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Security Policies

Security Policies

  1. Suppose that SLS Corporation has expanded its operations into your country. Setting aside any legal requirements that SLS makes to its policies to conform to your local laws, does SLS have an ethical imperative to modify its policies to better meet the needs of its stakeholders and their geographical region/country?

Ethical dimensions are present in any business; there is the need to do the decision-making before starting the business in the other countries. However, SLS Corporation wants to explore the business systems in the countries and want to expand the business globally. In this way, the company needs to consider the obligations and the responsibilities that the host country has, so that the people and society cannot be affected. There is the need to consider the ethics, and the sources that are related to the ethical problems, however, the major group of people in the host company is known as a stakeholder, there is the need to consider all business decisions, ethically or unethically.

SLS Corporation, need to consider the legal requirements and the local laws so that the business can get benefits in the market and product and services can be given on the ethical basis. However, the legal environment of the business can be there if all the laws and regulations are considered, for any business, there is a need to practice the ethical practices so that the life of people, nation, and society of that country can be given benefits, in the better way. Ethical dilemmas and ethics are important to understand, if SLS Corporation is starting business. There is need to understand the people behaviors and the acceptance ratio about the products or services; ethical dilemmas can be referred to the people thinking that what is wrong and what is right from the people perspective of the host country (Cheeseman, 2016).

The legal barriers can create the problems, for the company, if there is no understanding about the laws, there is the need to do research tax laws. There is the need to research the laws because every country has its laws and regulation, which are needed to consider the effectiveness and to get the advantages. In the legal barriers, there are the laws related to the customs laws, the import restrictions laws, the agency or liability laws, the immigration laws, the labor laws, the producer, liability provision laws, local laws, etc. and other imposed laws on the company.

Consequently, another aspect could be there the marketing barriers for the SLS Corporation, there is the need to do deep analysis cultural level, the taste and preferences of the people should be considered. The cultures have the norms, and they consider the food, product or services based on their culture or religion. SLS Corporation may face the internal conflicts regarding the services, or the educational pattern, as countries have their culture and the advertisement and all other aspects needed to be carried out, in a way, which is allowed by the laws of the host country.

Before going global or international, the SLS Corporation need to consider all the aspects that are related to the host country. However, there is the need to understand the international marketing strategies, the research is needed to be conducted, and there is the need to consider the demand and the competition, in the market. Moreover, the company need to make the checklist, based on the evidence, that what things need to consider before starting the business or opening the franchise in the country, or region, consequently, the company need to consider the economic trends, political stability, lifestyle issues, currency exchange rate, agency law, etc. There is a need to access the resources, the laws on technology, health, transportation, communication channels while doing the businesses there is a need to consider all the aspects so that there should be no future problems (Sherman, Partner, Morin, & LLP, 2016). 


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