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¿se llevan bien elena y mónica?

5  The stages of life    Identify the stages of life described in these sentences.
1. My grandmother retired and moved ( moved ) to Viña del Mar. 2. My father works for a large company in Santiago. 3. Did you see my new nephew in the hospital? It is beautiful and so small! 4. My grandfather died this year. 5. My sister celebrated her quinceanera. 6. My little sister plays with dolls ( dolls ). 
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9 ContextsQuizSelect    Select the correct answer to complete the sentences.1. Do Elena and Monica get along well? Sometimes it seems that they hate each other. Sometimes they relax. 2. Are you married? Yes, he graduated two years ago. He is widower.3. Did Federico pass it well? He was born in summer. Yes, the party was fun.4. Where does your mother work? He already retired. She gave me candies. 5. Did Rosa change as a couple? She celebrated her quinceañera. He broke up with Roberto last year.6. Did Roberto compromise with Susana? Yes, they wish get married on summer. Roberto brought him a bottle of wine. 7. When does Begoña graduate? You still have to take an exam. She likes to pay the bill.Complete    Complete each sentence with a word from the list.we providesweetsChristmassingledivorcefrozenwe are born 8. He is a very cold dessert.9. December 25 is.10. My brother is. He says he does not want to marry.11. They are very bad for the teeth.12. In my house, when a child is born, always with champagne.Complete    Complete the sentences with the correct word.13. A glass object ( glass ) where the wine is a.14. A person who celebrates the day he was born celebrates a holiday of. 15. The stage of life when someone is 80 years old is called the.16. When you go to a birthday, you buy one for the person who celebrates it.17. Miguel celebrated his wedding yesterday. Now he is.18. My uncles no longer live together because they do not get along. They are .19. We went to a restaurant for our anniversary.20. Those who receive an invitation to a party are the.
9.2 Verbs that change meaning in the preteriteCommunicationtwo  Complete    Complete these sentences in a logical manner.one.Yesterday my roommate knew … two.This morning I could not … 3.I met my best friend in … Four.My parents did not want … 5.My best friend could not … 6My boyfriend / and I met in … 7Last week I knew … 8Yesterday my friends wanted … 

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