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¿quién les sirvió el pescado asado? (miguel)

3 – Who are they?

Answer the questions, using double object pronouns.



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Who bought you those shoes? (my uncle) My uncle bought them for me.

1. Who did you write the postcards to? (to them)

1. Who recommended that dish? (your uncle)

1. Who will open the door for us at this time? (Sonia)

1. Who served them the roasted fish? (Miguel)

1. Who brought you the hors d’oeuvres? (my friends)

1. To whom does Roberto offer fruits? (To his family)

4 – Dinner

Read the two conversations. Then answer the questions, with complete sentences and using double object pronouns.


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CELIA  ( To Tito ) Rosalía recommended this restaurant to me. OWNER  Good evening, gentlemen. I bring you some hors d’oeuvres, courtesy of the restaurant. WAITER  Good evening. Do you want to see the menu? TITO  Yes, please. Is the lobster good? WAITER  Yes, it’s the specialty of the restaurant. CELIA  How much is the lobster worth? WAITER  Worth thirty dollars. TITO  Then we want to order two. CELIA And I want a glass of red wine, please. WAITER  We have flan and fruit for dessert ( for dessert ). CELIA Excuse me, can you repeat it?WAITER  We have flan and fruit. CELIA  I do not want anything for dessert, thank you. OWNER  Did you like dinner? TITO  Yes, we loved it. Thank you. It was a delicious dinner.

1. Who recommended the restaurant to Celia?

1. Who served the hors d’oeuvres to Celia and Tito?

1. Who brought the menus to Celia and Tito?

1. To whom did Celia ask the price of the lobster?

1. Who asked the lobsters for the waiter?

1. Who asked the waiter for a red wine?

1. Who repeated the list of desserts to Celia?

1. Who did Tito thank when they left?


Try it! 

Write the equivalent of the words in English.


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Ernesto watches more television  than  ( than ) Alberto.

1. You are ( less ) like Federico.

1. The waitress serves ( as much ) meat as fish.

1. I receive ( more ) tips than you.

1. I do not study ( as many as ) you.

1. Do you know how to play tennis as well as your sister?

1. Can you drink ( as many ) sodas like me?

1. My friends seem as nice as you.

1. I am ( less ) skinny than my brother

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