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providing advice or tacitly supporting an illegal activity of a client or an employer is known as

Question 1.The protection of a creative work from unauthorized use is known as:

  •   copyright.   
  •   trademark.   
  •   fair use.   
  •   fair comment.   

Question 2.When everyone in the targeted audience has an equal chance of being selected for the survey, this is known as a: 

  •   non-probability sample.   
  •   benchmark survey.   
  •   probability sample.   
  •   quota sample.

Question 3.Formation of public opinion is usually triggered by: 

  •   opinion polls.   
  •   predispositions.   
  •   events.   
  •   mass media.   

Question 4.The most effective two-way communication is:

  •   chat room/threaded discussions on the Web.   
  •   small group discussions.   
  •   two people talking to each other face-to-face.   
  •   direct mail with return card.   

Question 5.Which of the following is NOT part of a program plan?

  •   target audience.   
  •   copies of news releases and newsletters.   
  •   objectives.   
  •   timetable and budget.   

Question 6.A budget usually is divided into two categories, which are: 

  •   staff time and legislative windfalls.   
  •   staff time and out-of-pocket expenses.   
  •   debits and expenses.   
  •   internal and external.   

Question 7.Which one of the following is a good example of a motivational objective? 

  •   increase attendance at this year’s concert by 50 percent.   
  •   increase public awareness of this year’s concert series.   
  •   get more publicity about this year’s concert series.   
  •   hold the concert in a larger auditorium.   

Question 8.Providing advice or tacitly supporting an illegal activity of a client or an employer is known as: 

  •   defamation.   
  •   sabotage.   
  •   misappropriation of personality.   
  •   conspiracy.   

Question 9.Cognitive dissonance basically refers to when: 

  •   people distance themselves from hard facts.   
  •   people fail to realize matters of common sense.   
  •   people will not believe a message contrary to their predispositions.   
  •   people will copy or mirror agents of sources.   

Question 10.Motivational objectives are more difficult to accomplish because:

  • of difficulty in counting attendance figures.   
  • of discerning whether public relations accounted for the desired results, rather than advertising and marketing.   
  • they lack the clarity of informational objectives.   
  • high competition for available dollars.      
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