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Social media audit and content analysis Commercial website

Social media audit and content analysis

            Te social media audit is an important tool to evaluate what us working across social media channels. For instance, a commercial website can undertake a social media audit to inspect the traffic of the clients on the social media and the visiting pattern of the clients. This information is quite important in order to assess the success of the website. In the present paper, the social media content analysis was performed to analyze the success of the commercial website that is engaged in the online selling of the clothes for both the men and women. The client asked to evaluate the customer traffic on the website and the inquiry that is most valued to the consumers.

Search term: “New arrival”

            The search term used in the social media audit was new arrival. It means that the customers are looking for the new inventory in the apparel warehouse. The customer was also keen to observe that how many customers searched for that inquiry form the last six weeks. Moreover, he was also interested that whether the searching trend was increased or decreased over time. This is the time for seasonal peak and the customers are looking for the arrival of the new entry in the ware house for the clothing. The audit reveals that the customer’s tendency to search the term “new arrival” is significant at the first week.

             The tendency tends to increase over time and decreases over time. This implies that the when customer do not find any new item in the inventory they loose interest to search for the new items in the inventory of the websites. Therefore, this information is an important source if the understanding that the online inventory must possess the latest and up-to-date designs and the outfits for the customers. Negligence in that regard could be harmful for the business and the profitability. 

Figure 1: Number of search terms used by the customer on the website during the time period of last six weeks.

                 There is also other important messages and information that can also be identified. Foe instance, the role of the feedback is very important. For instance, the message sent and received, new subscribers and news customers are also important sources of information that is needed in order to evaluate the business. This information is also included in the social media audit. Once, the client ha such information, he/she has clear idea that what is going in the business. Moreover, what the customer is thinking about the business and how the business can be improved in that regard. Therefore, customer can then adopt strategies with the help of that information to improve the condition of the business in a positive direction. This direction could be fruitful and positive in that regard. The details are given in the table 1.

Particulars Numbers
Incoming messages 1080
Outgoing messages 566
New subscribers 345
New customers 234

Table 1: Social media audit information

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