Secure Cyberspace

Secure Cyberspace

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Cybercrime is increasing day by day with the increase in technology as hackers, and other people are now trying new ways to hack the valuable information of the people. Cyberspace security is very important both for the professional and unprofessional people because it is the key way to secure your valuable information. Companies usually become the victims of hacking and viruses most so it’s important that every company either has its privacy system or they should use the cyber scape system. The critical information which is transferred through the internet is always at risk because no matter how developed the security system is there is always a loop hole in it. To make information secure over the internet, it is necessary that either the company or the person should follow the security laws. In today’s world where the technology is improving rapidly within days, it becomes crucial to keep track of the important information because the hackers always find a way to decode any program.

Background and technical issue

Current status

There are two major engineering fields which can solve this issue. These are software and IT fields of engineering. The internet is a sensitive thing, and any information which is shared on the internet can be tracked down with the help of some high-tech tools. Software engineering plays the crucial role in developing the security system as they have to come up with the high-tech coding which becomes impossible for the hackers to decode. Along with the software engineering, there is another field which can resolve this issue, and that is IT. IT is commonly referred to as information technology. This means that this field will provide the necessary tools, data, and devices to the software engineer sot accomplish the task (, 2016).


Both of these engineering fields play the important role because without them the survival of the information on the internet will become impossible. There are many security systems developed by these two fields in the past, but that was just successful for a short period as soon the hackers and scammers find the way to decode them.

Technical goal

            In this day and age where the innovation is enhancing quickly inside days, it gets to be pivotal to monitor the critical data because the programmers dependably figures out how to interpret any program. Information Technology is essential for the development and growth of the business and organizations.


The challenge for present engineers is that they have to come up with the system which is best not just safety terms but also user-friendly. Because if the security system is way too complex, then it sometimes becomes impossible for the person to use it. As this can also cause the result in damage of the valuable data. That’s why all the two major fields of engineering Software and Information Technology sit together to come up with the unique solution to secure the information shared online (Atoum, Otoom, & Ali, 2014).

Engineering disciplines

One way to resolve this security issue is that the development of new software. The software is had to break for the hackers, but once they break for the first time, then it becomes very easy for the hackers to move inside the system. Although in the past there were many software’s developed but they were no strong enough to keep the criminals away. Now the banks and national security systems demand a comprehensive software this can be done by using the highly complex computer language and making the software by that language.

Contribution towards solution

This can’t be done with the use of new technology, so it’s very important that the software engineers work with the information technology engineers to develop the highly sensitive security system or software. Mostly the payment of the banks which is done through online system is in more danger than that present in the accounts of people. Because it’s hard for the hackers to get the personal information of the person while it’s easy for them to break the online transactions of the banks.

Another important challenge of the today’s world is that the companies are facing poor data security this means that there is no proper security for the data transfer. As security software do not secure the data transfer over the internet, their sole purpose is to secure the computer, technical devices and bank accounts from hacking. They don’t deal with the online transaction. So this is a whole new challenge for the engineers. Now to solve this problem the software engineers along with the Information Technology engineers have to develop the data security system. This means they have to come up with the idea or plan to keep the valuable information transferred online safe. It should make sure that connection is safe for data security.

Safety of the system comes first as engineers can develop the security system for the company but if it is not secure for the system in which it is used then it is useless. This happens when the software is too heavy for the system to handle, or the data security system always hangs the major server of the computer. In this situation, data losses are not because of any criminal activity as it because of the fact that the software developed was not feasible to use for this system.

So engineers have to make sure that the security system they are building is feasible to use on any other system. They must not give any harm to the internal company information as sometimes the security system is too dangerous that they can shut down whole operating system of the company (Rudasill & Moyer, 2004).

This is another way to tackle with the given problem as everything requires check and balance on it to work properly. The Same situation is with the security system they need to be monitored all the time because if the unauthorized person uses the security system, then it can be very dangerous for the company. That’s why surveillance cameras should be placed where the main server of the whole security system is located. This is very important because the mentality of the people working in the company can be changed and sometimes they can become more danger for the company rather than the outsiders.

Keeping in view, this engineer should develop a monitoring system for the security system which keeps track of every person uses it. The system before using should ask the person identity only then the cyber-attack from the enemies can be avoided. This is the only solution to tackle with the internal threats of the company. As any irresponsible worker can throw the valuable information on the internet which can cause the great damage to the company.

Personal Reflection:

The reason to choose this challenge is that this is one of the most trending topics in the world of science. As security is the issue in the technology industry since the day internet came into being. Although engineers and other persons are working hard to develop the best security software but the hackers, have big fundings and support due to which they always get their way inside the security system.

To contribute to the solution, every person can make the different by doing a little effort. As we can equip our computer system with the security software and avoid sharing information with any person online. The solution to this problem is not expensive, but it’s very complicated and time-consuming. As all of the above-mentioned solutions takes the time to show their effects on the system but the software development is the fastest way to stop hackers from going into the security system. So designs need to ensure that the security framework they are building is possible to use on whatever another framework.

They should not give any mischief to the organization interior data as some of the time the security framework is excessively perilous that they can close down entire working arrangement of the organization. They don’t manage the online exchange. So this is a radical new test for the designers. Presently keeping in mind the end goal to take care of this issue the product designs alongside the Information Technology engineers need to build up the information security framework. This implies they need to think of the thought or plan to keep the important data exchanged online safe.


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