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Rescue puppy

Rescue puppy

  1. Drinking straw
    Joining different drinking straw to caught the puppy into the trashcan. The puppy brings the straw to bringing up from the trashcan. Joining drinking straw one by one is to build long strip that helps in catch out from the trash can. Combining drinking straw with one to another is just like long stick. This material really helps to rescue puppy.
  2. 5×8 index card
    Building small boxes from index card to execute like small stairs to catch the puppy rescue from trashcan. The index card combine with glue to build small steps, where puppy drawn from the trashcan perfectly. The index card folded into one to one ton make small boxes of index cards like small steps for puppy to come out from trashcan.
  3. Fuzzy stick
    Fuzzy sticks provide better rescue help to rescue from trashcan. Combing four to five fuzzy with brass fastener sticks is to catch out puppy from trashcan. The fuzzy sticks are considered as long elastic that helps to bring up on the trashcan puppy. The fuzzy sticks join with one another to build long stick to rescue puppy.
  4. Safety pin
    Safety pin is also helpful to carry out puppy from trashcan. It adjusted on the can and clip down to the can to pick up by puppy to out from the can. The safety pin molded into in to state form to recognize as strong long threads along with the safety pin.
  5. Coffee stirrer
    The coffee stirrer also helps to rescue puppy by joining three coffee stirrers to build long stick. After that long stirrer build like small net to catch the puppy from trashcan. The coffee stirrer is the best way to rescue puppy within just minutes made net of such coffee stirrer.

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