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Solectron Case

Solectron Case

Question 1

            The Solectron provided significance to its customers with the [passage of time through changing the business dimensions.  This is a fact that the management of the company provides the high-quality manufacturing services to the different companies. The quality is the main aspects of creating and depicting the value for a long run. The company has not compromised on quality services to its clients concerning the cost and time. For Instance, it provides the perfect assistance to the clients to reduce the time regarding a product to market. Interestingly, the company enhanced different technological solutions to the customers in the competitive process as compared to the other companies in the market, which also enhanced the value for the customers. The best thing about this company is that it changes the dimension of the business according to the manufacturing needs, and global trends, which is in the best interest of the customers.

Question 2

            This is a journey regarding the big move from a contract manufacturer to an effective supply chain integrator. Through different risk pooling techniques, the management of the company has enabled the companies to reduce the less safe stock in the different warehouses. This is pertinent to the global trends. In addition, the management of the company has emphasized on reducing the bullwhip effect. For instance, the suppliers of the company meet directly with the management, as for introduce the cost and time for a long run. In addition, the global expansion has contributed to developing this ability, as it enabled the company to reduce the lead-time. This is all about to create the easy access for the customers, which is good to be an excellent supply chain integrator. The company has gained the success regarding this new business dimension. However, the change is necessary with the passage of time and trends.

Question 3

            The company has been able to integrate the acquisitions. This is due to buying the different facilities of the customers. The acquisition seems better for the company, as it likes to share the organization culture and come up with some something different and new and for the customers. The management of the company relies on the integration of different business teams. For Instance, working in teams enables the effective collaboration and positive outcomes, which is in the best interest of the customers. Furthermore, the management of the company emphasized on the detail integration plan and implemented in the competitive business environment. This is a fact that the plans consist of various aspects, which can bring creativity, innovation, and sustainability for the company. Making the checklist for the integration plan makes the acquisition process better in the competitive market, which leads towards the success.

Question 4

            The company’s culture created a positive impact on the success of the company due to the consideration of different core values. This is a fact that the management of the company has considered the cultural values to integrate with people. On the other hand, they emphasized on the reduced workforce, as the cost of employees would create some hurdles for the company. The limited employees were trained well to service the customers in the competitive manners. The quality customer services were enhanced through the efficient work teams and quality improvements process. It refers to enhance the change through continuous improvements to existing and sustain the market for a long run. The management responded the downturn of the business through the self-direct teams, as teams were sharing the ideas and collaborating with each other to make the effective and pertinent decisions for both, company and the customers.

Question 5

            Relative to the future considerations for the customers, the change is the most prominent aspect. For Instance, the management has to come up with the improved logistics. This is all about to introduce and depict new trends regarding the supply chain process in integrating the different companies in an effective manner. To demonstrate the corporate social responsibility, the company intends to introduce different solar energy components for its clients. The quality should be sustained, as it is an integral aspect to gain and sustain the success in the competitive market. Moreover, relative to the future consideration, the advanced technology along with the effective integration plan are also in the limelight to make the difference in the competitive market., The success is based on the continuous change, which needs to be enabled. Thus, these are the prominent changes and strategic consideration that the company should look for in future to exist in the presence of intense competition.

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