anderson, 2005).

Proposed solution

The main problem, which has been seen in the report, is that the fuel engines are destroying the environment a lot the graph above also depicts the situation that a heavy percentage of CO2 is being emitted by the transportation and the earth is polluted. Today everywhere we see about the green economy but in fact we are not implementing on it. The best solution for changing fuel engines are the electric engines, which have been introduced years ago.

Many of the people have already purchased but many people have not even heard about it especially in the Asian countries it is not so common. We need to shift from the fuel engines to the electric engines. People are not convinced to purchase the electric cars. However, we will be looking in to the details that what are the causes (Dimitropoulos, 2016).

If we need to save the earth and to sustain the green economy then we need to shift from the fuel engines to the electric cars. Moreover, to save the fuel to use it in the better way in addition, to save the fuel we need to shift the paradigm and need to shift to the electric cars.

Convincing argument

There are arguments from both of the customers who use fuel cars and those who uses the electric cars. Most of the studies says that there are three categories on which they are been categorized. First, is the Cost, second is the green environment and the third is dependability. The three different reasons for the different customers can be seen over here and the arguments they give are    

The Argument for Fuel Engine Cars

The persons who are with the favor of the fuel cars they have their own logics and justifications. If we look in to the categories then they says that first for the cost. The fuel engine cars are very cheap if we compare it with the electric cars. They says that they cannot afford the cars and that the reason they cannot change the car. Second they argue on the green environment then they say that yes electric cars are better however if the electricity which is been utilized in the cars are made by coal then it is very dangerous to the environment and it is more harmful then the fuel engines (Natkunarajah, 20105).

Third aspect they argue is the dependability. They says t5that if the petrol finishes they can get it easily around the world means we can find the fuel pumps everywhere and if we have electric cars there are only specific points from where we can charge. Moreover, it is limited to developed countries only. If a person wants to shift to Asian country then there will be lot of problems for that.  

The fuel motor autos have a few disadvantages on our surroundings. As indicated by Van Wee, “The significance of the separation between the wellspring of the poison and the receptor is communicated by the centralization of the toxin as a component of the separation between a given area and a given street: the more prominent the separation, the lower the focus.” This implies the impact of fuel autos are on the earth, as well as it will influence individuals straightforwardly in urban ranges. On the off chance that there were an excessive number of swarmed autos, then this makes an exceptionally dirtied air to relax (Mallig, 2016).

The last criteria are effectiveness of gas-controlled autos. Fuel autos are superb autos, they simply require maintain ace. Most fuel autos have a high speeding up. Fuel motor autos could go quicker than the electric autos. Dislike the electric autos, fuel autos makes motor commotions. In any case, there are some demonstrates that does not make an uproarious commotion, which makes it like electric autos. Fuel autos can be driven at whatever point gas is accessible. That makes it simpler than sitting tight for the auto to charge for quite a while.

The Argument for Electric Cars

The persons who are with the favor of the electric cars they have their own logics and justifications. If we look at the first reason then it is cost. Yes, they agree that the cars are expensive as compare to the fuel cars. However, they have a reason and they say that you just buy a car and then compare it with the fuel car over the years then the electric car actually saves you bulk of money and the start up cost is more but maintenance is very less.


The second category they talk about the green economy is that it is the best car and no one can compete it. The argument what fuel cars raise they answer that yes they are right so government should provide electricity made up of other then coal and then it is the best vehicle to use. There is a big role of the government in every aspect, as they need to enhance in order to give benefits to the citizens (Gnann, 2015).

The most widely recognized thought that is going to appear in our brain when hear the expression “naturally agreeable autos” is that electric autos don’t dirty the earth since they don’t discharge emanations, which bring about a worldwide temperature alteration. As indicated by Andrew Bom ford,in his article ” How naturally well disposed are electric autos?” he guarantees that “Power from coal, which is the most contaminating approach to produce power, radically diminishes the ecological favorable position for EVs. Since China, for instance, creates all its energy from coal, life cycle examination of EV autos in China indicates they are significantly more dirtying than customary cars.”(2013). Changing autos to electric autos could be much more dirtying than the fuel autos if the power source were produced from coal exceptionally if there were numerous individuals charging their autos which will prompt smolder coal more than the typical use. Bomford, declares “However in a nation like Norway, where most power is produced from hydroelectricity, EVs decently fast start to beat routine autos regarding their general ecological effect.”

If we look at the third aspect then we come to know that the dependability is less as compared to the fuel cars but the reason is that people are not using these cars enough and that is the reason there are less charging stops. If there would be enough then this electric car is the best alternative and everyone should switch towards the electric car (Kok, 2015).   


If we conclude the discussion then we come to know that the electric cars are much better than the fuel cars. If we look at the all three categories then we can see that they have the good and the reasonable arguments for all three categories. First, we can see that the cost ids high but the point is in the long term the electric car is more efficient. The second category they talk about the green economy is that it is the best car and no one can compete it. The car should be working on the electricity that has not been produced with coals. Looking at the third dependability, the stations are in the progression and soon we will see them everywhere. So In short electric cars are the best and we need to shift on them.


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