Ho’s Student         

Here we come to know that Ho is the students that have came from Hong Kong to the American university so to complete his studies. It can be seen that the language in his native country and in here America is very different. We can see that he can listen and speak the language in a way but cannot read or write at all. Here we come to know that there are many problems that have been faced by the students and he is looking for the solution that how he can learn English in a quick way.

Looking at the problem of the student, I come to know that he uses the dictionary to convert English in Chinese than do the assignments. The solution is that he needs to start learning from the vowels of the English. The main composition is lost that needs to be regained in this case so that he could read in English and could be called with respect. He needs to be focused on the reading and the writing in English. The dictionary can help but till one extent. The student needs to go down to the alphabets of English.

Mari Carmen student

These students came from the Roman Orthography. Looking at them, as they want to learn the English language we can see that L1 reading strategies can be made to these students and the reason behind that is they can learn English with just a little modification. There are many things, which are same like pages goes from left to right, shapes, sizes, and scripts are almost the same as well. As both of the languages are not too different we can say that with just a little effort, the reading could be enhanced and learned.

Some of the strategies need to be taken care in this regard, as we know that both of the languages are much alike, however; there are some parts, which need to be considered effectively. If a student needs to read in English there are some compositions that will be taken care as the combination of (k, x), some of the different sounds that needs to be recognized and that are (g, h, j, ill, or, to). We can see a student needs to learn this kind of combination then he will easily learn English and can pronounce correctly.

Mohammed’s Student

Here talking about Mohammad, we come to know that this student has come from Egypt as there are many differences in the language of him and in English. Many serious constraints needs to be cleared for the student. He has been in a country where the language was in symbols and that is the reason he is very unaware of the alphabets of English. The modern Arabic standards are much different from the others that can be seen in here.

The strategy that can be used by the student is that he must go through the vowels in the English language; this is the basic thing to start. Further, we can see there are many problems that need to be resolved in here and basic steps need to be taken in this regard for the student. As the Arabic, writing is opaque but the other is not. This is the thing, which needs to be taken care of at every point. The main strategy is to revise the vowels in the beginning and the speed of learning English needs to be fast as well. 

Despina’s Student

It can be seen that Despina is a student moved from Greece to the US. The native language of her is Greek which is quite different from English. It can be seen that the basic letters are also very different and there are many less resemblance with each other. There will be many difficulties for her in order to read and understand English. The reason is they are almost different languages and the strategies need to be implemented in here. Some of the things are same like pages from left to right or so, however, she needs to learn many things about this.

However, if we look at the strategies that need to be looked, we can say that many procedures and the mechanisms need to be followed in order to learn and read English for the student. The main thing she needs to do is to learn English quickly by reading and writing the English sections and it must contain the words or the alphabets that are not familiar to her. However, in short, I will say that this student needs a couple of attention if needs to know about the English as it is the only thing, which prevails.

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